Do You Argue Often?

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No two persons are alike and when one is a man and the other a woman, it only magnify the problems. Problems are inevitable in our daily life.

We see things differently through the male and female eyes. There could be many ways to do a job or to solve a problem.

All the roads lead to Rome but when you are short of time or want the easy way ,you want to go by the fastest and shortest route possible. If you want to argue, you can argue on almost any and  every issues.

You can argue until the cows come home and you still cannot get a definite answer and the problems is not resolved. If this issue cannot be resolved, there is no point in mentioning this issue except to accept the disagreements and let it stand and moved on.

Some day, one of them will be enlightened and will change his/her thinking, until then keep away from that topic that has no endings.

The only way to resolve arguments or conflicts is to try out the other’s methods and see which is the better way  or to let the person who is responsible for the job to do as he pleases. That will solve all their conflict amicably.Or they could do it alternately , to be fair and square.

Arguments are usually about power and control in a marriage. A man may resort to aggression and it can be quickly turned on when words have no effects on her.

That is why a woman should be wise when to shut up or she may infuriate him and make him lose his control and get whacked or physically abused by him.

Watch for the raised voice and the thinly veiled threat that he want s to end the argument. It never pays to cross that boundary.

Talk again in another time when he is more in the mood and he wont get angry easily. Don’t be in a hurry to settle everything now and then. It cannot simply be done.Don’t force the issue.

Women have a tendency to bring out past issues which can even date back 20 years ago. No one likes to hear of the past .If he digs out your past, you would say that was in the past.Today is today and yesterday is gone . You are not the same now and yesterday.

If you can agree , good , if you cannot agree then to each his own.You cannot force your ideas on anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinions rightly or wrongly until one day they will see the truth.

Arguments are  a waste of time. State what you think , accept or reject, end of the story.

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Do you fight and argue often?

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One Response to “Do You Argue Often?”

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the idea of ”try out other’s method” is good – try to jeprodize intentionally the method and prove it so damn wrong and say “you see! told u it aint gonna work”

(yea.. win again…)

i dont provoke democracy at ome, think good way is to split the department’s up and everyone is a dictator to for assigned fields of specialy:

Father – decdide which pipe to install and how it runs in the ceiling

Mother – decide on the place to eat tonight – and who pays for the bill

another good general guideline will be

> Man – decide on Major matters
> Woman – decide on Minor matters
> Woman – decide what is Major and what is Minor matters

Laura1318 : I think the world would be a more peaceful place to live in if we just acceed to her wishes. She spends most of the time in the home and she should have the final say in everything concerning the house. Otherwise ,it will bugged her and she would give it some to you ..LOL! Peace and happiness in a marriage is knowing how to satisfy a women’s heart.

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