Allergic to modern life ?

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Can you imagine yourself living in a world where there are no mobile phones, microwave ovens, radios, televisions and WiFi-enabled computers or laptops?

It is like going back to the dark ages. No one would like to go back in time unless they are forced to. Life would be more cheaper, simpler and healthier and less stressful.

Some day , who knows, we may have to go back to the stone age when this world ends and a new world begins.

People living near those telecommunication towers have complained about the effects of those electromagnetic impulses emitted from those towers .

There are people who says that there are no scientific evidence that those waves of electrical energies are harmful to human beings but I am inclined to believes that those people living within the vicinity of those towers may have their health affected in the long run.

There are those who believed that it can cause harm to the health of those people in the long run. Some people are always sick or unhealthy and they cannot pinpoint the cause of their sickness.

It may not affect everyone but it does cause some difficulties to those people who are allergic to those electromagnetic impulses.

Some people may have their health affected like this lady ,former TV producer, Sarah Dacre, 53. She was finally diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity.

She suffered from numbness down the right side of her body and bad digestion,high blood pressure , ,attacks ,breathlessness,blurred vision, heart arythmia, thyroid problems, vertigo, tinnitus, and chronic fatigue.

Electromagnetic impulses could cause those harmful effects on the human body, and the symptoms is called electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS.

She had to clear her bedroom of the phone, TV, computer and electrical wires of any kind, and lined it with foil wallpaper.

She could not be near, or be in public buildings such as airports, railway stations, museums or restaurants; travel on the Tube, or drive on a motorway without triggering symptoms of EHS.

When finally diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity, her illness forced her to leave both her job and her home.

She is allergic to modern technology and now stays in the rural area without all those electronic gadgets.

When she found out the cause of her sickness, she avoided those places and equipments and almost immediately, she began to feel better, to have more energy, and to sleep and eat better.

Are you allergic to modern living ?

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Children as young as three need sunglasses .

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Do your kids as young as three need sunglasses ?

It is not for aesthetic reasons but for the protection of their fragile eyes.
It maybe a problem forcing them to wear those sunglasses but if the parents are wearing one ,it will be easier to persuade them to wear it too. Children like to ape what their parents are doing.

According to some experts, they should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the strong sunlight.Over-exposure to UV rays has also been linked to blurred vision and even blindness.

Keep your child from long exposure to strong or bright sunlight . Do not allow them to be exposed for too long , excessive exposure to sunlight can potentially damage their eyes .

To protect their eyes, children as young as three should be wearing sunglasses when playing outside in bright weather.

Toddlers are especially vulnerable to the sun’s rays, as their lenses are more transparent than an adult’s, allowing more short-wavelength light to reach the retina. and can cause vision disorders.

Parents should buy a good pair of sunglasses with the necessary protection. Buying a cheap one may
well increase the risks of sun damage to their children’s eyes.

Children being young may not know how to take care of those sunglasses and they can easily be lost ,manhandled and broken. Getting them an expensive one is out of question. Perhaps a reasonable and affordable one will suffice.

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Those super tight, skinny and tingling jeans.

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There was once the itsy ,bitsy, tweeny ,weenie ,yellow polka dot bikini trend in the 70’s and now the super tight , skinny, weenie, teeny and tingling blue jeans.

You can see them everywhere ,whenever those modern teens gather. You often wonder how they managed to wriggle into those skin tight and skinny jeans. They are so trendy and in vogue among the younger generations.

Not everyone likes them because they can be uncomfortable and the tightness of those jeans can cause discomforts .They can also cause a tingling sensations or meralgia paresthetica. They feel a tingling sensation like numbness or slight pain running up and down their thighs.This is caused by the constant pressures on the nerves .

If you are going to wear those skin tight jeans, you will become a victim of those fashion trends.

With a five inches high stilletos or a shoe that is one or two sizes too small for your feet, you will end up killing your feet and maybe give you backaches too.

According to some , you could find a weird sensation in your legs as though you are floating when you are walking.You feel like your legs are not there or gone to sleep.

There is a rise of these conditions among the young girls.. This condition usually affect those obese people who are forced to wear skin tight jeans .

There were rumors that snug jeans caused infertility in men and yeast infections in women. How far it is true, I don’t know?

