Eye Health Care.

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Your eyes are made for looking and you should take good care of them as you only have one pair of good and beautiful eyes.

Dont go for those cheap roadside reading glasses or those non optical shops which are selling them as they will spoil your eyes.

They are made from those very inferior and substandard materials which may lead you to wear higher and higher powers to see in a short time frame.

You may be able to read but in the long run , because of the poor quality of those lenses, your powers may increased very quickly.

If you have constant or on and off headaches for no apparent reasons , giddy or faintness or feel like there is imaginary sand in your eyes or you find your sight misty, most probably you would need to wear an eyeglass.

If you read for sometime or watch the movies and find your eyes tired and strained , it could be that you have an eye problem. You could be overstraining your eyes.
Go and have your eyes check.

If you can see clearly but have constant headache , you may still need to wear a spectacle .This is after you went to the GP and he says there is nothing wrong with you.

Wearing a no power spectacle may prevent headaches. If you still have headaches then you need to go see a specialist for a complete health examinations.

Some people are allergic to the dust or winds blowing in their eyes or they have tunnel visions.

If you have those conditions, you should go and checked your eyes. For the young , have your eyes checked every year while for those seniors , 2 years or if those uncomfortable conditions present.

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If you find that you cannot read at 1 foot and must need to place further than 1 foot to see clearly , you may have the onset of longsightness or presbyopia and may need a reading glass.

Or after reading for a while and your head felt heavy or have a splitting headache, it is time to check your eyes.If you are 32 , it could be the starting age for longsightness.

The normal age is around 40 where you will need glasses to read or find your near vision blurred. There are rare cases where children need reading glasses.These are exceptions or due to hereditary reasons.

Some people are not aware that they have lazy eye syndrome or amblyopia. They see with only one good eye and they are not aware that they have only partial visions in the other eye.

Ordinarily , you dont expect them to test their own eyes themselves. If you need to know whether both your eyes can see equally well Just close one eye and then another to see if they are the same strength .

Today , most of the lenses are made from CR39 plastic and if not properly handled can be easily scratched.Lenses made from glass is not popular because it is breakable and heavy.

You should not use tissue paper or your shirt or dress to wipe and clean your plastic lenses as they can cause scratch marks .

Fine and tiny sand particles on those tissues and dress may cause scratches. Use the spectacle cloth that comes with the spectacle

You may also use mild soap to wash those lenses and rinse them dry by dabbing with tissue paper . Do not wipe the lenses with the tissue.

Use only mild soap as body shampoo or hair shampoo or other liquid detergents with higher acidic or chemicals may damaged your multi-coating on those lenses.

Do not place your eyeglasses on your car dashboard and parked your car under the hot sun. Your plastic lenses can warped and get out of shape.It can be very hot in the car.

Some optical shops advertised for lenses that are scratch proof or cannot be scratched. They may do a demo for you.

There are no such eye lenses. Get a written contract if they still insist their lenses cannot be scratched. Those lenses are not easily scratched .That is all because they have more hard coatings.

If your eyeglasses were to fall on the road, it will be gonna…

There is a lense that is shatter proof or polycarbonates which is even bullet proof but they are not scratch proof.

courtesy ;Wiki-commons

Some people may prefer contact lenses over eyeglasses. When they have very high power, contact lenses are prefered as they are not heavy and unsightly . These days there are super thin plastic lenses which can cost around Rm200.00 per pair.
There are a list of do’s and dont’s in one of the links below,so i wont go into the details about how to take care of your contact lenses.

 Lastly , for good eye health , you may need to take vitamin A and you can get them from those billberries  in tablet form.

For those who wear high power eyeglasses or have partial visions, vitamin A helps to slow down the degenerative effects.

I am not an eye doctor but just some common sense  and to share my knowledge.

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I have previous coatings in my garage floor. How can I take it off to install a new one?

Great info, thanks a lot.

Hi Angela,
You are welcome and thanks for dropping by.


Poor eyesight is a challenge for many older people. However, even though a variety of risk factors and degenerative diseases can cause loss of vision, there are plenty of natural ways to help preserve your ability to see clearly.

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies reports that, in a survey of Swedish Chiro patients, more than 14 percent of patients reported improved vision following the care of a Chiropractor. Regular chiropractor visits support healthy eyesight and proper function of the brain and nervous system.

Optimal nutrition can also help prevent vision loss. Research shows that targeted supplementation with carotenoids and antioxidants (free radical-neutralizing compounds), including vitamins C and E, along with zinc and copper, helps stave off age-related macular degeneration and preserves eye health.

Dr Steven Lockstone is a Chiropractor in Melbourne with a passion for health and chiropractic.

Laura1318:- Thank you for your interesting and informative post.

check our http://www.wantglasses.co.uk they have lots of information in this.

A Weird Case.

A couple went to an optical shop to order a pair of spectacle with 17.00 diopters (layman’s term 1700 power for each side of the eye .) for their 6 month old child.

How will the little tot wear such a thick spectacle which is beyond my rational thinking. The little tot was checked by an eye specialist.

Thanks for your post. You are welcome. Disposable contact lenses are affordable these days and many girls prefer them over glasses because of vanity and cosmetic reasons.

thanks for posting up all that information. The decision between glasses and contacts seems to be a hard one for some people. It pretty much hinges on which one they like the look of, and which one they find more convenient, which everyone seems to disagree on.

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