A Dragon boat

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We would like to pay our tributes and bid a hero’s farewell to the following fallen comrades who gave their life’s above and beyond the call of duty for the honour of their country.

May their honourable names be immortalized forever in our hearts.

  • Mr Stephen Loh Soon Ann, 31 (NJC PE teacher, 23rd SEA Games representative)
  • Mr Jeremy Goh Tze Xiang, 24 (2nd-year student SIM, youngest of three children)
  • Mr Poh Boon San, 27 (Engineer, youngest of three children)
  • Mr Chee Wei Cheng, 20 (older of 2 sons)


I would like to dedicate this Christian song “You are here” by Patty Kennedy to them.

You are here and I behold your beauty,

Your glory fills this place.

Calm my heart to hear you,

Cause my eyes to see you .

Your presence here is the answer

To the longings of my heart.

I lift my voice to worship and exalt you,

For You alone are worthy.

A captive now set free

Your kingdom’s come to me.

Glory in the highest,

My heart cries unto you.

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To a certain extent Reu has been my model, his last sentence in the Readme file of his game characters became my philosophy: “Coding is fun. If Reu can code, so can you!”.
That’s what made me choose the way of the programmer, such a strong influence from him.
My condolences go to all the people who directly or indirectly knew and loved him.

I know I will never forget his example and all he has accomplished for his fans…

My condolences to the loved ones of the boys. Although I never knew any of them personally I was familiar with Reu’s MUGEN works and afterwards with his magnificent music. The only thing left to say is that the world lost 5 great men and (as I am more familiar with Reu) a great musician.
I can only hope that their families can overcome the loss.

I wish to convey my condolences to the families, friends and the fellow comrades of the 5 boys; Reuben, Stephan, Boon San, Wei Cheng and Jeremy. Although I do not know any of them, having lost a dear one, I can emphasize the sense of loss felt by their love ones. I can only pray that they will find, in this difficult time, strength..courage..peace.

I’m shocked by this terrible happening. My condolences for the families and friends of these young men.
Reuben was composing some music tracks for my project. We even talked last week.
I have lost two very close relatives this year, so I think I can somehow understand the feel of his family and friends. May God bless your hearts with peace and strength to keep going.
It’s a great loss, but I trust they are resting peacefully with God now, and that must be the most wonderful thing ever.

Reu’s inmense talent and love for what he did will never fade away. Thank you and good bye, Reu.

Love and respect,

Julio Marambio.
Chile, South America.

I truly feel the sorrow of this tragedy. My deepest condolences to the families. May God grants peace to their hearts and the will and strenght to keep going.
Reu was helping me with some music projects and we just talked last week, so this is very shocking to me. His work, talent and the love to his family and friends will never fade away.
I lost two very close relative this year too, so I think I can somehow understand the process and empathize with the families.
My respect and love for all those who grieve for this great loss.

From Chile, South America,
Julio Marambio.-

it’s really heartbreaking to learn such a hurtful and harsh truth of losing 5 young and promising men, who served our country. rest in peace. you’ve done singapore proud! you will be missed and respected in our hearts.

I feel their pain.. But we must be strong, there are many thing we have to do. I guess they hate to see us cry too. I know how it felt to lost our loved ones, but they will be in heaven looking at us, so we must try not to cry, do our part for them, let them rest in peace.

I know neither of them, and our paths have never been crossed. It is really unfortunate that I get to know Reuben and his comrades through such a situation. It is really heartaching to lose 5 bright promising young men when their lives end abruptly. I salute them for their passion in dragonboat. With their deaths while doing what they really loved, it has further instilled in me a deeper commitment in this sports. May you rest in peace

My deepest hearfelt condolences to his family. Just want his family to know that I have been Reuben’s fan. Although he is no longer with us, but his compositins, his passion for music will always be with us. Amen.

Even though we have never crossed each others’ path, it still hurts deeply to know of the mishap.

To Stephen, Jeremy, Boon San, Wei Cheng, and especially Reuben, you will be remembered by all, friends, and even strangers. May the burden you’ve shared for us be relieved by the eternal peace in heaven.

Thank you.

Blessed be.

It’s always unbearably sad when young people pass away at the peak of their life… They did so doing something that they love (altho it cost them their lives)…but they were happy and exilarated when they finish the race. They will be remembered by their loved ones…and let’s hope that with stricter safety rulings on dragonboating abroad, such tragedies can be prevented.

Reuben Kee’s music in Youtube is especially moving…and everyone should go listen to his composition. Link is below:

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