Can Pornography Threaten Your Marriage?

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If you discover your husband not only watch pornography in the internet ,but also stores those lurid images on your computer,what would be your reactions, apathy , anger or rage?

Different people will have different opinions or reactions.How the wife reacts will depend on each individual. Some may think it is not a big deal while others are outraged or feel degraded , insulted and shamed.

She may not like the idea of her husband viewing other women’s bodies but may not want to speak to him about it for fear of agonizing him or starting a marital fight. She may share her worries with her closest friends or her own family.

She seethe inside of her and she may not know how to handle that situation. If she brought up her objections to him , it may appear that she wants to control him .

Just as he may not like some of her activities. To curtail his interest is one thing , but to stop him from viewing can make him unhappy and may cause problems in other parts of the marriage equations.

Or he may surreptitiously viewed them and saved somewhere secretly from her prying eyes.Your open objections may drive him underground.He can also over react and stop you from doing some activities which he does not like. It becomes a trade off or a tit for tat.

Whereas a women do think differently . She thinks why must he look at those women when he has one infront of him.It can make her feel insecure when she compares her body and beauty with those sexpots.

She can feel guilty ,mistrust and anger inside of her and this can rock the marriage and she may punished him by being cold in bed or lose interest in sex.

Others may try to imitate those sexpots by going for bigger boobs to please their husbands as they know their husbands would like it and be happy over it.

Looking at pornography is harmless as long as there is no obsession or addiction to this culture .As long as he can control his emotions and does not affect his daily activities, it should be treated as normal man thing.

Which man does not look at pornography.? I think all men enjoy looking at it. Any man who does not is a hypocrite or there is something wrong with him..LOL!

Women may not understand men . Just let him enjoy .You just cannot stop him .You may let him know what you think of it and then let it sink into his thick head.

It is just a phase in his life. He will soon lose interest and focus on other things in life.If he spends too much time in the internet surfing for pornography, then your marriage will be severely tested.

See no evil , hear no evil and speak no evil. If he treats you lovingly and enjoys your company,there is no issue with what he is doing.

If however he starts criticizing about your beauty or your love making , then you have a very big problem…

There are some woman who watch those porn together and they have great sex with their man .Not all woman are anti porn. Those men  are just men after all.

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4 Responses to “Can Pornography Threaten Your Marriage?”

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Interesting, open minded, balanced post about a difficult topic. There have been whole books written on this topic and I am sure there will be more.

Hi Aaron,
Thanks for your opinions.We should always be more open minded and allow others to express their opinions.

agreed with husband and I enjoy porn together… haha. i will get angry(a bit) when he looks at other women in reality life instead of internet. But I will just only scold him a bit, but wont argue because of it.

of course it’s an individual opinion on how they look into a man who enjoys porn.
porn rarely been the culprit in a marriage in fact some couple would enjoy porn together.

Hi droool,

Thanks for your input.Some women are more open minded than others and share in the men’s interest.After watching they both have a blast LOL!

Different soceities may have different reactions.It depends on their upbringings and their backgrounds.Some religious people may feel it is morally wrong.If a relationship is not well, there can be many other factors.

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