Why Women Lose Interest In Sex ?

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Today’s fast pace life is the chief reason why women lose interest in sex. The stress  from work and the traffic jams is enough to kill off ones libido. Then the boring lifestyle where everything runs like clockwork and nothing exciting happens.

The mind simply shuts down because there is no more juice left in them .They are running on reserve fuel .Any remaining  is used up to spend whatever little time with the child and  put the child to sleep.

After a hard day at the office  , the mind craved to shut down and the stomach craved for food and the body craved for sleep.ZZZZzzzzz. She is physically and mentally exhausted.Present day women suffers from the  lack of sleep or semisomia .

Women from the older generations had more time to relax and pampered themselves  while waiting for their men.  They did not have to work and were in tip top conditions  compared to the present working women who are holding two or three jobs.

The fear of getting pregnant makes a women have a low interest in sex.Her sex drive is different from the men.

A man can get aroused quickly and hardened and he wants to come quickly or attack directly  without wasting any time. Even though he is tired, he still want a quickie to release his sexual tensions that is building up inside of him.

Whereas a women’s sex drive is more scenic, they want to go slowly around the gardens and the parks and smell the roses before they come on..LOL!

They want to feel the emotional bonding ,care and romantic interludes with lots of caressing , stroking , sweet nothings and kissings before they get aroused and orgasm.

They want more foreplays but sometimes it is not about them but about pleasing their men. Just let him have a quickie and he will be satisfied and happy.

It is like giving a sweet or toy to a kid and see him flushed with joy and happiness.After he comes, he will be filled with waves of love for you  but not for long and he will return to his normal self again like nothing happened.

If you want to please a man, you will do it his way.At other times, you will need to teach him your way. You can live without sex but a man who has no sex  is an unhappy man.

Some men prefer the DIY even when they are married  because they do not find it enjoyable doing it with their wife. Don’t ask me why? Probably , their mind was some where else or multitasking.

The key to making her interest rekindled  is to woo her and romance her . Take her to exotic and romantic restaurants  or other places where she can feel the ambience  and be in the mood for love. Give plenty of praises and stop your complaining and criticisms of her.

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12 Responses to “Why Women Lose Interest In Sex ?”

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Approximately 44% of women suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction in women is characterized by a lack of desire, arousal, or orgasm. Lack of desire is considered to be the most common complaint among these women. About 20% of these women describe having difficulties with lubrication, which can be assisted by Viagra -like drugs that may increase blood flow to the genitals. http://www.besthealthmed.com/viagra_n_women.html

Laura1318:Thanks for your input.

coz a woman very bussssy

that faggot called ‘muslim wife beater’ and left the rudest coment i have ever seen in my whole life……………. FUK U! U ARE NOT WANTED HERE ON THIS EARTH! dont ever leave a coment like that. and u have an evil heart. ur name should be ‘taken over by satan’ fuckn faggot. id love to cut ur nuts off an shove em in ur mouth…..i bet once i take em out u wont be saying dat kinda shit again huh santanist???? fuk u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“When I think of a woman,I first think of a man then remove all accountability” Jack Nicholson

You get some of it a little bit right, but mostly you miss the point. Yes, a man who is in a relationship with little sex involved will not be happy. Woman like to find all kinds of ways to demean this or make light of it. But what it really is, is this: men need sex in the relationship to know they are loved and wanted. I’m not sure women want to hear this or believe it.
You are also right that many women can take or leave sex, but boy when you’re trying to catch a man you sure want it, eh? And then when you’ve got your man all bets are off. So….most of you are frauds, and when things go sour because you’ve led him to believe you are someone you are not, you blame him. How about you take a small fraction of responsibility? How about you live up to be the person you represented yourself to be? Stop blaming him and get yourself interested in a normal, healthy sexual relationship.

Thats why we should legalize prostitution!
When you are right, you are right. Women have the luxury of not having to have sex, while men on the other hand, pardon my pun, have been proven to live less years with less sex. Disease of the prostate has been proven to occur in men with low sex lives, but not only is most of medical research for women, so is the social acceptance of a woman regulating sex in the realtionships. This puts the poor man to work his life away, be neglected, die young, and leave the widow to keep all of the money. Well, ha ha, this will all change with the new Americans such as the Spanish, Chinese, and Muslims. Our American forefathers based this country on Spartan law which allowed women equal rights but the new Americans will stop all of this with the destruction of our country. Soon men will again have the power thanks to 2 faces like Hillary whose main political sponser is the middle east and china. So ladies, enjoy the last of your rein and keep giving your sons a.d.d. medicine so he will not fight, because the end is soon for us all. I will have 10 wives and beat them all! Ha HA HA HA!!

I wonder to whom you’ve been exposed. I might guess it was a man or men who for some reason caused you to obscess about their attitude and worth as human beings. I can only say that most men can be scoundrels when given a certain set of circumstances in which a woman challenges or threatens him snd is blind to what a real man needs (its not sex). Yes we all know a woman can be both masculin and feminine.that is common sense. Why she feels she needs to assert that aspect is a question for a well adjusted woman psychiatrist. Most couples I know do not harbor the feelings which are represented in your blog

Laura1318: Thanks for your input.

yea. damn small pistol and fast too.
nothing to be proud of actually…. in fact quite embarrassing,

the definition of multiple orgasm differs

woman : foreplay – intercourse – hug – shower
man – masturbate morning, sex afternoon, sex evening (with another lady)

Laura1318 : You must be one of those Sex Pistols which can shoot so many times per day!!! LOL!

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