Get Your Child vaccinated Or Parents Get 10 Days In Jail!

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WOW! This must be a very harsh verdict for parents to get their children vaccinated or get the complimentary ticket for a 10 day resort stay under the govt. expenses..LOL!

This is sure very heavy handed way to force parents to get their children to be vaccinated.

Many states have laws that required children to be immunized from childhood diseases like polio, mumps.and measles. For older children ,hepatitis B and chicken pox . It seems like , there is no choice .The authorities think that it is good for everyone and everyone must have it.What if they were wrong?

When I was young about 4 or 5 years old , I remembered my mom taking me to the govt. clinic to have a chicken pox jab and the doctor would offer some sweets after the jab.

When I was in the primaries, we had to undergo the BCG (for tuberculosis or T.B) jab. I told my teacher I was scared and my parents did not want me to take it. It was a lie . Most Malaysians would have the scar on their arms.

I think they should not make it compulsory to have immunizations.Rather they should encourage it and not forced everyone . This is politically right.

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