Was It Love, Stupidity Or Compassions?

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What if you love a woman/man and later found out that s/he has aids? Will your love conquer all or will you be realistic and call off the marriage.

One of the most important criteria in looking for a mate is s/he must be in the best of health and have no physical, psychological and mental problems .

If you know s/he has got a problem and decide to carry on , it can demand alot of sacrifices from you.You will not have a normal life and it will be a long and tortuous road ahead.

There are some who do not mind the sufferings and are willing to share the burdens and hardships together. This is true love or miss-placed love ?

Today , many couples go for an aids test before they get married. The aids test may not be conclusive as the incubation period of the aids virus is six month. They should have another test after six months for a final confirmation. Most couples don’t do that.

One man went ahead and married an aids women and he did not take precautions and had unprotected sex with her. Is not this foolhardy? He was found to be aids positive and now both are sick with aids. He should have taken precautions and be strong enough to take care of her .Now their future is in doubt and life becomes a struggle .

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Good thought about true love. Read another article in matrimonyxpress.com: http://www.matrimonyxpress.com/2007/11/singles/blow-hot-blow-cold/

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