Chased And Threatened In Attempted Robbery.

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If you are a woman driver, don’t get out of the car no matter what happens. If they want, let them get it the hard way. If you open the door for fear they will harm you, you have thrown yourself to the dogs that will just eat you alive .You don’t know if they just want your money or your car or you or all of it.They are ruthless and they don’t care a hoot about your life. Women should arm themselves with those pepper sprays. It can come in handy in such situations.

If there is only one car blocking your way, you can outrun them or play hide and seek. If they blocked your car in front, in the middle of the night, then it is most probably a robbery. Reversed your car and head the other way.Even if they kissed your behind, it could be a staged accident to rob you. You have to be quick at assessing the situation. If you feel something is wrong , drive to the police station. Don’t parley or negotiate with them .

Don’t wait to see what will happen .Your life is in peril..Assume it is a robbery and your life is in danger. Quickly get out of that situation. You may even have to bang and charged at the car to get out of the way if you have to. Sound your horn all the way and your hazards lights on. There will be witnesses who may see what happens because they are distracted by your horn.

She is one plucky woman. She escaped from her pursuer

If you have no business after midnight, best is stay at home. Most crimes happen in the early hours .


Disclaimer; This is not a professional advise and it is only my own personal opinions .You follow at on your own risk.

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