Is Living In The Rural Area Healthy?

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According to a Newsweek article, living in the rural area of the US is unhealthy because of the lack of nutritious foods. This must come as a shock to many when you think of the rural area as being the farmlands and where you can get all those greens cheaply or free.

Recent studies show that many rural families are dependent on high-fat food from convenience stores. There are less grocery stores and supermarkets in the rural areas. This means that the rural people are dependant on the convenience stores and had to eat what was sold there.

Perishables like fresh fruits and leafy greens are pricier and many could not afford it. We all think rural America is where all of them live in the farms where you can plant you’re your greens or rear chickens, cows, horses or sheep.

Poverty is a big barrier to eating healthy and good food. Just as in everywhere, the poor cannot afford a decent and healthy meal.

In Malaysia, much of the once rural areas have been developed into housing estates for the burgeoning populations. Most rural areas have become suburban as modernization and population increased. Satellites town are appearing everywhere.

Today, the new generations have no experience of what a rural community is. They have never seen the farmlands or the rural hinterland. They live in high rise buildings and not landed properties. Land is expansive unlike the rural areas where you have plenty of land to plant vegetables or rear chickens, cows or sheep.

In the 1960’s it was an idyllic life. Life was much simpler and many live in the rural areas. They plant their own vegetables and rear chickens, goats or cows. They get the fish from the small river or stream or big drains that flow nearby. After a downpour the fish will come out. We fish for catfish, ‘ikan Haruan’ or devil head fish, ikan Lampang or fish carp. There are now commercial fish ponds where you can  go fishing for grass carp, Tilapia or  prawns.

Living in the rural areas is healthier because there is less pollution and less stressful. In the city it is like a packed rat race. Everything has to chase and run after, people everywhere fighting for space and queue’s everywhere. The food is also more expensive and taste lousy. It is cheaper to stay in the rural areas and can save money. Incidence of crime is not so rampant. The standard of living is lower and you get to live an easier and longer life.

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One Response to “Is Living In The Rural Area Healthy?”

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With feed prices these days, growing your own animals for the freezer is not much, if any, cheaper than buying your food at the supermarket. The only thing is, we can grow our food without hormones, pesticides, growth stimulators, antibiotics, etc. It’s worth it. The risk of cancers go down when we live and eat close to the earth. Farmers markets are bringing fresh foods to the city every week. These foods are more expensive than conventionally grown, and many of the people who would benefit from it most cannot afford it, and continue to live on high fat, highly processed junk. It’s a shame.

Laura1318:- Thanks for your great post.Modern living has brought not only advancements in all fields but sickness and diseases.

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