There is no permanent risk of injuries as long as they remove those pressures. If you feel those sensations , you will know why?

Even with that knowledge, there are girls who will follow the fashions and disregard those tingling sensations. They want to look trendy and beautiful.

Those fashionistas are willing to suffer and torture themselves for the sake of their vanities. Women are vain creatures.

They buy and wear smaller size shoes , jeans, blouses in order to look cute and cuddly.

Oh! Well! Since it is not a life or death issue , so what?

They do not always wear those skinny tight jeans all the time any way.

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Optician fits lenses wrongly.

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Many people in this generation are shortsighted and needs to wear glasses to correct their impairments.

Changing their glasses or getting a new pair of glasses can be a trying time.

Different people have different reactions to the wearing of the new glasses. Some maybe mild while others can be extremes.

Some may feel dizzy or faint a little bit , some may feel like vomiting like those morning sickness of pregnant women.

Those symptoms should not last and should be only temporary in nature.

If they persist, then you should go back to the optical store to inform them. He would find out the causes and remedy them.

If the problem is not solved, you should go and seek a second opinion from another optician as the first optician could be inexperienced or lack of expertise.

Sometimes, he may ask you to be a bit more patient but if the conditions are still the same , you will have to go back again to the store to have your powers reduced. Your problems will most probably be solved.

Sometimes, opticians may over prescribe your power. They may have given you the higher power which is perfect for your clear visions but are uncomfortable for long term wear.

It is too clear and can cause you discomforts and strains. Your eyes are not relaxed and have to strain with the higher power. Such a power is unsuitable for constant wear.

Refraction or testing of the eyes is about striking a balance between clear visions and comfort and a balance with the left and right eye.

Opticians or optometrist are only human . Sometimes they do make mistakes in their prescriptions or fittings of lenses .

If you find your new glasses is uncomfortable or cannot get used to it ( accommodation), you should go back to the optical store to have them checked .

It may take some time to get used to the new glasses.Three days to a week is enough time to know if the glasses are not suitable for you.

Listen to your children and do not always assume that the optician is correct.

It is because of the power prescriptions or the glasses is not properly aligned or not properly fitted on your face. Misaligned or improperly fitted glasses can cause headaches or nausea.

When business is good or when there are many patients, mistakes are bound to happen.

Calling for the optician to be sacked is too drastic. You can sue him and seek compensations .

Experience is a very important factor. Sometimes, those optometrist have too many optical outlets and they do employ those people who may not be up to the standards.

Even eye surgeons or ophthalmologist may make mistakes in the refraction. The eye is a living thing and other causes like high blood pressure, diabetes , or heart problems may cause the power to fluctuate.If your eyes are not relax , it can also give you a false reading.

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Negative thoughts can induce sickness…

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If you think, “I am going to be sick.” Your body will soon fall sick. Some people will say it out aloud to themselves or to others that they are feeling sick.

If you know the effects of those negative words, you should refrain from speaking it out aloud and always think in the positive to replace any negative thoughts that come into your mind.

As Christian believes all negative thoughts come from the devil. We cannot stop the birds from flying overhead but we have the ability to stop those birds from building a nest over our head.

The devil may shoot those poison arrows at us but we should not entertain those thoughts in our head.

Sometimes, those negative and destructive thoughts appear often and the only way to fight against it is to put on the armour of God and praise God repeatedly or say a prayer or speak in tongues or give a command in the name of Jesus…. It has helped me to thwart those devilish attacks .

A rudder is only a small part in a big ship but it can control and turn the big ship in any directions it wants.

The tongue is just like the rudder, it can tell your body to do anything after you have exercise it. That is the power of the tongue and your brain over your body.

Your brain will hear those commands and act upon them and make your body sick.

When you read those warnings of the side effects of those medicine you are taking , your body will react as though you will be experiencing those side effects.

It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist for the positive thoughts can be good for your health .It will also attract the positive things around you.

Conversely , if you always entertaining those negative thoughts in your head and speak negative things, it can be bad for your well being.

This idea has been known 2000 years ago and now scientist have only discovered it. The power of suggestion can be a very powerful tool.

