Prostitutes In Naked Parade In protest!

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Some 50 prostitutes have threatened to march naked down the streets of El Alto in Bolivia after locals closed down the strip bars. Will they carry out their threats? I hope sane heads will prevail and nobody gets hurt in this issue.

There are about 400 to 500 prostitutes in that town.Those prostitutes may support other services and many will be out of job ,not just those prostitutes alone. Rash actions without much after thoughts can hurt the towns’ population .

Can the  town do without those prostitutes? They can banned or closed down those strip joints but crime will still prevail .It will take another form . It could be much worse.

Better to legalize them and collect taxes and control crime and win-win for everyone..

 Learn from Malaysia, everything can ‘Kau Tim, Semua Ok!”keke !(kau tim is a Chinese word for no problemo , can be solved.Semua Ok Is a Malay word for everything alright! )

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3 Responses to “Prostitutes In Naked Parade In protest!”

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hi laura…nice to know u….

visit me..

Hi Laura,

Thank you for bringing home the reality of the situation in El Alto. This is what happens in a 3rd world country where the administratiuon is weak or corrupted .

It is not a good situation to be in but what other choices do those prostitutes have , save except to sell their bodies for a meagre pittance for survival.Even this little favour is denied them.How cruel can this world be !

best regards


dear laura 1318,

i served as an outreach volunteer among el alto’s women in prostitution, and what i saw and experienced deeply challenged ideas about the efficacy of legalization. if you’re interested, please take a look at my recent post about el alto, prostitution, and the riots/protests.



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