Can You Urinate Inside Of Her During Sex?

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This is a funny question. I believed it is impossible to urinate when the man is inside the woman. When you want to ejaculate, your bladder is blocked and only semen comes out.

You can only urinate when you are completely withdrawn from her. This too will need some time to adjust and you just cannot pee immediately.

Maybe, some person can and when they are in coitus, who can tell who is urinating? LOL! Actually, it is not urine but pre cum and mixed with the women’s lubrications , they add up to overflow and wet the bed.

Do you have this problem with your partner? Somebody has leaky pipes or faulty valves .

Do you find having a bladder full before sex is better than an empty bladder? They don’t feel the same. If your bladder is full, you will have a short and intense sex while an empty bladder will be slower and more prolong and suits the women.



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44 Responses to “Can You Urinate Inside Of Her During Sex?”

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Ooooo shiiiiit de fact z true i cant deny dat bulisht i take t az t z

Well Christian i got angry cause someone wrote a commen saying they had done it to woman and they didnt even know.. Wtf if your gonna be doing shit like that then let your partner know..
But you Christian r always looking for the next best thing, normal sex isnt enough for you because you dont put love into it.. The day will come were you have done it all with your girl and your next turn on will be to try it with a man, you will see..
There r more secretly gay men in the world then actual gay guy who arnt scared to say so..
The ass isnt made for having sex but to empty waist from the body.. CNN once had someone on the show that said more and more ppl r getting sick
The interviewer asked why
The person said because of men having sex with men
POINT BEING THE A** Wasnt made for that and more freaks r coming out and doing weard shit.. You can call me gay if you want but if ppl keep doing retard shit and dont have a limit the future looks really bad
P.s. if you can fit all your fingers in your girls a** then that bitch sh*ts her self when sneezing.. NASTY! I wouldnt wanna shake your hand

lol To the idiot who is calling every man who isn’t into plain old boring sex with a woman, GAY…. lol you are obviously very young or gay yourself and trying to fight it by calling everyone gay. lol I knew a guy like that and now he is divorced from his wife and he lives with his boyfriend. Nothing bad about that… I don’t mind gay people… I’m just saying it’s usually men who have to call everyone fags… it’s usually because they think they might be gay! I use to be into regular sex…. like when I was 15. Over the years, I developed more and more fantasies to do with a woman. I am infatuated with a women’s ass… so I got really into anal sex. I have only convinced about 5 women to allow me to have sex with their ass. I finally met my match in the bedroom about 2 years ago. When I met her, she told me one thing she would never do is allow a man to have sex with her ass. I gave it time and talked her into it. She now loves it because I do it right… since her first anal experience with me, we have both become freaks!! she loves when I have sex with her ass and finish in her mouth, I toss her salad, stick all my fingers in her ass, and even use butt plugs on her while having sex with her… She loves it. Lately we have been talking about me pissing into her ass and vagina during sex (if it’s even possible). We are going to try it next week when she fly’s out. Hell… I will try almost anything once! If it’s not as awesome as I imagine it to be, I will never do it again. Although I absolutely love anal sex with a woman, I don’t like my ass touched. My current girlfriend tried tossing my salad once and I was NOT into it whatsoever! But that’s just me! For all of you judge-mental people out there who believe a man is gay if he does like his ass played with could be true… On the other hand… it doesn’t mean it’s true. In my personal opinion, I would question the sexuality of a man if he bragged about his girlfriend screwing him in the ass with a strap on however…. you must remember… being homosexual means: YOU HAVE SEX WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX. for the ignorant 12 year old who called everyone gay, having a “woman” lick your ass does not qualify you as being gay. Now if a man licks another mans ass, thats obviously gay. Finishing statement: Everyone is unique and has their own fantasies. That’s why we usually share them with our partner only and if we talk the truth on the net, we disguise our identity.

Men think it’s sexy to piss in a woman’s a**.Some chicks just nasty and let them do it.The women say it feels good,but they need to stop bulls***’in’.That is f***in nasty as h***.Some girls just…Ohhh Lord.Thats all I got to say,Im goin to far.

Wtf is wrong with men now a days???
A gay guy commented saying that gay men are more open of doing nasty shit… Like wtf
If its not enough for you just to be having sex with a woman you are GAY!!!
If u need a woman to lick ur ass holl then you are GAY!!!
If being in bed with a woman isnt enough u r GAY!!!
So get a life all you GAY nasty F*cks who got nothing better to do with ur life…

Btw it is very possible for a man to urinate inside a women during sex. My boyfriend has done it to me and he didn’t have to pull out either. Also it was pee not precum. It takes a lot of concentration my boyfriend says but it is possible.

