Female Teachers, Young Boys ,Secret sex.

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Mary Kay LeTourneau 34 , a secondary school teacher from Washington,Lisa Linet Clark from Georgia ,Sarah Bench Salorio and others  have been jailed for sex offences as a pedophile. It was considered rape in the eyes of the law , even when the sex was consensual.

LeTourneau had a happy ending as she married the Samoan boy after she came out of her prison.The other cases were left with a trial of  personal destructions in their lifes, the teachers and their students.

 Rape is a harsh word for it connotes forceful actions like a man raping a woman . A woman may rape a man especially a young boy by seduction, even though there is no force involved. It is still considered a rape because he is underage.

Since the LeTourneau case , there has been a growing trend of teachers who had consensual sex with their charges.This is a rather disconcerting prospect as we don’t want our young kids to be scared for life.

They had sex with minors who were below 16 years. It is a crime in many countries for engaging in sex with minors. Many of today’s promiscuous teenagers  are having sex and losing their virginity’s  at a very early age..

 The law has not changed but the attitude of youngsters have turned by leaps and bounds.They are much more aware of their sexuality and are willing to experiment at an early age without thinking of the consequences.

 Most of these women  teachers are married and have problems in their marriage and have unmet sexual needs. Or they could be unmarried but have relational problems with their boyfriends.

They think they are in love with those young boys who look up to them because they were their teachers .These boys are not matured but only little kids with a man’s body. Even a 25 year old man may not be considered matured for his age.

There was a case of a Malaysian female primary school teacher who was not getting along with her husband .They were always fighting and not seeing eye to eye on many issues and were not on speaking terms.

She began to dote on one of her top students like a Godson. The student was from a poor family and they were happy that the son’s teacher were giving him extra attentions and took care of his needs.

The teacher even asked the boy to stay at her home and she took him everywhere  she went.  The boy was abit more matured than his age .

Naturally , the boy thought the teacher loved him and he began to have feelings for her .He even wrote love letters to that teacher.  Whether they had sex or not , we don’t know but the boy grew up and went to the university and they became separated.

In the US , that teacher would be charged but here in Malaysia, it was no case and the parents did not look at from this angle.

At that age when the boys are aware of their growing sexuality and she being the more matured and experienced and in moments of weakness can lead them all the way.

There are also men teachers who rape their underaged students as in the case in China. Teaching is a respectable and honourable job and it has been tarnished by a few who could not separate their personal life from their professional life.

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10 Responses to “Female Teachers, Young Boys ,Secret sex.”

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I enjoy examples of articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! Awesome

UG’s (U.G.Krishnamurti) rebellious and at once striking ang stunning views against the good old higly guarded and held sermons on sexuality and spirituality may look ‘stupid’ to our tainted naked eyes.

It doesnt need a big research to know the simple straight fact that the ‘sex act’ is the device for procreation or reproduction. The existence has put in some ‘recreation, entertainment, attraction and petty pleasure’ in that act (otherwise who will indulge in this mad circus and carcass act?) so that humanity indulges in that act and the procreation and generation continues. But for we people the peripheral thing of ‘petty pleasure and entertainment’ has become primary and premier. We never bother or we give scant attention to that progeny and procreative intent there.

Now the humankind has turned the sex act into a solidified false ‘eternal movement of pleasure’. And there is no hope for any comeback and it’s eternally ‘sealed’ there. Now the only way left is to live in this misery eternally.

Why blaming a spare one or two poor kids or teachers there. Flesh is our trade and no way out there.

SORRY, for painting the bleak picture here. Reality bites.

My JHS teacher (female) made sensuous comments to me privately, and offered to meet me out of school to share social contact, I did think she was sensual and my thoughts of her must have stirred her joy center, and made her aware of my interest in her being.

She was married, and only in name as I discovered.
She was wonderful with me, to me and for me. She was the woman that held my love organ in her mouth and showed me that I was a man, she moaned as I pumped her wet hole, and she swallowed my juice.

I continued to develop with her through my senior year, and boy what I learned with and from her, made me a terrific teacher later on.

Alright, let me just put it to you like this… I was abused when I was a child. Not by a teacher, but a trusted adult none the less. I can tell you, without a doubt, that noone else knew. They knew the signs, though, and they talked to me about it all. Some of my family was even in a profession that advocates for children of abuse. Sometimes, there are just no signs. Sometimes, the mind control someone has over their victim is far stronger than any signs, or little clues. I do realize that this is a little bit different than the particular situation we are discussing, but I think it makes the point. I’m not “demonizing” anyone here… I’m just saying that the teacher is not the victim. Yes teaching is stressfull. Yes children have behavior problems. Yes, yes, yes. I get that. But when you make a choice to go into a field such as education, it is your responsibility to keep things on a professional level. I’m not saying their evil, I’m just saying that they aren’t without blame.

Laura1318:I am sorry to hear that you were abused when you were a child.It is easy to say be professional but we are only human.Your point is noted .Thank you.

You’re right. We can’t understand. But that goes without saying for ANY situation we aren’t in. Until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, right? I agree that parents need to know what’s going on with their child, but this is not the fault of parents. I’m not trying to be judgemental… I guess I’m speaking more of the situation than the specifics–the person. I don’t know, I just don’t think that the offender (reguardless of mental problems or whatever) is the victim in all of this. I think that’s what’s really important. Yes help the sick, but don’t forget that it doesn’t make it okay. And what about the lifelong problems that the student now has

Laura1318; Teaching is a very stressful job with today’s kids having discipline problems.These things do not happen over night but over a period of time. As a parent , one should be on the watch out for teachers who go out of their way with their kids.

If nipped early , there will not be any problems. Those teachers are human beings too and they need love.It can happen to anybody.We should not demonize them but try to understand the situation they are in.People are getting smarter but the laws are archaic. A 16 year old boy today is not the same as a 16 year old boy 10 years ago or more.

Well, I realize that there are absolutely mental and psychological problems in these cases. I guess that’s the point. It doesn’t make it any easier to stomach, though.

Laura1318:Sometimes we are not in their shoes and do not understand what they are going through. No doubt it is wrong but they have reached the point where they dont know what is right or wrong and are very blurred…They have gone off the road. We cannot be judgemental .Actually, jailing them does not solve their problems .They should use counselling on them before it is too late. Parents too need to know what is happening to their kids to prevent them from such incidents.

It sickens me to hear these women (for example) saying that it was consensual, or it was love… As a teacher there are lines that you just DO NOT cross. Having sex with a student, no matter how much they “wanted it” is NOT okay. UGH.

Laura1318: Agree with you but you have to understand that those teachers have psychological and mental problems .If they are rational and normal, it is a different story.

sick kids met with marginalised poor teacher ….. worst than getting married to a blond

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