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Why does sex changes a relationship?

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Can a man and a woman be good friends and not be sexually attracted to each other ?

Will those emotional forces be unleashed and run riot when they are together in the right place and time .

Will their humanly instincts of procreation’s come forth and take them to where they do not want to go ?

These are the questions where there are no definite answers. Some will succumbed to those emotional forces which they are unable to control .They do not know what they are dealing with .

Sex may mean different things to different people .But once when sex happens between two very good friends of the opposite sex, the relationship is bound to change

The men or the women would feel differently towards each other. It will no more be the same and they will be unable to revert back to the old levels of friendship.

Sex means commitment to some men. If they have sex with prostitutes, they know it is just a mere transaction.

If they have sex with their woman friend, it brings on a different meaning in the relationship.It changes the dynamics of a relationship.

He will feel the need to love, provide and protect the woman . This is just an instinct in men , except for those conman who are only after sex .

When a man have sex, waves of love will generate from him towards her.He will mostly agree to everything you asked from him after you have had sex with him.

Of course most women would not do that because it would feel like they are prostituting themselves.

Even though men are not as emotional as women , they have emotions too. Sex brings on a different emotions to them.

They will have to ponder if they want to stay at his level or commit themselves to the woman.

Yes! They are also scared that the women could be using sex and pregnancy to bait them into a marriage or commitment.

If you want to maintain the close friendship level , you should not cross the thin red line.

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Aversions to oral sex ?

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There are still some countries which have archaic laws against oral sex or sex against the natural order of things. You can be fined , caned or jailed.

Some women do not enjoy oral sex or feels no benefits from it.

It could be their strong inhibitions or taboo’s in their culture or mental blocks or some sexual traumas which prevented them from enjoying it.

When a woman is made to feel that she has to perform oral sex because it is her duty to her husband/boyfriend, because he wants and enjoys it, or because she’s being controlled, she loses any real desire and therefore any chance of ever enjoying it herself.

Withholding oral sex on her or manipulating her would backfire on you.She would resent your attitude and would kill off her sexual desires for you.

Do you want to have sex with her for your own selfish desires or to pleasure and make her orgasm.

Ideally , it should work out both ways but when one partner has an aversion to oral sex, there is nothing much you can do about it but to accept it in your stride.

You should put her at ease without any expectations
or insist on oral sex. Allow her to choose when ,where and what she can do together.

It is like dancing. She may not like those fast numbers but prefer those slow one’s. You need to respect her , give her the control and encourage her efforts.

Encourage her to come out of her timidity and give her encouragement when she does the right things.

You need to teach each other about your bodies and the pleasures it brings but if she does not like it, you should not force upon her .

Go along with her wishes as this would make her feel love and appreciated and she won’t feel pressured to perform.


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Are you a doormat ?

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There are givers and takers but unfortunately, some givers give so much of themselves that people will take advantage of them and they will become doormats or people pleaser.

Usually, it’s not intentional , but it does happen.

You become a doormat when you agree to do something you know is wrong and/or don’t want to, just because they want you to.

You should be so happy to be around this person, that you go against your personal beliefs and feelings.

You let them walk all over you even if there is dirt on their shoes.

You really need to evaluate your relationship with him . It will not get any better but will only get from bad to worse.

Don’t be obligated to do for others because you are afraid they will get mad.

Don’t go out of your way to put your life on hold in order to cater to others, so much that you may cancel appointments or never have time for yourself?

Set out your own limits and boundaries.

Do not always conform to his opinions.Don’t keep your opinions and feelings to yourself.Air them out.

Find your own voice or you will be forever be controlled by him.The more space you give him , the more he will exploit it .

Understand what is wrong being a doormat. Don’t sacrifice your time and energy for something you don’t enjoy doing and treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

You are slowly being suffocated and he relished what he is doing to you .

You need to get out before depression hits you . You don’t deserve all those treatments.

Love should not have any pains .If there is ,then it is not love.

You will one day regret wasting your time and energy on a fool who does not deserve you .

Where is your self worth and self respect?

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A man’s word is not cast in stones!

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A man’s word is not ‘cast in stone’ unlike God’s word.

What a man said is only valid at that particular moment or maybe 24 hours or 1 week and after that it is no more valid or has become inapplicable.

Many women kept those words said by men for 20 or 30 years and some till even their dying days.It is so dumb to believe those words said by man like the Gospel truth.

What they said at one moment can be forgotten in a few minutes or hours and they conveniently do not remember them after wards and go about doing their usual thing without a care.

While the women are carrying those hurts every minute of their walking life.
Those hurtful words are like arrows shot at their heart and remains there for eternity untill someone comes and take them away.

Words said 2 months ago does not apply anymore.Circumstances have changed and to know whether they have changed, you need to go there and probe him.

Breakups are common among the youngs because they are inexperienced and do not know how to handle those pressures.It does not mean that you are not suited or incompatible with each other.

