The Rise Of The Gold-Digger!

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Every young, single, and eligible girl would like to dream and aspire to marry a young handsome and rich person. Most of these young and handsome men of scions are a rare commodity, only available to those women who moved in the higher strata of society and not available to the ordinary Cinderella’s.

There is however a different kind of fish in this world, older men who are filthy rich and single or divorced. Some of these women go after these men even when they are 80 years old and above.

They are like a passport to heaven. If they work all their life, many women would not be able to attain that rich status.

Age is no criteria. What is important is the size of their pockets. The women who go after these men are akin to piranha’s or barracuda’s or in another derogatory term a “Gold-digger!”

They are like marrying a bank and have unlimitless spending power and all their material needs satisfied. They instantly catapult themselves into the higher society, are seen publicly, and become who’s who in the rich and famous.

This is the ultimate in life for many women, beauty, power, and wealth. Never mind if the man looks old, frail, or sickly or have some body parts missing.

There is a new French film, which opens in the UK called “Priceless.”
It is the story about a woman who picks a mate due to the size of his wallet and nothing more.

She is young, educated, and very beautiful. It is like the fairy tale story of Beauty and the Beast.They has everything the world can offer them.

It stars Audrey Tautou in the lead role. He has so much money and does not know how to spend them but only in making more of it everyday.

Life would be meaningless to him and acquiring a young, nubile, and beautiful girl by his side is seen as an ego boosting and morale highlight of his career. He is well prepared to allow her the luxury to spend his wealth on anything she wants.

Would you marry such a man? Does it matter if he is the same age as your father? If you have that opportunity, would you turned it down? It is like an indecent proposal but the lure of money is a very strong pull, which many cannot resist. It is too tempting to let this opportunity go.

What is surprising is the trend of young , educated and coming from good backgrounds girls who has no qualms about marrying those old and filthy rich people.

Even if things do not work out after sometime, you would still inherit a large sum of his money and live the rest of your life without any worries. Notable cases like those high profile cases, Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, where she walked away with £24 million, but also that of Susan Sangster, who amassed a fortune of £18 million from three marriages.

Whatever people may judge you, it does not matter since you can afford expensive clothes, jewellery, breast implants, and a taste of high life.

Other self-righteous women would look down on these gold-diggers as an affront to womanhood. They would consider it as no better than prostitutes.

Each woman may see this issue differently. For some, it is their destiny.

Do you want to marry for love or for money? There are other women who do not even have this choice? LOL!

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Biography of Audrey Tautou

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2 Responses to “The Rise Of The Gold-Digger!”

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Just to let you know that I’m writing a book specifically on this subject. It will be out in six months, as I’ve just completed the final draft.

Any other articles, sites, that you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.


Laura1318:- That is great. I wish you success in your new book. Perhaps, you may Google it for more sites on this topic.

I have to admit that while I am not a woman, this post did strike a chord with me because I once went out on a date with a woman not knowing the she “only date(d) pre-med or pre-law students” as she tried to climb the social ladder.

I would never marry for money. Marriage is too hard as it is. The whole idea of marrying for money seems entirely taboo to me because I associate it with some giant bad karma coming the way of the person doing it. Ick. Don’t need any more bad karma.

Laura1318: Thanks for your input. Sometimes ,it is the way some women were brought up in a patriarchal society . They need the men to take care of them and provide them a good and comfortable lifestyle.

Being a woman, one has to be selective at times to find the best mate to marry and settle down
To marry for money may not be the most idealistic as it has its drawback. She could just be a rich man’s play thing or a trophy and be discarded when he has no more interest in her.

She would also be at the beck and call of the rich man and has no freedom of her own.There is probably an absence of love but just a mutual partnership for each other’s needs and wants.

In the Western society , it is frowned upon but in the Eastern society , it is quite acceptable.

Life is not always a smooth journey for it is never perfect.

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