Brain Dead Man Springs Back To Life !

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AN Okalahoma man Zack Dunlap ,declared brain dead shocked everyone when he mysteriously came back to life as a nurse prepped him for organ donation.

If this is not a God’s miracle, I don’t know what it is? You seldom hear of brain dead people coming back alive again.

Brain dead and coma is not the same. Brain dead means no activity at all in the brains. The body is maintained by the various machines and if they were to turned off. The life would end.

Credit and thanks to ;,22049,22834524-5012895,00.html

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9 Responses to “Brain Dead Man Springs Back To Life !”

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I wish my sister was awaken in that horrible night!!!

Please visit this mans web page and listen to his music, he survived a severe brain injury but through the hand of God is able to enjoy his new baby daughter and move forward. This brings on a new meaning to life for many.

Laura1318;- Thank you for your post and link.

A partial explanation to this story can be had from the last paragraph of my articled titrled WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A MAN DIES, AND TO WHERE HIS SOUL FLIES [ ]

This story has so much meaning to me as I too am a Mother that went through a similar happening with my 28 year old son, 6 months ago. I wrote a few things myself about what a traumatic brain injury can do. You can visit my blog at:
It’s my story about my son who had a motorcycle accident and wasn’t wearing his helmet. I know that you have had a one of a kind miracle for your boy, as I too have seen that faith can get you through all obstacles.

I agree with Janice….Zack’s story should be a “wake-up call” to young people who don’t realize how precious life is….including Amy’s nephew. If you’re going to risk your life for cheap thrills…eg riding an ATV for recreational purposes….AT LEAST WEAR A HELMET!!! Think about the people that are going to have to turn their lives upside down for you WHEN you have an accident. I’ve seen it happen to too many families.

I just wanted to share my testamony. I can relate to Zack’s story, because last October my nephew was in a car accident and endured a severe brain trauma. He was never declared brain dead, but we were told by the physicians that things just didn’t look good. His body was not regulating itself, he had to remain in a drug induced coma because of the brain swelling. We didn’t know IF he was ever able to wake up if he would be anything other than living in a vegitatave state. Everyone in our county seemed to want to do something. All we could ask for were prayers. There was nothing else to do. He was on at least 6 different church’s prayer list. I believe that it was by the grace and touch of God’s hand that he is alive and well today. He is much like Zack in the sense that he is ready to pick up right where he left off. He also loves ATV’s and can’t wait to ride again, and as for driving, he still has a while to go, but is very itchy to do it. Memory is still an issue. I just felt like I wanted his family to know that there is another family out here in this world that knows what it’s like to think you’re losing a bright young (JR is 21) man to an unthinkable accident only to have God tell you otherwise. We have so much to be thankful for!!



Hi Amy ,

Thanks for your sharing. Praise God and we can see God’s miracles .God bless JR !

Zack is a Miracle from God! And it proves the power of prayer!! Zack is a wonderful young man who comes from a very loving family!! His father is a Fireman, they attend church faithfully and are loved by the whole Frederick community!! He should also be a wakeup call to alot of young people who just don’t understand how precious life really is!! WELCOME HOME ZACK!!

Laura1318: Thanks for your update.

Sounds a little zombie to me. I’d be watching the news for more stories like this if I were you. It could be an outbreak.

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