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Viva Espana !!!- Euro 2008 Champions!

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Congratulations to Spain and their coach, Luis Aragonés for being crowned the Euro 2008 champions after defeating Germany 1-0 at the Ernst Happel stadium, Vienna.

Spain was a worthy and true champion as their crisp passing, wonderful technique and defensive discipline left Germany flailing.

There are alot of quality players in the present team and they played well and lady luck smiled on them this time.

Their football style was a delight to watch. They were under achievers in so many major tournaments and were unlucky most of the time.

The win send thousands of Spaniards to rapturous and boisterous partying and dancing in central Madrid. The capital was awashed with a sea of people who adorned the red and gold national colours of Spain.

It has been 44 years and the victory was really sweet for all the Spanish people. The flamboyant and terrific striker for Spain ,Fernando Torres who plays for Liverpool, England , scored the decisive and high class and quality finish goal on the 33th minute ,sending the Spanish to rapturous delights and exhilaration’s.

He was like the matador against the German bull . With one swift, clinical and calculated shot ,he send the ball into the back of the German goal and he broke the hearts of the millions of German fans Ole! Ole! Ole!

Spain midfielder Xavi has been named the best player at Euro 2008 by Uefa’s technical panel.

Three players were named the best players for Spain , Casillas, Torres and Fabregas .The other players too deserved the credits and played their hearts out.

The Germans with their methodical hard running and efficient team was no match for the Spanish class.

The finale to Euro 2008 produced a fitting triumph for “beautiful football” and the best team in the tournament prevailed.

Now that the finale has come to a close and  Spain has been declared the champions, many of those crazy and hardcore football fans are having a hangover with the lack of sleep ,eye problems ,headaches , heartaches and pocketaches..LOL!

Felicitaciones a la gente de España. ¡Ustedes son los campeónes!

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You Are So Vain.

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Would you go under the knife to sculpture a more shapely and beautiful body in order to attract a man or to go forward in life ?

Yes! I think most girls would do that if it is free or affordable. Beauty can open many doors for her. We may not agree with it but in the real world , the beautiful can get what they want or move ahead of the pack .

Beauty is more favoured than brains for women. Even the smartest and brilliant women who are very talented still need to flaunt their beauties or physical assets or they would not feel complete as a woman.

Why do women has to go through this pain and sacrifice to make themselves beautiful ? For beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder.

Whether you go for the operations or not , will it have any effects on the man?

If a man has fallen for you, it will not matter if you think you do not have a perfect body shape. It is always the women who insisted on going under the knife.

They will compare with other well endowed women and do not want to lose out . These women are just miserable creatures who lack confidence and self esteem.

If a man is interested or love you , he can overlook your faults and his standards of beauty is different from yours. He may not look too much into the physical beauty but the beauty that comes from your inside.

What if you are interested in a man but see no response from him?

It may not have anything to do with you at all. Sometimes , he does not show interest in you because he is shy or fear being rejected by you. It is not because you are not beautiful enough  or have faults.

No doubt a man is moved by visuals but true love only begins when he gets to know your true person that is inside of you . He has an emotional side too and it is your personal touch which can make a lasting impact on him. It is what makes him fall in love with you.

Don’t have to waste your money or suffer the pains to look better because without real love, your union will not last.

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Surrendered Wife?

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In America, they are called Surrendered Wives – a phrase that was coined by relationship guru Laura Doyle. Basically , it means to revert back to the old age practice where women are submissive to their husbands.

The role of women and the men as defined by our beholden culture since the ages where woman was the caregiver and the house keeper and man the breadwinners.

This is unlike the movie,’ The Stepford Wives’ where a chip was implanted in them to control them and do what the men wants.

The modern ,liberated and emancipated women are running themselves ragged by working the dual role of the sexes. It is very taxing as compared to her mothers generations where she only has to do the house keeping’s and looking after the kids. In her time , the roles were distinct and divorce was unheard off or rare.

Women are not super beings and many of today’s modern women are too tired and overtaxed by their multi facet roles which they have imposed on themselves or were caught in the new waves of feminism.

It did not grant them the happiness they seek but instead beset them with myriads of problems in their marriage. The traditional marriage is beginning to look more appealing to many modern day females.

A growing number of career women are sacrificing their salaries to stay at home and devote themselves to their partner and raising a family. They will have less stress than holding two jobs which can pull them in opposite directions. They find fulfillment as a wife and mother and are contented and happy.

It is an idealistic situation but with today’s world where one breadwinner is not enough , both will have to work to maintain their lifestyles . If he has a big fat pay , then it is easier to give up one’s career to become a surrendered wife.

If you do meet the right guy, it will be such sweet surrender . While for many who do not have this luxury , it would be better to continue to work for one’s own security and peace of mind.

Do you think this is simply a crazy idea after what you went through the University  to obtain a degree and let it all go to waste?

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Lose Hubby, Lose Home and 3 Children In Tow.

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The mere thought of this is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. A young mother of 24 ,was left destitute , homeless and loveless . This is a terrible tragedy no women would ever want to happen in their life. Her world turned upside down.

