My Country Comes First?

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Should the army allow a single mother with a 6 year old child to go off to fight a war in a far away land?

 She may not be in the danger zone but there is not knowing where it is safe in a war torn country like Afghanistan .There is no safe place  anywhere because it is not a country at peace.

In war, there is no difference between men or women combatants as you cannot differentiate their sexes in their battle fatigues and army gears , except from their feminine voices.

 28-year-old Lieutenant Kelly Richardson, the only woman in her squadron and mother of a six-year-old daughter, Rhiannon was send off for a 6 month tour of duty in Afghanistan. Should anything happened to her , her daughter would be orphaned

In the movie , Saving private Ryan, the US army have a policy that the last soldier surviving from a family should be saved and be not exposed to the danger of death.

It is to prevent that family from losing all their male  heirs. Private Ryan was to be located from the warfront and to be recalled and send back home.The war over for him.

 Should she go or ought she be kept back in her country?Was she selfless or selfish?

I think the Western countries are just wasting their time and resources  in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will pumped in millions of $$$$ but it will be just a big black bottomless pit.

They have not learned from the past  history of Afghanistan in the pre soviet era where they put up an unpopular puppet govt. and was eventually toppled and retreated with the tails beind their hindlegs

 The US too had it’s debacle in Vietnam.All those lifes lost for nothing because the country fell under the communist after a long struggled.

The world’s only super power brought down to its knees.The US can win any conventional war with ease but to fight a protracted guerilla war is not the kind of war the US relished.

 Iraq and Afghanistan will be another Vietnam and those big powers will one day find it untenable to continue the war of attrictions .You can con people everyday but you cannot con them all the time.

All those lives  lost for an unworthy cause. It will be settled by the people of those land and outsiders will be shown that they are not welcome and neither can they imposed their form of democracy from the barrel of a gun.

 For those soldiers who came home injured or mained and those who died , what was their sacrifice for?To serve their country who are in no danger or to serve the interest of their megalomaniac leaders?

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2 Responses to “My Country Comes First?”

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Americans only battle in wars that has money to be made. so they have learn t that hard lesson from Vietnam – until today McD is still fighting for survival there. so justice is not their agenda.

if not they could have incinerated Barisan National here in Malaysia in exchange for the direct access to Patronas oil, tell u tomorrow Bush and Bushes will be staying in your neighborhood already.

but i think the case of the Private Ryan and Kelly, thats the deal they had with the government, it’s a contractual obligation, if wanna talk about saving your family heirs, why they hell they borrowed money from ROTC? US government don’t point a gun to the ordinary citizens forcing them to war – only those happily engaged themselves into some earlier contractual agreements in exchange for Ford Escort or Diploma at Huntsville University.

again – serve them right!

Laura1318; America is only involved in wars where there are strategic own interest . Their stocks of obsolete weapons will be disposed off and new ones can be tested . Most of those soldiers in Iraq are awaiting citizenship and a cash of 25k to join the army and be send over there.

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