Teacher Caught Shoplifting !

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If you walk out of a supermarket and were caught by the guards and cannot prove that you have paid for those goods, you have technically committed shoplifting which is a crime.

The guards have to be very careful and absolutely sure that you have taken the goods without paying. Otherwise, the management can be sued for causing injury to your reputation and integrity, if you are someone important and know the law.

If you are caught red handed, whatever your excuses are, you are still a thief. If you are a teacher, you have committed the fax paux. Was this the first time or he did it so many times and got braver ?

Shoplifting is a form of sickness. Some rich people do it even when they can afford those items. Stealing and getting pass the system gives them the thrills and the kicks. They find it so easy to take things without paying that they become bolder and don’t think the management will call the police or understand the full weight of the law.

What happens to him now? If he is charged and found guilty, will he lose his job as a teacher? That is a very big price to pay for some small items.

Stealing is wrong and when you are a teacher that is even worse than the crime.

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2 Responses to “Teacher Caught Shoplifting !”

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Shoplifting is definitely an issue for some people and it has nothing to do with money – it’s all just a bout the thrill of stealing..nikon d3100 review

I never get caught, i’m too good

I’m even too fast for the camera

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