It is a double whammy for her! Not only losing her husband who abandoned her but also her home .I hope she will find the strength to soldier on and may God help her and bless her and lighten her burden.

What can she do or turn to for help? If she has an understanding and supportive parents or siblings , she may find solace and help and a place to stay for the time being.

She may need to find work and allow her parents to look after the kids or hire some kind of nanny help. If there is no options , she may have to put her children under the state welfare institutions as a last resort.

No sane and rational mother would want to go this way if they have a choice. It is very heartbreaking to read her sad and unfortunate story . But yet , this is precisely the only way out of her predicaments if she cannot get any help.

Everything is going up but house prices are coming down.The bank lenders are going to up the mortgage interest rates and many will not be able to pay the new rate.

Many will have their homes repossessed and made homeless. Not only will they lose their homes but will also be mired into debts and may also be blacklisted.

It is miseries everywhere as the poor and the middle class struggle to keep afloat . Everyone of us except the rich will have to cut corners and make do with whatever we have.

This is very sad and unfortunate that our life has to suffer due to the mismanagements of the resources by the governments.

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Beautiful Women But ….

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They are very beautiful women with flawless skins , sweet and charming smiles, taking part in a modelling contract in a new T.V show but they are no ordinary women for they have disabilities.

They were from the UK, Netherlands and the US and their ages were from 19 to 27.

The picture of them is so perfect that you could never discover their secrets. They have the confidence to strut their stuff for the T.V and are oblivious to their disabilities. They live a normal life like others who are more fortunate.

Some of them were born that way while others had met with an unfortunate accident . They do not need our pity or sympathies. They can carry their heads held high .

I admire their spirits and their toughness and even though they have disabilities , they never allow it to get into their way of life and happiness. They are able to understand life better .

The show’s creators hoped the series would challenge pre-conceived notions of beauty and raise disability awareness. We should get use to seeing people with disabilities and treat them as equals.

For those of us who have a normal and perfect body , you are blessed and please do not feel that you have an ugly body or certain parts of your body are ugly. They are perfect in God’s eye.

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If Your Man Looks At Porns Or Pictures Of Naked Women…

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Each and everyone of us will have to deal with this situation sometime in our life . There are some women who can accept this situation while there are some who have zero tolerance level and completely against it and break up with their man over this incident through their lack of maturity or inexperience. There are others who do not know what to do.

Some women go to the extremes when it comes to a relationship. These are the militant women where their views are ‘porn degrades all women’. They will not accept the man if they look at porn or pictures of naked women . For them , it is grave sin or a serious form of cheating.

Even while masturbating , the men cannot think of other women except them. These women not only want to control what the men can do but also what their brains want to think. This is ludicrous.

Even the very act of masturbating is loathsome to some women as they will feel that they are not beautiful enough to warrant sex with them. Is something wrong with her or why do the men need to jack off himself when he has her? This is what perplexs her.

It can cause them great anguish , anger and resentment on their partners. In extreme cases, they may even separate or divorce because of this fact .

It does not matter about the other good qualities of the man. It is like demanding a 100% perfect man. I hope they will be able to find their kind of men in this world who do not look at porn or ogle at other women .What kind of men do not look at porn or ogle at other women? It seems that they can look at other men or women while they find it offensive when their men look at other women.

There is no hard and fast rule about watching porn . It is up to the two of them to compromise and if they cannot, then there will be a parting of ways.

Sometimes , it is not the porn watching that is the point of contention but the lying and trust issues. Some men lied to their partners that they will stop but carried on behind their backs and get caught. They leave traces of history on the computer or their stacks or pornographic DVD’s and magazines.

Most guys do watch porn or pictures of naked women in their youth whenever the opportunities arise.Some of them carry on this activities until their ripe old age. Some may carry on discreetly after they have married as they know some of their wives would be angry and hurt .

The men are expected to give up this activity once they are married or do it discreetly. In the Western world , especially with the younger generations , quite a  majority of the girls have zero tolerance of their man watching porn or pictures of naked women. You can feel it from the many questions from the ‘Dear Cupid ‘ site. You can go there by clicking on the link on the right hand sidebar on this page.

Women are wired differently from men and they do personalize almost everything. It is never good to argue with any women because she will most of the time take it personally and not about the issues alone. She seems not to be able to see the differences. It is about issues and not about her personality.

A man watching porn maybe a straight forward virtual sexual stimulations to jack off and nothing more to him . But women look at this issue from a personal point of view and consider this as outright cheating and comparing her self with those young and hot porn stars and thereby feeling inadequate and insecure . For these low self esteemed and no confident women, it is unacceptable and either the man must choose her or stop this activity.

In the UK, you can be surprised that the women there will not hesitate to report to the police if their own fathers, grandfathers, husbands or brothers and sons watch porn or child porn and send them to prison. Apparently , it is very serious matter over there to warrant such an action by those women.

Would you send your male relatives to prison just because he watches porn online or download them into his computer?

It is against the law to distribute and possess child pornography in many countries. You can be fined or jailed or both.

I do not condone child pornography. Just because a person viewed it out of curiosity , he should not be branded a paedophile. This is not the same as a person who downloaded tons of child pornography on to his computer or distribute it .