No problem to pee inside the vagina with hardon…but takes practice. Done it twice ao far…the most recent was fantastic. I drank two liters before and this time was much more relaxed and was filling her up within minutes. It was like a water faucet blasting into a water bottle at times. I filled her about 6-7 times over an hour of sex, and it was the best sex she ever had I think. She was so turned on by the sensation, ESP when I pissed hard and long, that she was close to orgasm. Also, filling her up was literal- when she was full up there was a sort of splash back onto me. Then when full I would thrust for awhile,,,then back to fillup.I would need a minute to soften 10% and concentrate on pee, then it would work. The longest streams i put into her were after i had emptied half my bladder, maybe 3 fillups. Also helped to be only half inside her because there was less excitement,feeling. But a few times I did manage to release while deep inside her. I would say though that filling her up while half in was a lot of fun and an extreme turn on because she could look down and watch and the pov on my end it was a super hot view of my cock in action.
Fabulous stuff.

I can actually urinate when my wife and I are having sex. I have to push it out, so she loves the throbbing, and the warmth of the pee, but I haven’t told her what I am doing.

My boyfriend urinated while having intercourse with me, he thought he was ejaculating . But I didn’t think so because it felt so hot and I felt it gushing out at first I thought I was bleeding to death…then I realised he urinated. This has never happend before he was sooo embarassed . But that cannot be normal could it, could this cause an infection?

I was having sex with my girlfriend and it was taking forever for me to cum. She had to leave soon for an appointment so i told her to just switch to oral. Within 5 min or so I felt like I was about to cum so I let it happen but I ended up urinating in her mouth instead of ejaculating. I had a full erection and I thought that was immpossible but I guess not. I used the bathroom before we started having sex so that made it even stranger. Why did that happen?? Is there something wrong with me??

It is very possible for a man to ejaculate and then urinate inside a woman immediately after. And I know that for a fact. It happened to my husband and I just now, so I looked it up!!!!

Not impossible cause I have personally done it. It does take a lot of concentration though and is very pleasurable for both.

Yes, yes that’s nice

Its not impossible…and while its more distracting to have sex and you realize you ‘could’ urinate, but it doesnt really make for a shorter session (I’m 26, I can control my bladder…and penis. haha). I just did it today, for the second time in my fiance and myself relationship. Its fun every now and then, when you get the erg for something kinky, and you realize you could use to pee 30 or so minutes in. I think everyone can relate to a time when thats happened both male and females. Its obviously not something you just spring on a person, and I’m not saying its possible for every man to do. Some people can wiggle their ears, some men can and cant stop the flow of urine midstream by tensing certain muscles (dont think I’m gonna bother Google searching which muscles that include just to seem knowledgeable, sorry, haha). Everyone different.
Its funny because my fiance and I were just asking ourselves “what would you call this act of peeing inside a vagina? its not technically a golden shower”. We searched the internet, found this, but determined that so far there is no other “sex-name” for the act. SOOO we named it: “The banana-cream-pie”, which is also because I have a vasectomy and I did this moments after cumming inside her. *keep in mind, I had permission, it was in the shower (water off), and you must have an erect penis for several minutes after coitus* ….I suppose you have to have a certain size ‘member’ to do this as well as being capable of maintaining erection after shooting your load, just because of the logistics of maintaining depth in the vagina despite gravity of standing up and fluid flowing down.

So its random that I found this but for all this adventurous couples, why the F*!% not give it a try!? its a VERY exciting/different in a good way. Call it a challenge to all men. haha. My fiance really likes it, and I enjoy it once in a blue moon as well.
Its almost surprising how much the vagina fills before gushing out mid stream, only to be filled and gush again. While I have an education in a health related scientific field, I’m not gonna attempt any unfounded physiological pondering if you dont mind. Its a sterile liquid so its not harmful to anyone on either side, and your right there in the shower to wash off. Also remember its not a Banana-Cream-Pie unless you give your girl a cream-pie before filling her up again.

P.s. You only live once….and I bet most guys have thought about it, but can you really pull it off yourself is the challenge.

Laura that post on urinating inside of a woman left me rather aroused. You’re right about sex on a full bladder. It will feel intense but it doesn’t last as long. Also when you are able to pee sometimes I find it difficult to release all of my urine after ejaculating. That’s why I always pee before entering a woman.

What happens if he tries to pee in your mouth if they have sti?
You can get the disease that he had in her mouth

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definately possible. sometimes takes a while but is so pleasurble and erotic. done it loads of times

look i dnt think itsz hard at all i have pee mutiple times while havin sex so has my husband we actually hae both peed at the same time lolsz

man who can qive me a real answer?! All i want is to know if i can let my boyfriend piss inside of me …. I would love that experience …. I want to feel his warmth ! Lmao well ima try it anyway hopefully i dnt qet an infection ! Lol

Hi Diana,

I wish you good luck if your man can piss inside of you …


I sort of have and my wife goes nuts but my wife also wets the bed the funny thing is the bed doent smell like urine afterwords?

No during sex you can urinate inside women.

Oh, yes I was erect (a big hard-on) when I urinated in both women. I merely stoped my thrusts into them, mentally relaxed for a bit, and then, a little a first, I commenced peeing in them. Then, after a short time, I was able to increase my stream. They enjoyed the warmth they felt and then the sensation as it flowed out them. After that, I was able to continue taking them until I climaxed inside their bodies. Both women also eagerly opened their mouths and swallowed my pee. They were (and are) both willing and desirable. It is their willingness that makes them desirable. Also, ladies, if you have that natural, inner femininity, that seems to radiate outwards that discerning men detect . . . lay down, lift your dress, and part your legs. Do what comes so naturally for you—the “inner you”. (And no panties, please).