In time , if they are fated to be together, they will make up again.

Breaking up does not mean that you will walk away forever from that person.There are many people who make up after they breakup when they realized their follies.

Relationship is not an easy thing and you don’t just lie on the bed and everything will solved by itself.

You need to have understandings , love and the capacity to resolve all those contentious issues.

People are not machines and they have feelings and emotions. They can be influenced and swayed by emotions and certain actions of another individual.

The ground is not always static for it can shift according to those external forces.

Sometimes ,what you hear or see is not what you get.

You not only have to hear what is spoken from the mouth but you also need to feel with your heart what that person wants or means.

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Handling disagreements

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Life is not without problems . If life has no problems then life is too boring and unchallenging.

Relationships have it’s up’s and down’s and men and women are different creatures from different planets.

Conflicts appear even if the relationship is great. Sometimes it is inevitable for misunderstandings to appear. They may be related to money, spare time, friends, family or career.

You need to know how to handle those problems or you will be in for a very hard time.

Sometimes ,the problem cannot be solved there and then. Your stands could be rigid or you do not give ways or want to compromise at the heat of the moment.

You should take a time out and let things cool down abit before you can become rational and ready to talk.

If you have anger, it is not wise to talk because harsh words would be spoken and you may regret it.

Don’t pressure a guy because most guys are not good at expressing themselves.

He maybe standing on the edge of the cliff at that particular moment and you may tip him over.

He could lose control and lash out physically at you . Guys are brought up that way. If the mouth cannot speak , the fist will do the talking.

Some women have a very loose or long tongue which they cannot control and this inability to reigned in their tongue may caused them injuries and in certain cases death.

They should know when to shut their mouth when they see their man are very agitated.

A wise, experienced and matured man would walk away from any heated disagreements with his partner.

You do not talk when you are irrational , angry or feeling hurt. When the other person is like being possessed, it is best to stop and walk away.

When you have cooled down, calm and your normal self , you will see things differently .

You should not seek instant solution or gratifications but to discuss it at another place and at another time.

Those heated and bias feelings would have cleared up and you could discuss it in a more rational and calm way.

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Will you live together (cohabit) with your b/f before marriage ?

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These days , it is quite common for two people who are unmarried to live under the same roof .

Some of them have stayed too long together until they even have children.They are like a family unit minus the legality or marriage certificate.

It was a taboo and shame in the olden times but people have come to accept this practice as a matter of fact in the new millenium.

If you are the traditional ,moralistic or religious type, it is wrong to do that and unacceptable and they believed it is a grave sin before God.

There are the pro’s and the con’s not only on religious or morality aspects but also on the perceptions of how the men would treat the women.

There is a nagging doubt within the women if she is doing the right thing or not.

Will the men respect those women ?

It has been found that most men in such a circumstance often tend to keep the status quo and do not register their marriages.

Living together have it’s advantages
They can cut or lower their cost of living.Two can live cheaper than one.

Moreover, it is like a trial marriage to see if they are compatible with each other.

In the long run , it is the women who will lose out as the men may get tired of them and then leave without ensuring any child or financial support to them.

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Why do so many men seem to avoid marriage?

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“A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.”

That sums up the difference on how each sex view marriage.

Before a man is ready for marriage, , he would need to have a stable job, healthy , psychologically and mentally conditioned for marriage , wealthy enough to afford the wedding receptions and be ready to give up his Wild, Wild ,West ways .

In some cultures, it is the woman’s side which provide the groom with dowry’s or pay for the wedding receptions.

Money is the chief impediment to being married. Everything needs money and when you live by yourself , you will find that every single thing will have to be bought .When you were living with your parents, you need not spend a single cent . Everything you need was provided by them. How life with one’s parent is such a bliss!

Being married to a girl , means that he will have to give up part or all of of his freedom or independence , sharing his decisions and taking on an increased in the responsibilities of a spouse, ,children and home.He becomes the provider .

The traditional women and some modern day liberated women does not realize that burden as they come to expect the guy to bear that responsibility and it is his job. Some of them take it for granted.

To a working women , she can always quit her job anytime when she does not feel like working or if she was fired from her job. She has no problem with that as she can always depend on her husband to support her. To her, the job is just a temporary stop gap measure.

The men do not have this choice. They have to work till they are old or cannot work anymore.

If they are single , they do not have to worry about the family or home or kids and can just spend their life anyway they want.

When a woman marries, she is likely to focused on herself , her wants, wishes, dreams and desires. He is like her passport to a great life and assumes that he will share her dreams as well.

Today, women are working and the household expenses are lightened by her contributions. Some husbands pay for all the bills but do not give her any allowances since she is working .

Basically what she makes, she spends on herself or on the kids and only grudgingly help pay the bills when the husband is broke.

There are many obstacles in a man’s path to matrimony.If money is not a problem , there is the problem of her.