Many patients are not really physically sick but are pseudo sick and they need to see a doctor who finds nothing wrong with them. They need to hear from the doctor that they will be well after taking those medications.It is more of a psychological thing than a physical thing.

Speak more positive things, think more positive and you will attract more positive vibes.

“The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.”

Proverbs 18:21
(The New Living Translation Bible )

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“Love handles or spare tires “

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Having sex for a woman can be a stressful thing as she is embarrass about her body and tries to hide them from his views. This would dampened her libido .

When asked which part of her body she is most stressed about,it is the love handles or the spare tires that they have around their midriff or stomach. Some people have them by the sides while others have them at the front.

If you eat a lot and do not exercise, you are bound to store those fats around your tummy and sides.

In the case of women , those fats may go to their buttocks and thighs.As a result , many ladies worries about those three parts of their anatomies. They don’t feel sexy and may even have low self esteem.

Men do not have this particular problem like women because they are not very self conscious of their bodies.

They readily accept what they see as natural and would not be concerned about what others think of them. To them it is more about power and money and what it can do for them.

Most men would have develop beer bellies when they are approaching middle age. It is the time , when the muscles are loosened and they cannot hold back all those extra loads .

Getting a 6 packs abs is just beyond their wildest dream. Many are not willing to work for it . It is too strenuous and not worth the efforts.

Many would not have the time or inclinations as they are too busy slogging at the office. By the time , they reached home , they are a spent force and have no more juice left .

Since the men are not perfect and quite simple in thought, the women should just relax and enjoy the sex.

You cannot compare your body with those teens. When they are older, they will also be covered with fats and certain parts will succumb to gravity.

Don’t be put off for sex simply because you don’t have a perfect body like those famous singers or actresses.

During sex, the body releases those
feel-good chemicals, called endorphins and will boost your health, mood , happiness and concentration. It can keep the doctor away and make you burn off those extra calories.

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Are you F-A-T ?

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This must be the most hated word or the most used word in a female’s vocabulary.

If she asked for your honest opinions , you better speak what she wants to hear and not what is the truth.

Most women are not too happy or satisfied with their bodies and suffer from a poor image of themselves. They are very body conscious and some have low self esteem.

They are forever comparing to those models in those glossy magazines or with those who are fitter and slimmer than them.

Nothing seems to be perfect and their expectations are just too high . They will try to go under the scalpel to get the perfect look.

Oh! Poor woman! God made you perfect in His eyes. Don’t believe those media hypes that say thin or size ‘0’ is beautiful. That is unrealistic.

Every day , they will have to wage a war with the enemy ,’ fats ‘ which creeps inside their thighs, stomach, ass, waist and be at those wrong places on their anatomy.

Looking into the mirror or at themselves in the shower can be very uncomfortable and distressing.

The men are very lucky that they can eat everything and in large portions without a care about being fat.

Being a woman can be a torture when you see all those good and your favourite foods and yet can only sample or take a bite or two .

You will put on weight if you eat a large portion and your body will balloon like a pig. For some girls , even a small portion can still make them fat.

As a result of the fear of putting on weight , the girls are anxious and may develop eating disorders like
Anorexia and Bulimia.

In today’s modern world , more people are taking fast foods which is fattening and even children are obese.

They have no time to exercise and modern living has provided them with a sedentary lifestyle and convenience.

Exercise is the only way to make you healthy , confident and improve your self esteem.Do not neglect to exercise or your health would be affected.

Learn to accept and love your body.It is not how you look that is important but your health and your quality of life.

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Women smokers and the deadly side effects.

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The act of holding a cigarette in your hand or mouth can gives you that elegant and suave look.

When it is a young, pretty and attractive woman doing that, she can even look more sexy and alluring.

The tobacco industry is targeting women with the image of a successful, slim and beautiful woman executive who smokes. Those who smoke would appear to be successful and having reach ‘there’ .

Looks may not kill you but smoking can .Latest research results has found that women are more vulnerable to the side effects of smoking than men.

They may have smoked less but they tend to be diagnosed earlier with cancer than the men .

Their bodies are more susceptible to adenocarcinoma – a common form of lung cancer and this is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States.

Smoking is directly responsible for 80 percent of lung cancer deaths in women in the U.S. each year and surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the U.S.A.

