A Morbid Death Themed Hotel.

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A very resourceful woman Jiao Meige, is planning to open an eerie, creepy , ghostly and authentic  hotel, if you can call it a hotel, to be located right in the middle of a graveyard in Lishui town in Jiangsu province of China.

Who would in the right frame of mind want to go and stay in such a place? There are plenty of cemeteries everywhere and you don’t have to pay a cent. If there is any unusual or bizarre phenomenon, then people may go there to experience it. Stories like seeing a picture of Jesus or Virgin Mary or to the Chinese, about striking it rich in lotteries.

The Chinese people are a very superstitious lot and I don’t think any would want to try this crazy stunt. Maybe some crazy Westerners who pass by that way and in need of accommodation and want to try this morbid adventure. If you are thinking of a good night sleep, then you can forget about it. LOL!

She rented the land from a farmer and intended to farm it but found that many of the farmers and previous owners had built the tombs for their ancestors and loved ones. There is no zoning or a proper cemetery in that part of the country.
Probably, she did not survey the land first before renting it.

The Chinese being superstitious, dare not exhumed those graves and were fearful of threading or stepping on those graves. She could not find any workers to work on that land. Stuck in the middle of the cemetery, an idea was born out of the mother of invention. I wish her all the best and hope that her venture into the tourism industry will bear fruit.. I don’t think I want to sleep with the devil…LOL!

Rest in peace and hope you will meet a very beautiful and sexy lady ghost or Count Dracula..

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