Hen Parties & Male Strippers.

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In the past, all hen parties were quite a tame affair in the East. The women would just gather, chat, gossiped, joked and laughed and had fun. Today, the same may not be said of those hen parties.

A minority of women have followed the raucous Western style hen parties where male strippers are engaged to provide the excitements and the highlights of the party. With alcohol flowing freely and the raunchy and wild atmosphere, anything can happen unexpectedly.

The show could go all the way and with plenty of free display and debauchery. The women being tipsy with alcohol and shedding all inhibitions and goaded by their friends would just let their hair down and swing to the beat of the music.

Everything becomes a blur and they cannot think rationally anymore but like beings possessed by some strange forces. Sometimes, there are drugs involved. Some would just shake their heads and in another world of their own, oblivious to what is going around them.

The successful and rich women of today are following the man’s way of celebrating and enjoying life. Woman like Sandy has no qualm or conscience about sleeping with a male stripper. They have reached a stage like the male where they can compartmentalize their thinking. The men do it, why can’t they? There is a big difference, a men don’t have to worry about getting pregnant..

Men visit hookers or sleep around without any effects. Most unmarried men visit hookers once a while before they are married. Some even do after they are married. Some men have stag parties and engaged female strippers who go all the way. Today, there are plenty of China Dolls who will strip and sleep for a fee.

Before you are married, she has no control over you. It was your last night as a bachelor and your last final fling. Many men will not accept if their g/f has a fling. This is the double standard in this world. If he knows about it , it is the end of you.

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8 Responses to “Hen Parties & Male Strippers.”

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Great article. helpfull,those women who wants to strippers male.clearification of men and women strippers matters declare in this blog

Bachelorette party Dallas very helpfull,those women who wants to strippers male.clearification of men and women strippers matters declare in this blog.

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I think that is stupid.

When men go to female strip clubs, we are not allowed to touch. Period. We sit there quietly with out hands by our sides.

If we do touch we’ll be lucky if security walks us down the stairs rather than throw us down.

Laura1318:Rules are rules or there will be a free for all.

In female strip clubs, men are not allowed to touch lest they be thrown out by a bouncer. In many male strip clubs however, women are free to touch and do what they please and are often at liberty to engage in live sex acts with male entertainers. Just google male stripper images and or videos and you will see exactly that. That too is a double standard.

Laura1318 :- That is the reality. Agree and thanks for your comments.

Awesome blog, I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now, probably one of the best I have come across, very informative.. Keep up the great work, Josh.

i more keen to ask Sensual Diva – anyone would pay a lame jack arse 1/2 bald fat short mofo as male striper? any market demand for my kind of malestripper?

ps: strip only right? dont have to perform diving kan?

thank you for the reference. Cheers!

Sensual Diva


Laura 1318 ; My Pleasure. You are most welcome ! A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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