Female smokers are more at risk than non female smokers . They are 12 times more likely than nonsmoking females to die prematurely from lung cancer and COPD.( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease )

It is not only about lung cancer but women are prone to developing cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx (voice box), esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and uterine cervix.They carry a gene that drives lung cancer growth.

Women should be aware of the risks and dangers from smoking and smoking is not cool. For you can die prematurely or have higher risk of developing cancers in your body.

Better to be safe than sorry. Treasure your life and live a healthier and pain free life.

Do not follow the herd blindly and smoke just because all your friends are doing it. Count the cost and the price maybe too high to maintain this unhealthy habit.

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Over fat people cause of global warming ?

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Are you fat, obese or overweight? If you are, it is not only bad for your health but you are also contributing to the problem of global warming..LOL!

What the heck is that !

It means that the ice at the North and South poles are melting and the water in the oceans are rising and getting warmer.

What has that got to do with fat people?

Fat people eat more and the demand for meat increases. That means more cows and more cows mean more toxic methane gas.

In India, some people dig a well and dump all those cow dungs into the well to produce methane gas to use for cooking.

There are some drug addicts who snort those fresh cow dungs to get high from the methane gas.

If you are fat, movements could be laborious and you would prefer to ride in a car . More cars means more emissions.

Being slim is better for your health and environments. That is easily said than done.

It looks like fat people are being blamed for this global warming phenomenon. Many will just shrug it off as some mad scientist who have nothing better to do .

Is there really any truth in that ?There are some who still believe that it is not caused by man.

Whether you want to believe it or not , the world’s temperatures has been rising caused by those CO2 and other greenhouse gas effects.

Al Gore, the former VP of the USA is the champion of global warming and got a Nobel prize for it.In some places, it seems to get colder.How do you explain that ?

.Recently the weather here is unbelievably hot and you need to sleep with the air con on or in your birthday suit.

Make sure that you don’t allow your b/f’s to take pictures while you are sleeping naked.

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Become beautiful without spending a fortune.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever ~ John Keats.

Being beautiful is every girl’s dream.Some would spend a fortune to make themselves beautiful but true beauty does not come from those things that you adorn or apply on your external self. They are only temporary ,artificial or synthetic and does not last. This kind of beauty is only skin deep.

My mother used to tell me that true beauty comes from the inside. It is what you eat that will make you beautiful.

I do agree with her but it is not only what you eat but your right attitude towards life.

Having the right attitude is a prerequisite and if you want your beauty to last , you will need to find your own spirituality.

The spirit can be restless if it does not communicate with it’s maker. Those who know the Lord, have natural joys and beauty in their eyes and faces .

No matter how plain looking she is , she will have those beauty that radiates out from her inside.

Her eyes are shining and lively as compared to those who have dull ,sad and lack luster eyes.

As we travel through life’s journey on this Earth, it is like being on a long train journey and we see visions of stages of our life passing by like a movie .

In the course of our life’s journey we pick up many baggage’s and if we don’t know how to jettison or throw them away , we will be burdened and creak under the heavy weight of those baggage’s and life would be a big struggle.

How can we feel free and happy when you lug all those useless baggage’s with you and wear yourself down?

Why not just cast them away, for you do not need them like two heavy stones tied around your neck ?

Be free like a bird and soar high in the sky like those eagles. Let go of those pains and hurts and learn to forgive . Unforgiveness is a great sin.
To make mistakes is only human
and to forgive is divine.

You need to cast away those burdens and let Jesus carry it for you.Have trust and faith in Him that He will lead you to the right way.

Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. (Confucius)
When you have no love, you see things just as they are, a black and white world.

It is only when you love someone truly that you see the beauty in that person and even if she is without an arm , an eye or a leg, you will still see the beauty in her.

For you see, beauty is not real, for beauty only exists in perception.

Beauty is when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.

Everyone is beautiful and you don’t have to spend a fortune to chase those beauty that does not last.

Smile always because a smile is always pleasing and beautiful.

Just be who you are , warts and all! Let God into your heart and see the transformation from a plain Jane into an angel.

You may not feel beautiful or loved but there is one person who will always love you . He will love you forever come what may.

The fountain of beauty is in your heart,keep it pure, simple and clean.

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