The Grinch Left Melina Salazar $50K & A Buick . Ho! Ho! Ho!

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For 7 years she served Walter Swords at Luby’s cafeteria in Brownsville, Texas. It was not in vain, for when the Grinch left , he left her a part of his legacy , for all those years when she became his favourite waitress and friend.

The grumpy old man had a soft spot for her. There was no one more worthy than this humble and friendly waitress. She is a wonderful woman and she deserved what she got from him. She treated that old man with respect and dignity, probably making him feel wanted and giving him a feminine touch to his single life.  This made the old man died a happy man.

Many of us try to avoid those old people because it can be boring and they often ask repetitious questions due to dementia or Alzheimer. They can be long winded and garrulous. They sometimes gives off a strong body odour .To be a friend and chat with those old people is a social skill.

We need to be like her and treat our old friends with due respects and help them in anyway we can.  One day we will also be old and would need help too.

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4 Responses to “The Grinch Left Melina Salazar $50K & A Buick . Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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I found a story remarkably similar to Walter Swords and Melina Salazar:
A British waitress named Thelma Morman (or Thelma Norman) got a tip from Colin Gilbert’s will in 1969. Gilbert died the previous year. Thelma got $2,400 in 1969 (over $14,000 in today’s money). Colin was eating every weekday for 20 years (almost thrice as much as Walter Swords) He has a heart of gold. So, Colin Gilbert is the British version of Walter Swords and Thelma Morman (or Thelma Norman) is the British version of Melina Salazar. God bless him and his friends.

There are much bigger amount than Walter Swords. Charles Vance Millar left behind hundreds and thousands of dollars to women in Canada who got the most babies, gets the money. Millar, the attorney, has a heart of gold.

Thanks for that info. I am sure there are many others like them who were not highlighted or reported.


There is another case similar to Salazar and Swords. Jack Lemons went Home to be with the Lord and gave a tip in his will to the newspaper delivery person, Kent Eberhardt. God bless him and his friends.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your info. There are many cases like those which are unreported.

I am so glad Walter M. Swords gave his tip to his waitress after He went Home to be with the Lord. He has no family of his own and he was a (possibly) 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner. He had two brothers, he was a lifelong bachelor, and he passes away quietly in his sleep and he does not have anybody. Melina Salazar was so happy and vaya con Dios, Melina! God bless him and his friends.

Laura1318: Thanks for your post. He was old and he did not have a family but his heart was of gold. Melina Salazar was like a family to him.

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