Game For Some Swinging?

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When we were small we love to sit on the swing in the children’s playground and enjoy the fun. But today,the word ‘swinging’ for the adults have a completely different meaning.

The couples who maybe married or unmarried practice swapping partners mainly for the sexual gratifications to spice up their dull and otherwise boring marriage .They could do it among themselves or join a swinging club.

It may sound fun and exciting to share and experience different partners at first but there is a price to pay for this indiscretions. These people may not see the end of the journey down the fast flowing river till they fall over the cliff and destroy their life’s or marriages.

There are moral,psychological , mental and emotionally issues to deal with and many people do not see the light till it is too late. It maybe fine for the men who loves to have some varieties or simply to screw around with any beautiful women who are game for it and without any responsibilities.This is their base and animal instincts .

It is like having an open license from the other spouse to sleep around openly. Otherwise it will be called adultery or cheating. What is right by them does not mean that it is right in God’s eyes.

Human emotions, thoughts and feelings are very complex issues especially when you deal with a woman. A man may sleep around and not feel anything emotionally but it is not the same with a woman . They are not wired the same way.

Every single action and move by the man will send waves of doubts and insecurities to their partner . She will analyze every movement of his and keep her findings and doubts to herself and this will eat into her confidence and self esteem.It becomes like a cancer and gnaws at her inside and the marriage will suffer. She would feel inadequate or insecure and depressed if the other swingers are more beautiful or hotter than her.

You cannot expect the women to behave and act like the men. Theoretically, it sounds appealing but
the psychological ,mental and emotional makeup of a woman is completely different from a man . Perhaps the only woman who can take part in swinging are those single and unattached woman or hookers who are out for a good time or to snatch a husband.

What if your partner or you prefer the other man or woman and finds you or your partner lacking in some departments? Will you or she dumps you? You will face tremendous pressures and stress with this swinging lifestyles.

Swinging and having a threesome do face the same kind of emotional and psychological forces which can tear at the fabric of marriage. Those who indulge in these activities placed a great strain on their relationship and great risk to their marriage , health and reputations.The society we live in do not condone swinging and it may affect your outlook career wise or in the social standings.

They may enjoy successful careers, have good marriages and are caring parents.”

I do not agree with that statement by that writer. If they have a good marriage, they would not seek the sexual gratifications outside of marriage. It is just plain and simple as that. Only when their marriage is bad or they have no more deep emotional feelings for each other ,will they swing to keep their life from becoming boring and placid.

How can they be caring parents when they screw around ? What kind of message are we telling our kids when you do that? Will they learn from you and follow your ways and sleep around and being promiscuous? Will you allow your children to sleep around with numerous partners like what you are doing? This is absurd!

Swinging is not for everyone. Those who swing are just living in fantasy land and deluding themselves. They are exposing themselves to the perils and dangers of a failed marriage .

It is immoral and ethically wrong and the product of a decadent and morally corrupted society. No matter how you word it , it is still adultery in any form. It is a turn off and women only demean themselves when they engage in this debauchery. These women are no better than just a utensil to be used and discarded .The damage they inflict on their marriage will be in repairable.

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