Do Children Bring Happiness ?

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What is your purpose of marrying? Why do we have to marry? We all have different reasons for marrying. The chief reason why I want to get married is to have companionship and to have children .To know what it is like being a parent. We need to have children so that they will carry on ours and our fore fathers legacy. Children are a blessing from God. A marriage without children is not complete. The children are the bond between the parents. It is the fruit of the union of two beautiful souls who want to come together to live God’s way.

Can you imagine a marriage without children? There is no joy without children. How many infertile parents crave for a child and yet cannot conceive. How many couples have children but lose them before they ever grow up. This is a fact of life. Love your children and treat them well.

But according to a study, having children makes men less satisfied with their life, while women only enjoy motherhood once their offspring are packed off to schooll.

Having children is not without its sacrifice. They need to be looked after and cared for. No doubt caring for them maybe a burden but one in which I think is well worth the efforts and the sacrifice.

When we were small our parents took care of us. Now it is our turn to take care of our children. The man may not be satisfied with life especially when there is a newborn as the wife will devote much of her attention to the newcomer.

The man may feel sidelined and ignored but this is unavoidable. This the time when the man is called upon to exercise in his fullest capacity to love his wife and the newborn. It is the beginning of a new relationship in a marriage. He needs to make some changes in his life .I think children are a joy whatever age they are.

A woman will enjoy motherhood everyday as the children grow up. Each day bring other new dimensions into her life. Without those children, I don’t think there is any purpose in life except to work like a robot everyday. Sometimes I think I live for those children. Take them away and my life I would be dead and meaningless.

Between the ages of three and five, children made mothers less satisfied with life, while being the father of a child under five “significantly reduces”‘ life satisfaction.

Caring for a child from three to five is a back breaking job. This is the time when they start to run and learn things and still not being able to be trained properly in discipline. I don’t think the father will have any effects. Most fathers leave the parenting decisions and care giving to the mothers. They are not much involved in the growing up years. The most, they will just play with their kids when they are free.

Women with children aged five to 15 were happier than those who did not have children. Even children of school age brought no increase or decrease in happiness for men.

When they become teenagers, it is a different kind of worries. The mothers can communicate and bond with their children and form a lasting relationship in the early years. To see them grow up and bloom into good and matured adults is a satisfaction and fulfillment of parenthood.,

The study was carried out by the Institute for Social & Economic Research in Colchester, England, surveyed nearly 4000 couples between 1996 and 2003.

Do not be weary to labour for your children for when you are old, they will accompany you to the end of the world. I will walk with thee…to hold your hands and to carry you where you want to go.

Children are a joy, delight, happiness and pleasure. Nothing in the world is more valuable than our children.

The pitter, patter of those small feet is the best music no money can buy.

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Give me a break! A marriage can’t be happy without children? Explain to me why my marriage of 23 years is a happy one even though hubby and I have no children. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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