Women Are Their Worst Enemies.

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Why women are like that? I think God forgot to add the ‘stabilizer’ when he made her..LOL! We can observe that women bond and look after their own kinds when it comes to the war of the sexes whereas the men do not.

For the men, it is each for himself. Men will not go to the aid of other men when he is in trouble with another woman. They would instead be on the woman’s side. In real life, if the man is muscular or fierce, no man would come to her aid. Otherwise, he will also be beaten to pulps or possibly killed for being a busybody in today’s violent world.

Whether a woman is older, younger, plain or beautiful, she will always have to compete for the love, attention and rivalry among them. Men do not suffer from this women’s complex. This could be the way they were brought up in a traditional family settings and where their mothers learnt from their mothers and grandmothers.

When a woman enters a room full of men and women, she will quickly notice the ladies first. Each of them will be scanned from head to toes to note if they are prettier, younger, older or plainer than her. Women judge each other on their looks, age and sex appeals.

She would feel much better and relief if she judges they are no where near her standard. If some one is more beautiful than her, she will have a tinge of envy and regret. A woman is caught in an inevitable position. She wants to dress well or look well but this can alienate other woman.

A woman’s worst enemy is herself. They are jealous of others and highly critical of their own kinds. They are like those Siamese fighting fish and very territorial. They need their own space and do not welcome any competitions in all spheres of their life. They strive to be the only queen and the center of attentions.

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Laura1318:- You are welcome ! Thanks

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