Why You Should Wash Your Hands Thoroughly With Soap When You Leave The Toilet?

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Many of us may not be aware that we don’t live alone. We share the space with those micro organisms, microbes, bacteria’s and viruses, which inhabit every environment and inside our bodies, unseen by the naked eye. Some of the bacteria maybe harmless but some can be dangerous and can make you sick .Salmonella enteritides can cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.

The toilet is the place where those bacteria’s are generally found more in abundance because we go there to bank in our deposits and liquid gold. Those places where you touched, the door knob, the faucet can be contaminated with those germs by someone who does not wash his hands with soap after doing his business transactions. Or he could have sneezed or blew his nose and wipe his hands and touched those places.

Whether your hands are dry or wet, those bacteria are still there. They are only destroyed by washing with soap. Those bacteria remain on the door knobs, faucets and walls or any places where they are transmitted by those unclean hands. Your bacteria infested hands then go and touch somebody or some kids and you spread the germs to them.

Even when you do your washings, you wash your undies in a different basin so as not to contaminate your other clothings. Some detergents may not be able to kill those E-Coli germs found on your soiled undies..

Some men think that their hands are clean because it is just like touching another part of their body .While the girls think they don’t touch or hold anything, so why wash? The toilet may appear clean but your naked eyes cannot see all those bacteria waiting on those door knobs or faucets. You then go and eat your favourite food with just wetting your hands and you don’t wash thoroughly with soap.

Well! Some will say, I have been doing it this way and I am still being healthy and have not being sick. They have a point. Their body’s immune system is able to overcome those bacteria. There are beggars who go to those dustbins and picked up thrown away food and eat with no effects, just like those stray dogs. How do you reconcile that?

Most of those bacteria is not the virulent types. If there is an epidemic, then the hygiene level must increased or if you catch those virulent bacteria, you will fall sick as your immune system cannot fight it.

In the UK, you are better off staying at home than in the hospital because the chances of catching those super bugs MRSA is quite high. Quite a few patients have died from this super bug. They were healthy and strong before they went and stay in the hospital for some minor and non threatening operations or ailments.

Many just merely whetted their hands thinking that it would be clean or wash without any soap because they were told to wash after going to the toilet. They did not suffer any ill effects. All this cleanliness and phobias are being blown out of proportions…LOL!

 If you are a health freak, after washing your hands , use a clean tissue to turn of the faucet and then use it to turn the door knob. That way you won’t come into contact with the germs. You are really nuts!  LOL!


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Flesh eating bacteria

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Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

Laura1318 :- Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Appreciate your kind thoughts.

Have a good day !

well said!

Laura1318 ; Thank you

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