Women Who Marry Later Make Better Mothers

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 A recent study  said women who marry in their thirties make better mothers. Is it true?

If you were to compare the maturity of two unmarried women , one in the 20’s and the other in the 30′, you would definitely come to the conclusion that the older women is more matured than the younger woman simply because she has more experienced in life .

But if you were to compare the maturity level of a 30 something unmarried women with a married 20 something women , then your findings would be vastly different.

An unmarried women would lack the maturity of a married younger women . From observations in their speech and mannerism, those unmarried 30 something women would still act coquettish and girlish while those married 20 something women because of the responsibilities of the home and family matures faster than her unmarried sisters. This is a fact.

While she is busily taking care of the kids and husband and home , the unmarried are just focusing on their clothes and trends .Being unmarried , their developments seems to have stagnated at that level, a plateau.

The younger women has a head start ahead of her older sister.Being younger, they are also more able to adept to the changing circumstances than their elder sisters who can become set in their ways and difficult to adept or elastic in their thoughts.

Their roots are are more hardened and gnarled .To bend them in another directions may be difficult.They are more inflexible.

Becoming a mother is more of an instinct and training. Having a child will bring out their motherly qualities and it does not have to wait until you are over your 30’s.The earlier they are trained, the better they become in this motherhood adventure.

Being younger , they are more active and nubile and able to withstand the rigours of motherhood as compared to their elder sisters who are probably worn out from the stress of too much work and have less physical stamina to look after their baby.It is more stressful for the over 30’s first time mothers.

The older women may have financial stability’s but in the relationship level , that is a disputable subject.

Being a mother is not an easy job and they need a support group to help them during these difficult times.Women are born care givers and they have those extra strength to bear children and to take care of them. Getting sick is not an option.

The older women will face many problems when she marry.She may not be that fertile and may fear having a not so perfect child .There is increased risk of health and complications from the pregnancy.

It is better to marry young and when you are in your 30’s , your children will be in their teens. You can have more children too.


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4 Responses to “Women Who Marry Later Make Better Mothers”

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Don’t count the chickens before they are hatched. herren bench jacken bench jacken damen

the threshold is really 30s. at 30s you started not able to fit into most of ur clothes, u don’t get attention even from road side uncles, your relatives kids starts to call you ”aunty, gong xi fa chai’ and your uncles felt embarrassed still giving you ang pao.

life of woman!

Laura1318 : I dont give angpows anymore to my nieces who are over 30. Told them that they will never grow up and marry if they continue to receive them..LOL!

[…] wrote an interesting post today on Women Who Marry Later Make Better MothersHere’s a quick […]

[…] wrote an interesting post today on Women Who Marry Later Make Better MothersHere’s a quick […]

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