Spare The Children.

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May their souls rest in peace, Mr Philcox, seven-year-old Amy, and three-year-old Owen. You have returned to God.

The children were innocent and their death were unwarranted and if only the father had seek help, this disaster would have been averted.

It is a terrible human tragedy when one of the parents cannot see a way out of their predicaments and choose death instead and take along with it their children who do not have any choices.

Such innocent life lost because the parent has come to his wits end and have no other recourse .

Sometimes we cannot blame them because they have tried but found the doors locked. They are in such a state of despair and their brains just lose hope .

Mr.Philcox,53, was in the midst of a divorce with his estranged wife . He recently lose his job as a security officer and feared that he would have to hand over his house to his estranged wife .

Surely , losing a job is not worth killing oneself and the children. You can always look for another job and let the ex wife takes care of the children or he could appeal for state help in bringing up his children.

In the UK , there are many who live on dole or state handouts without working.

He feared losing his children, his home and everything. On Father’s day, he took his children for a sightseeing countryside trip which was to be their last trip .

Their bodies were found huddled in the rear seat of the Land Rover in Tal-y-cafn, North Wales. All three died from carbon monoxide poisoning.The father connected a hose from the exhaust of the car into the interior of the car .

One divorce that went horribly wrong and all the sacrifices in bringing the children into this world and only to be snuffed out comes to naught.

No words can describe the utter loss to the surviving spouse .If only they have given more thoughts and being flexible , the children would have been alive today. Have more compassions and kindness to your other spouse even if you do not love each other.

Why do those adults take it on the children? They should have given the children a chance to live.

In another case in the US , a family quarrel resulted in the wife being killed and the husband committed suicide , leaving their two children orphaned ,a 6-year-old girl and her 1-year-old baby sister, abandoned by their father at a New Jersey restaurant.

In the heat of the moment , all it takes is someone who cannot think clearly and disaster would happen.

Always think of your children first even if you have to lose your life saving them. Do not use  your children as pawns to spite the other partner. No one has the right to take another life .

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‘I’ve left you a present’: Message from husband who ‘gassed his children’ on Father’s Day
By Jaya Narain,4136,168018,00.html?

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