Is Being Single Fun or Sucks?

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Do we have a choice? There are those who are just in their sweet 17 or 18 and getting hitched and there are those in the 30’s and coming to their 40’s still a singleton. They have all the prerequisites, a degree, a good career, smart, intelligent, beautiful and sexy and yet they are still single.

Whether it is fun or sucks depends on where you stand in the age divide. When you are young and in your 20’s, you are just starting out to be independent and you want to see the world .You want to experience everything the world can offer you.

It is fun when you are single and not tight down by responsibilities of a family life. You are free like a bird and can fly off anytime when you want. There is nothing to hold you down or stop you from your pursuits.

You don’t need a man to make you happy. You have your friends who are in the same mould as you. You don’t worry about being an old spinster or being a singleton or a desperate old maid as you think you have plenty of time to select your special someone when the time comes. You party and enjoy and this is the best and sweetest time in your life .You are in no hurry to settle down.

You are like the grasshopper and the ant story. The ants work everyday to store up food for the winter while the grasshopper partied on without a care in the world all during the summer. But when winter came, the grasshopper had no place to sleep and no food and died. Well! You are not a grasshopper and you wont die but when winter comes, you may find yourself all alone and lonely.

When you are near 30, being single sucks especially during Christmas or New Year, because others will have a family to go back to while you are all alone. Every year you will dread such occasions. You don’t feel young anymore and you are getting older. Those younger days have passed and you don’t feel the same anymore.

The years have taken their tolls on you. You want something more serious and those carefree days are replaced with your biological clock ticking away. When you were younger, you don’t have to think of your future and now you cannot help it .

You rue all those opportunities that came your way with a tinge of regret. If you would have married him, you would now have 2 or 3 kids and a happy family. You see others who are married young and have kids and you begun to envy them.

You may think they don’t have a happy marriage because you see them constantly bickering or fighting, but that is a part of marriage and after the fight, they always make up and their bond becomes stronger. At least you have someone to fight with, better than the four walls in your room. No one is perfect.

 Make hay while the sun shines!


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2 Responses to “Is Being Single Fun or Sucks?”

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Hey Laura,
Well this time i can actually see where you are coming from and to an extent i agree with you.

I think the main reason why it would suck so much when you that age is like you said because everyone else your age is kind of in a relationship already.

Its kind of like the older you get the more expectations are put onto your shoulder to gt married and settle down.
I mean hey I’m young, 20 to be exact. But even now there are times when i go out with my friends and they all have boyfriends and girlfriends and i think to myself .. is there something I’m missing here?

But i guess this brings me to my next point. Which is, if you hang around sad women in their 30’s who are single and not happy about it .. then what do you reckon you are going to be?

I’m sure that there are plenty of women who are single in their 30’s and still having the time of their lives! Yeh sure their biological time bomb is ticking …. But they are making the most of what they have got.

I think that if you are out there and having a good time, enjoying you life, that you will have no trouble in being able to attract that right guy into your life

Hot Alpha Female

Laura1318; If you are having so much fun ,am afraid you may not want to settle down and then you realized you are pass the shelf life date. LOL!

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