Where Do Girls Look First When They See A Man?

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Do all men look the same except for their height and width?Some are more handsome or rugged than the others. Other than these features there is nothing that differentiates one man from another except by their attires ,colour of their skins, hair or tattoos The clothes makes a man.

For some it is the hard rock pecs and abs of steel or a tight butt in a very tight jeans..LOL!

Your girlfriend watches football but she is not interested in the score or the game but only at ogling at those footballers butts.Now you know the truth.

An interesting question to many guys is where do a girl look first when she first set eyes on him? I think let’s rephrase that statement. What is in that man that  attracts her attentions ?

According to a general opinion or survey, the girl would look at the attire first. Whether you are wearing smart, impeccable and stylish or rugged or sloppy look.

Then she will observed how you walk.Whether you walk with a confidence ( ada gaya in Malay), unhurried and relaxing way or you walk like a dead man or zombie like..hehe!The way you walk or swagger can tell if you are the hero type or the timid type.

It is no wonder when a man see a beautiful woman , he becomes very obvious about how he is walking or his gait. It feels very strange to him .

Why suddenly he is so self conscious of his gait? He tries to get rid of that feelings but it simply wont go away till that beautiful girl gets of of his range.

There is nothing he can do about that.It simply comes and goes and he is powerless to stop or start that feelings. Off-course not every girl he See’s will invoke that kind of reactions.

Only those girls which attracts his attentions.I don’t know why.It is just a reaction from men upon seeing a beautiful woman walking towards him.

Sometimes the men wonder’s what is happening to him and why all of a sudden , he is so self conscious about his gait and it looks unnatural and out of steps..haha!

I think women too feel the same way when they are attracted to the opposite sex.They become very self conscious about their walk or their looks and may check if everything is in order.

I think , the next thing that she would look would be the face and the body. Whether he is handsome , rugged or feminine face which attracts different types of women.

The body , whether it is muscular ,a hunk or the scarecrow type.
Different women may have different priorities and those interesting points may depend on each individual.The list is in random order and not necessary in that order as stated.

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2 Responses to “Where Do Girls Look First When They See A Man?”

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Hey babe! I haven’t been on here long, but have definitely received some weirdo messages. Glad you aren’t one of them:) YET! lol Anyways, Lets see if we are both seeking the same things from here. I’ll be waiting for your reply sexy :

“Where Do Girls Look First When They See A Man?”

Their wallet? 😛

Hi anthraxxxx,
That is a very smart answer LOL! Once she see’s the size of your account,you are history!

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