Will she be a good mother and wife and make his life worth living ?

Will she be like those high maintenance type? They worries about not being able to afford the good life for her and provide her with the luxuries of life.

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He wanted her to return the gifts and money

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Man demands ‘break up fee’s’ from ex girlfriend and for all those gifts and money spent on her. Otherwise he would upload her naked pictures and sex videos online.

What a cheap sauerkraut and low life creature !

She reported to the police fearing the man would make good his threat.

This is a very unfortunate incident and she has only herself to blame .

Why did she agree to have her naked pictures and sex videos with him?

She put herself in a disadvantage position and open herself to blackmail.It is easy to take pictures with the camera phone and video .

Sometimes, one party may secretly video the events without the other party aware of it.

Such happenings are very common these days with all those mini spy cameras.

These days whenever you are in a public place or even in somebody’s home , you will have to be careful when you are changing your clothes or naked. Check the mirrors and for any suspicious looking objects .

When you are on good terms , every thing would be hunky dory but human relationship is a complex matter. There are ups and owns in any relationship.

Today a friend but tomorrow an enemy or vice versa.There are the good times and there are the bad times.

You should always protect your interest and never compromise your integrity and welfare. It is a mistake many girls do not realize that the good times may not always last.

When the relationship is over after you have tried your very best to salvage it , you should come to terms with it and move on.

For some girls, they would return his things or throw them away and be not reminded of him . He is history.

For a man to demand back his money, gifts and a break up fee’s is ungentlemanly and down right obnoxious and repugnant.

He should cut his losses and vamoose from her life.There is no honour and it would only bring more shame and discredit to his name.

Let her go ,for the anger in your heart burns you more than her.

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Ouch! That hurts!

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A 56 year old Belgium man’s willy was bitten and was nearly severed during sex with a Thai woman in Pattaya, Thailand .

She was jealous of his other affair with another Thai woman. Don’t play – play with a Thai woman or for the matter ,any women. You will learn to regret the hard lessons in life.

He may get to sew it back on but
whether he will be able regain it’s function will be another matter.

They quarrelled after she came to know about his other affair. It is always dangerous to make love to a woman when her anger have not subsided .

You need to make up with her first or otherwise you will face the dire consequences.She could feel being used and dirty when you touch her.

Her revulsion can be so great that deep hatred would form in her heart. Once it takes root, the devil in her would be released from her inner dark dungeons.

“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!” It can be a moment of insanity or the devil took over her driver’s seat.

She could not control her emotions and anger any longer and the opportunity to revenge on his unfaithfulness presented on her lap.

Some abused women may not have the chance to sleep together but they will have diabolical schemes to snip off or cut off their manhood. It is the only way she thinks he should be punished for his sins.

The are other ways in which women can pay back the men for their unfaithfulness and mental tortures or abuse. In some countries , the laws are on the sides of the women.

Do not think that they are docile , timid and incapable of such acts. Treat them with much respects if you want to get the best from them.

If you think you want to steal another woman’s kiss , think of this poor guy. You could be lucky once, but you will not be that lucky always.

A woman’s lips is always sweet… but it’s fruit is always bitter.

Reference, thanks and related topic;-

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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Cooking to please your man seems like an outdated concept which rightly belongs to your great ,great grandmother’s time or the dinosaur age . Is it a grandmother’s tale or a myth?

With the modern day feminist , they do not even cook for themselves as they can enjoy all kinds of foods that are available in their society.

There are all kinds of prepared ,instant and fast foods which just needed to warm up and ready to be eaten.

These fast foods are less nutritious and fattening , contributing to the obesity problems world wide. Home cooking is the best as it is clean , nutritious and wholesome.

Most young girls have no inclinations to learn cooking and the secret family recipe’s from their mothers will soon be lost forever.

Most of us grow up loving our mother’s favourite cooking’s . The men would expect their wives to be an extension of their mothers personalities and hence would do the cooking .It is an expectation of her gender roles in a family.

Some women are just lousy cooks and it is their fate that they sometimes marry those men who loves cooking or are ‘chef ‘materials.

The smart and intelligent women would know that cooking is a skill , she would need to perfect it in order to capture the man’ heart in the long run.

People may change in time but the ability to enjoy good food will never change.

It can add more value to her appraisals and appreciations when she can cook as well as looking beautiful and charming. It is a double bonus.She is pretty and edible too…LOL!

With the present credit crunch, eating out is not always practical and the ability to whipped up a cheap , nutritious and delicious meal is an asset.

Not everyone believes in this adage that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach.

It may take more than just cooking and food ,for true love is more than that. It would depend on the type of guy you shack with.

Good woman, good food and good wine will make an endearing and romantic interlude.

A woman who can cook better is a plus plus than a woman who cannot cook.Period!

Related topic.–A-new-book-reveals-cook-way-mans-heart.html

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