How To Reduce Your Chances Of Getting A Speeding Ticket.

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If you drive alot on the road, there is no escape from a speeding ticket.No matter how law abiding and obeying  all the traffic rules, you are bound to receive a few tickets.

There are some places where there are no speed limit signs or they are not so easily seen when you drive by.It is also difficult to follow the speed limit sometimes because they are set at ridiculous low speed limits, more like for cars in the 60’s. Today, the cars are bigger , more technologically advanced and have better safety features and can travel at higher speeds  than before.

There is a purpose why they set such a low speed limit. It is not really about safety but more about generating revenue for the authorities. All those politicians say  about safety is all B/S to pull wool over our eyes. 

If you travel the same road everyday , you will know where the cops will place their radar guns. When you travel away from your usual route, you will have to look out for places where the cops will station their speed radar gun.

If you don’t want to get a speeding ticket, keep to the speed limit. Many of us cannot drive at the speed limit because it can be quite boring when you drive a big powerful car.

There are places where you can speed and places you need to keep to the speed limit.  The common hiding places for those speed radar guns are below an overhead bridge or underpass  ,beyond a corner ,hill or anywhere you cannot see from a long distance.If you can see them , you would slow down. At these places , you will need to slow down or keep to the speed limits.

Watch those cars coming from the opposite directions, some good Samaritans would flash their headlights to warn you of a speed trap ahead

There are people who disagree and thinks it is wrong to do that. Legally speaking, you are breaking the law and can be summoned by the cops if you do that.

Last time , the police  would issue you a speeding ticket there and then but now with the speed radar guns , only one cop is enough for the operations. It is more efficient use of the police resources.

The notice to compound your speeding offence may take from 1 month to more than 3 months sometimes, to arrive at your home and by that time you may get a few  tickets from the same locations.This is another tactic to make more money from you.

The police do make an allowance from the speed limit by 10kmp but I am not sure about that. I was caught speeding at 99kmp at a 90kmp highway.

Try to blend into the traffic  and not being too obvious and the cops will not notice you., no sudden braking or switching lanes .

There are in the market , those radar jammers or radar detectors which are illegal to install in your car.Now , there is a product called photoblockers. When you spray on your car number plates it will reflect the light from the camera and you will not see the car numbers. It is not obvious to the eye.

When you are on the road be alert infront  of you, slow down at underpass , corners or places you suspect the cops are hiding their speed radar guns.

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