When you die ,will you go to Heaven ?

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I cannot speak for other religions but I do know that if you are a Christian , you can only go to the Christian Heaven if your name is in God’s ‘The Book of Life.’

Not all Christians will ascend to Heaven.Whether I will go to Heaven or not, I do not Know but I pray everyday that God will include my name in that Book.

There could be many Heavens according to different religions. I will not be discussing them here accept the Christian Heaven.

If you are a Christian and your name is missing in The Book Of Life, then you will be send to another place until you get your name in that book.

Even if you do good in your life and if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you cannot enter the Christian Heaven. Jesus said, ‘My sheep hears my voice and I know my sheep.’

Going to Heaven is like an inheritance from God. If you do not accept God and Jesus Christ, how can you go to His Heaven ? What makes you think that you have a right to go there ? Who are you ?

You can believe anything you want and I will not dispute with you. God gives you a brain to think and you have a choice.

The meaning of this can be explained by this anecdote.
If you are a father, you will only give your inheritance to your own children and surely you will not give your inheritance to any Tom ,Dick or Harry who has no relationship with you .

You could adopt them if they call you father but if they only wanted your inheritance without becoming your adopted children , will you still give them ? Surely not !

There are people who do not believe in the Christian religion and thinks that if they do good always , they will enter Heaven like the Christians. Sorry to disagree with you. Maybe you may enter a different Heaven. Whether it will be a better place than the Christian Heaven or not , I do not know and I do not care .

Is there only one Heaven or Heavens and are they all the same?

I cannot speak with authority on this subject accept to formulate my own perspective or beliefs. I could be wrong but this is my own belief. Others can believe whatever they want.

I do not think so because the Bible does not state that other followers of other religions can go to this Christian Heaven as promised in the Bible. Since I am a Christian and a believer in this religion, I understand that to enter this Heaven, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and believed that he is the Son of God.

Jesus said,” I am the way, the truth and the life.No one can get to the Father except by means of me.’ John 14:6

How to get your name in that Book of Life?

According to my Christian knowledge, you can have your name in that Book by accepting and believed in your heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that you will confess all your sins before him and repent.

God did not set any difficult conditions to be accepted into Heaven . It is so simple but yet many do not believe in Jesus Christ. It is by God’s grace that we are saved and not by our own deeds. We cannot pay by our riches or bribe those angels for our passage to this Christian Heaven.

There are people who thinks that if they do good on this Earth , they will go to the Christian Heaven.Why the Christian Heaven when they do not accept or believe in the Christian God or Jesus Christ ?

It is a different world and a different Heaven. They can choose to believe whatever they want but the truth will set them free. Unless you come to God, you will not see the spiritual truth ,for you will only see with your Earthly eyes. You will need to be born again spiritually to feel the presence of God.

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3 Responses to “When you die ,will you go to Heaven ?”

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You have some excellent content and a compelling writing style – keep up the great work!

Laura1318:- Thanks for your compliments !

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There is only one Heaven and only one God, that is the god revealed in the Bible.

If you doubt that your name is written or not in the “Book of Life”, let me help you out. The Bible actually gives us that assurance I we do 2 things: 1) Repent that means to turn from ours sins. Stop doing the things that we know are wrong, even if we love them. Repentance from the heart. 2) Trust in Jesus for your salvation. You don’t need to ‘only’ believe that He existed or that He is the Son of God. You actually need to trust and put your life on Him. Kind of having to jump from a plane, you don only believe in the parachute but you put your life on it an trust in it alone. If you only believe in the parahute, the Law of Gravity will crush you.

If someone dies (jumps from the plane of life into eternity) without Jesus, the Law of God will crush them. Why? Because they will be like criminals standing before a Holy God that demanded perfection in word, thought and deed!

Have you ever lied? Have you stolen anything? Looked at someone with lust? Hated someone? Then you have also broken God’s Law. As a righteous Judge, He will see that your crimes are punished with eternity in Hell.

BUT if you repent from your sins and trust in Christ for your salvation, then he will stand between you and the Judge to pay your fine!! That’s what happened on the cross: you broke God’s Law (10 Commandments) but Jesus paid your fine in his life’s blood!!

That is the ONLY way to the ONLY Heaven. Someone dying without Christ won’t have justification before the Judge of the Universe and therefore will go to Hell.

Someone dying without Chist won’t be justified before the ONLY God.

And as you said, our good deeds won’t save us… It is by grace.

The Bible gives us this assurance… So repent and trust in Chist today. The moment you do that, you will pass from death to life and your name will be written in the Book of Life.

Hope this helps,

God bless!

Laura1318: Thank you very much for your time and your intellectual post. It appears to me that you only view your outlook solely from a Christian viewpoint and based only on what is written in the Bible.

Yes! I do believe in the Bible but I do believe that there are other religions in this world which have the same philosophies or tenets like Christianity. Most religions have those universal values for the good of mankind.

I do agree that ,’There is only one Heaven and only one God, that is the God revealed in the Bible.’ If you are a Christian , you would believe that but you are not living in a world where everyone is a believer in Christ. Other religion like Islam too have those tenets.

Believing only in one Heaven and one God is subject to different interpretations from many religions in this world. Off course, you can choose to believe only in the Christian version or any of the other religions . I chose the Christian version and others may disagree with me. It is their right and they can believe whatever they want.

I do have faith and trust in God and Jesus but there are certain people who have misplace trust and faith in God and died as a result . There have been incidences when their life’s were in danger but they did not run away but trusted God and they perished. Having trust in God and blind faith are two different things.

If you were bitten by a very poisonous snake and you do not seek the antidote from the hospitals but only pray to God for your healing’s and you died. Is that not misplaced faith and trust?

By common sense , you should pray for God’s healing and seek the antidote for the snake bite.Why did you test God ? It is different if you are in a place where there is no antidote and all you can do is pray and trust in God.

Once again , I would like to thank you and appreciate you input.

God Bless All.

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