When She Blows Her Top.

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No one is a saint.We are only human. Any relationship is not without the ups and the downs. There are times when there is a showdown at O.K Corals.It is important not to shoot from the hips but be like a man standing.

When your partner is on a war path, it is best to let her finished what she wants to say and really listened to what she says. Give her time to pour out her grievances and do not interrupt her.

Allow her to shoot at you first and some of her shots may hit you but you must bear with the pain and keep standing till she runs out of bullets.

When someone is very angry , they are in alot of pain and they will hit it out wildly. By being patient and really listening and not hitting back , you are taking the sting and the poison out of their system.

By lending your ear to her rantings, you have won the battle. You should not remember those words said in anger. They don’t really mean them.Don’t take to heart but be magnanimous to her.

It may not be easy to listen to all that comes out of her mouth for some are simply untruth or just her own interpretations.She is verbally constipated and now that all those hard shits are spewed out, she would feel easier..LOL!

You may explain your actions and keep to the point or just simply say , you realize your mistakes and will change. It is like a soothing balm for her frayed nerves.

There is no point in arguing with a woman, for you will never win.Even if she knows she is wrong, she will not admit it.Do not call her names or go on the offensive.

She just wanted to spill her guts out,and do not expect any solutions. Just lend her your shoulders for her to cry on and give her a big hug and everything will be OK until the next round..

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One Response to “When She Blows Her Top.”

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anger management is like musical chair game. we merely passing the bomb around and everyone just have to pass it to someone in any ways. if u hold the bomb for too long to yourself u are just waiting for the music to stop and get urself killed.

women vomit their anger on me, i vomit my anger on beer. – fair?

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