I have peed inside of two women, one Black and one Japanese. They were both willing and enjoyed it. It is almost a regular activity with the Japanese woman. Peeing inside a woman, wherever you enter, is very erotic and very pleasurable. It is “depositing something different” inside a woman’s body that she is going to store for pleasure, a different way for her to be “used”, as it were. It raises your level of excitement and intimacy. Also, there have been no ill effects. Remember, it is a woman’s willingness to part her legs in invitation for whatever she is going to receive that makes her desirable, hot, and lustful. As a final recommendation, place a durable plastic table cover on the bed followed by two or three towels. Men, use her. Women, be willing.

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All that lunacy is temporary. He told her nothing else. They came to a clearing. Oh, dont use gutter language! My approval or disapproval would be irrelevant. I am not a technologist, Miss Taggart. Yet we have to deal with them. I have seen so much, since.

Here’s a test for all the males arguing its hard to urinate while sexually stimulated: beat that pecker like it owes you money and tell me if sperm or urine comes out

Yes, you can!

is it possible to piss with a boner? yes! is it possible to piss with a boner while youre turned on? no.. it is possible to get a hardon, then no longer be turned on for one reason or another, but the dick wont get soft instantly. in this state you are able to urinate. if you wake up with morning wood, you can pee. if you are having sex, it wont happen. and as for you Raven, first of all you are a sick human being, second of all, the reason it takes a bit is cuz your husband needs to consentrate on it really hard, think about unrinating, which in turn probably causes him to no longer be turned on. however, for all those who would like to try this….go see a phyciotrist cuz you are messed up!

uh oh Nick here is a hater.. I would defiantly piss up his asshole if he were to bend over in front of me.. and show him the sweet soothing feeling..

Ok you fuckin people are nasty…..

Why in the hell would you ever want to piss while havein sex??

“The smell is intoxicating”

You’re truly sick… get some fucking help like see a mental doctor or something…..

Well i can’t pee with a hard on.. my erections are crazy stiff! comparable only to titanium.. It feels almost as if there is a valve down there that doesn’t let you pee when i have my mighty woody.. does any other male have the same feeling?

oh btw david.. i finally thought i found a transvestite.. but i was very very drunk.. and when i woke up it turned out to be a bret micheals look alike with a gaping penis hole..not one of my proudest moments..

hey I know that it is possible for a guy to pee inside a woman during sex ! you are probably asking yourselves how does she know this? Well here is your answer me and my husband have sex everyday and we are stil young so we are trying new things that we have never tryed with anyone else. my husband has pee’d inside me twice already! it takes a lil bit to come out but it does! My best advice is if you are going to try this please do it in the bath tub! we tryed it once in bed and it made a big mess everywhere! so i have given you your answer about peeing during sex! hope i could help!

Laura1318 :- Thanks for your tip. I think only a few will be able to do that.It will take some practice and know how to control those actions.

I recently turned gay, and men are surprisingly more open to it. I am so very thankful, I didnt think I would ever get satisfaction.

Laura1319:- Congrats!I hope you will find happiness in your new life.

Dank I sollte versuchen, daß ich einen großen schwarzen Dick genieße, der einmal innen eine Weile jeden ist!! But I haven’t tried the transvestite, those are hard birds to find! If you know of any please let me know, just send me the message on my facebook please!

I have the perfect solution for you. You could always try another man.or possibly a transvestite. Viel gluk meine fruinde!

Thank you Corey.. I wish I could urinate inside an vagina.. but the girls that i sleep with always make me stop when they see that look of constipation on my face from trying to piss with a woody.. I believe the viagra that i take may make it even harder to piss while having sex.. I believe I am going to call the viagra company about this horrible side effect of not being able to piss with a stiffy.. I only sleep with black women so maybe i can convince one to truly give me a shot in peeing inside her with a little bit of cash.. 🙂

OH Gus! just wait till you finally do it. I can’t adequately relay the sheer joy I felt when my johnson squirted those first golden droplets in my lovers orphus. the aroma if intoxicating, and you feel one with the world.

i want to pee so bad inside of a girl.. i think it would be an awesome experience.. I have been trying with the last 5 girls i slept with.. It really is hard.. But my goal in life is to pee inside of a girl..

Urinating with an erection isn’t the same thing as urinating during sex. You’re not being stimulated when you are trying to pee in the morning. In fact, you’re trying to relax. And at least for me, it takes a few seconds before I can go.

Laura1318 ;- Thanks for your input.

I agree big mike its not impossible and waking with morning wood since before i can remember i can assure you it is possible to urinate with an erection, thouh the pressure is not the same initially, it all comes out eventually LOL.

Laura…do you have a dick? It is slightly more difficult, but certainly easy enough to urinate with an erection. The tough part is pushing the penis down far enough to hit the toilet…obviously wouldn’t be an issue while inside a woman.

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