The Great Circumcision Debate.

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During the old Biblical times before Jesus Christ, God chose the Jews as God’s people on Earth and told them to get every male to circumcise as a sign that they were God’s people. It was like a contract between the Jews and God.

In the US during the post war years , every US male born were circumcised and their appendix removed .The appendix was later found to have a purpose after all.

It is a storage facilities for those good bacteria’s and when the bodies good bacteria’s are destroyed, the appendix will release those good bacteria’s to populate those organs again.

Are there any advantage in being circumcised ? Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis called the prepuce.The Americans did it for health reasons.

What effects will it have in relation to female sexual pleasures ? Will it give more pleasure than an uncircumcised one ?

It will depend on the individual women.It was found that a circumcise penis can give longer pleasures to women because they are in sensitized as it has no protections or covering over it anymore . They were better lovers according to some.

Most women are not fixated on the sexual organs like men do. Most of them are too shy to look at the men’s organ unless they are engaged in fellatio or oral sex.

Some women wont even feel the difference and this debate has no satisfactory conclusions. Each side clamouring theirs is better.

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13 Responses to “The Great Circumcision Debate.”

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I read something last week about the foreskin having some the five most sensitive areas on the penis. I used to think of it as just some skin, but the fact is that it is an organ and that in babies the foreskin is fused to the glans. Why would you cut that off of a baby? It hurts the baby. I personally think a person should have a say and since babies can’t tell us whether they want their foreskin or not, we shouldn’t get rid of it. I’m sure glad my parents didn’t have my clitoris cut off when I was a baby! ūüôā

There is no medical reason to circumcise, despite what some may say. My son is intact and he is perfectly clean. The rule is to clean only what is seen and to never forcibly retract. It’s that simple. Some men have problems with foreskin because their foreskin was forcibly retracted by doctors or parents when they were younger.

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Will only ask once circumcised man looking for circumcised woman for marriage .

Laura i am a Circumcised boy, and i am the only one where i come from. I always had to hide myself in highschool incase anyone saw what happened to me. I have always felt like a freak, i just need to know that if i ever meet a woman she wont dump me when she sees ive been Circumcised. I would do anything for a woman and i just want to be right for them

Laura1318; I cannot speak for all women. I think generally women do not mind if you are circumcised or not. You should not worry because there are many ways to please a lady.

Circumcision is an idiotic practice carried on by its victims. The USA is the only developed country still doing this. No one else does it.

Why should there be a debate? The foreskin belongs to the person (yes person…not baby or infant who has no rights…..he just isn’t old enough to express his choice once given all the pros and cons). The only people who can decide whether circumcision is neccessary is the OWNER of the thousands of nerve endings that will determine whether he has a fulfilling sex life at adulthood.
I’m circumcised and hate the fact that my parents went along with the other sheep who get talked into mutilating their helpless babies.
I consider myself as a colour blind person would; who has never known the vibrance of full colour.. Sure I can have sex and I do enjoy it, but what am I and my partner missing? I’ll never know.
To women who prefer circumcised men, find one who has done it by choice instead of forcing you own outdated opinions on your own sons.
As for circumcision being about cleanliness and hygiene, I’m sure there are a heap of women out there with cheesy smelly labia….should we cut these off at birth too just because some people can’t perform basic acts of cleanliness????
For the record, my sons are all intact and are gratefull to me that I didn’t try to “make them like dad”.

Laura1318: Thanks for your views.

Male circumcision is about cleanliness & hygiene.

Circumcision IS absolutely desensitizing:

Nobody has a right to ablate the sexual pleasure of a future autonomous man in infancy, any more than they have a right to excise a little girl’s clitoris for cultural reasons.


Laura1318: Thanks for your input and your link.

the debate has been ongoing for years and i think man is just too worried to have this done because:

1. they scared the sexual performance will be worse than now (from 5 min to 3 min)
2. they scared about msian’s doctor whom used to cut wrong parts
3. typically chinese will not cut any body parts unless
– it’s so damaged beyond repair
– it has no sales value (they rather keep in a can hide under the bed)
– the operation is FREE

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