Are Those Real Or Fakes ?

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Women worry alot about the appearance of their breast. Men may ogle at other big breasted ladies but in reality , many men accept their wives breast as it is. It comes together in a package..LOL!

They married her not for the size of her boobs. So they should quit worrying about their sizes .If a man  does not want to marry you because of your boobs and not because of love ,then these men are shallow minded and  your marriage not founded on pure love will not  survive.

Some women suffers from low self  esteemed and delusions because of their small boobs.Many would like to have a bigger and fuller boobs  so that they can show off and please their man.

Most women have breast that are adequate enough without needing any enhancing .Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Having a bigger boob would increase their self  confidence and poise and make them feel more feminine and wanted .As a result ,many girls go for the breast augmentations.

If they are done properly, it would look nice on them but sometimes the surgeon botched the job and instead , they endure pains and disfigurements. Some of them may have unnatural looking boobs.

It is quite easy to spot a falsie because no two boobs are the same and those that seemed to go against gravity are fakes.

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3 Responses to “Are Those Real Or Fakes ?”

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I like this Laura
Bigger may not be better…tasteless but small is sweeter..your mouth is only that big…8)

Tell that to women, Please


you are right. man not gonna get married to you for the boobs, but they will leave u for better ones

Laura1318: Bigger may not be better…tasteless but small is sweeter..your mouth is only that big…8)

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