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The Rules Of Flirting.

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Flirting is fun and enjoyable and it is like pumping adrenalin into the system. It can make or break a relationship if you do not know the rules.

If both of you are single , everything is possible but if you are married or in a committed relationship , you will have to stop or temper them down.

A new research has found that being around flirtatious women can make a man less appreciative of his partner. It maybe your flirtatious nature that attracted him/her to you in the first place. Men loves and enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.

After you are in a committed relationship, both men and women will not accept nor tolerate the other from continuing their flirting styles.

If you are married , engaged or in a relationship , you will have to pull up your brakes on flirting. It is a no-no because it can hurt the other guy and can create tensions in the relationship or threatened the relationship.

And any woman who’s claimed not to care that her partner’s a flirt is simply putting on a brave front. Women do personalize a lot of things. If their men are looking at naked pictures of women , porn or other women or even masturbating to other pictures of other women , it can make them seethe with anger and jealousies.

If the man keeps flirting while in a committed relationship, you should beware of the deep resentments in her towards you and the other lady .There is no way she can ignore those feelings which emanates from your actions.You are only privy to her and not share it with other women.

You may flirt only with her . Know your boundaries and limits.

Flirting and being flirted can make you feel great about yourself.

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Men And Their Football Craze.

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It is the time of the year when the women become temporary widows or ignored as they lose their husbands or b/f ‘s to the world of football during the World cup or the EU cup.

The world cease turning and comes to a stand still and everything stops for them as the men’s attentions and passions are riveted onto the T.V screens in their living rooms or in those pubs or in public squares where giant T.V displays are installed.

No game is fun and enjoyable without the free flowing beer. The two are like twins. There are others who bet on the game to make it more interesting.

A father of four recently committed suicide after he lost heavily . This is a sad reality when some people go overboard in their betting.

This is a crazy time for the men when they forget all their troubles and where there are no days or nights and time never sleeps.These are the hardcore football supporters of their favourite clubs.

No other sports in the world except football, which can make the man forget about everything , even their matrimonial duties to his wife.

Women may not understand the preoccupation of men with football and think of this game as some silly game where 22 men run themselves ragged chasing after one lone ball.

Some women join their husbands but they don’t share the same interest in the games. The women are not watching the game or the score but at those 22 men’s bums or those young, handsome and virile men .

The wise women should know what to do during these times and allow their men to enjoy their games either all alone or with some participation’s on their part.

I hope they know how to choose which side to support or they will have another war in the bedroom.

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Death Penalty For Child Rapist?

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It is a very heinous and cruel crime to rape an innocent and young child and such predators or paedophiles should receive the full punishment from the law of the land which befits this act of violence and violations of human rights.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday banned the death penalty for people convicted of raping a child.

In the 5-4 decision, the court ruled that executing someone convicted of child rape violates the ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Do you agree with the Supreme court’s decision?

I would term it as a fair and appropriate decision because it was only a rape and if it caused the death of the child , then the death penalty for the perpetrator.

In the UK , a rape offense merits from 2 to 6 years imprisonment and it is so lenient there. In Malaysia, it is 18 or 20 years and six strokes of the cane .

The ruling overturns laws in six states that allowed the death penalty for the rape of a child and commutes the death sentences of two men on death row in Louisiana to life in prison.

If the Supreme court allows the death penalty for child rape, the judges will have their hands tight and less severe cases will suffer . Most child rapes are perpetrated by relatives and if it is the death penalty , the child may not want to testify .

Jailing them may not be the answer as when they come out of prison , they may repeat their crimes. Others have suggested chemical castrations of their sex organs.

No matter what the punishments are , there are still children being rape against their will. It is a very dastardly action and only the severest punishment be meted out to them.

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The Forgotten War.

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No one pays scant attentions these days to this long forgotten war in the most remotest place on Earth except the country or countries that tries to imposed their democratic ways or their country’s ill founded forays into this part of the world, Afghanistan.

What is there for them to fight for or what was their original objectives?

Many seems to have just a vague recollections and the young and bright men and women are dying over there and all for what purpose?

Their countrymen and those who have relatives in the army does not understand anymore why they are fighting there and why their government has still not recall back their troops and end the useless campaign.If it is God’s will, no army on Earth can fight against God.

The youths who are drafted to fight and die and suffer from those harsh conditions of that land are forgotten by their leaders who stay back at home , enjoying all the comforts of a modern lifestyle.

Can their country afford to bleed and hemorrhage indefinitely with such losses in men, money and equipments ?

What a terrible waste of a country’s resources ! In the end , nothing would have changed or mattered as the people there will continue to live their way of life.

Like the Russians before them , they had to quit after 15 years from trying to impose a political system . There are parallel lessons from the Vietnam debacle too and when you do not have the will , it is only a matter of time , you will have to withdraw your occupation of that land with the tail in between your legs.

You are unwelcome even when you think it is for the good of the inhabitants there. There is no better way than for the people there to settle their own differences among themselves.

There is no way out of this predicament except to withdraw .

You cannot win this war as this is not your land and it is not your will to impose your ideas on others.

Peace only comes when you sit down and talk and not flow out of the barrel of a gun.

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