The Breast Can Be A Lethal Weapon.

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Luana De Faveri, a barmaid down under has the ability to crush beer cans with her breast.OUCH!  Dont try this stunt at home .She is  a pro. She is such a friendly,sweet, sexy and beautiful lady and with those famous and fantastic  pair of can crushing knockers .  One boink on the head and you will be out cold! LOL!

You can see a video of how it is done.Don’t mess with her.

In my younger days, there was a very famous strip tease dancer by the name of Rose Chan. She was performing all over Malaysia in the night clubs and in cinemas in the smaller towns where there were no night clubs.

I was too young then, but I heard alot of amazing feats which she performed for her audience. She was very beautiful in her hey days and many patrons flocked to see her shows. .

She would let a big python to coil around her and wrestled with it..She could also open the cap of the bottled drinks by inserting inside of her. Not only that,she drank the liquid from the bottle  and  could also smoke a cigarette , inhaling and exhaling by using her other mouth.How she did it was a mystery. There were many tricks she performed .She was a legend .She died afew years back but her name will never be forgotten by  her fans.,22049,22651127-5001021,00.html?from=mostpop

Suggested reading on Rose Chan , a complete autobiography of her life

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5 Responses to “The Breast Can Be A Lethal Weapon.”

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hi mom its wolf_demon_kale_chan

Hi, it´s fantastic. Can You send me photo or video this action? 😉 It´s unbelievable. Thank You very much. Mike 😉

Laura1318: Here is the link ,,22049,22651127-5001021,00.html?from=mostpop
the video link is under the beer can advert,

hello darling, yep its really me! I just laugh at all this, every time I mention the can crusher people know who I am talking about. Oh boy!!!
Big hug sweetheart



Laura1318:You ossie’s are sure a warmth and friendly lot.You are one big celebrity now.One great idea from a great mind.Enjoy it babe!.De Faveri rules !!Many men will dream of you .You are awesome… darling…!!You should thank the coppers for the great publicity .It is money worth spent! LOL! Now , your knockers is a well known brand !Hope to hear more news from you!
Biggie Hugs!! sweetheart

what is your problem ???? exploited? humiliated?? abused????
Stop smokin crack!
I am Luana, and I have been an exotic dancer for over 8 years. I love it, I love getting naked and I love party tricks. It looks like you have a really low self estime and feel persecuted by the world. Well, news flash, mate, there are some strong independent women out there, and this chick is one of them.
BTW guys, if you want to see me in person make sure you come to the Voodoo Lounge strip club in Perth, where I perform wednesday through saturday. And if you can’t come all the way to WA I still got good news for ya: I am going to be in The Picture magazine really soon….



Laura1318;When I saw your comments, your name sounded familiar .Are you for real? It is almost unbelievable that you have come to grace my little blog and I am very honoured.You are now the world’s No 1 most well known women for your incredible feats!There you go gal! Strut your stuff!Cheers!!!



thats the problem of the society we living today. if a guy can open a can using his anus, he will likely get 2 audience only – his cat and his maid.

something seriously wrong with our brains or the way they were culturally molded – anything that exploits, humiliates or abuses woman gets exceptional attention.

funny eh!?

Laura1318:You are so funny! Nice one..Thanks

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