Women Attractors Or Women Repellers ?

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Some men may wonder why other men are like magnets attracting women like moth to light, while they  are  only attracting the female mosquitoes that hymn in their ears.

It takes more than being handsome and rich to attract those good women and make them stay. Some women may over look your other faults if they love you for your money. They are known as the female gold diggers.

What is it that attracts women to those men?

It is their personality or their charisma .In the early stages of a relationship, a woman tries to gauge the personality of the man.. If she finds that you have failed her personality test, you will become history to her. She has no more interest in you as a potential mate but only as an obnoxious friend.

There are certain characteristics of men which are unappealing to the female minds. A man need to keep in check, actions which she may dislike. He should try to be on his best behaviors in front of her and keep in check his bad ways. He needs to make a good impression on her.

No man is perfect, but women seek perfections in her mate. She may be setting a very high standard for him which is impossible to achieve. That is why; many women are still single and looking.

A man who is confident, independent and strong will attract women because these qualities are what she is looking for in a man. Most women have insecurities and they worry about everything.

They want someone who is strong that they can lean on and make the right final decisions for them. They want a strong partner who can dominate her sometimes but not always because she will want to control and manipulate him.

If you don’t have confidence but is insecure, needy and needing reassurances like her in your work, friendship and relationship, then you are not the man for her. She has her own problems to solve and she has to deal with your problems. She will cut you off. Bye! Bye! Mister!

Then there are some guys who do things like clock work. He does the same things in the same fashion without any creativity or change. They are so dull and uninteresting because they are so predictable.

They don’t have spontaneity; everything is so predictable about them like the sun will rise tomorrow. They could be arrogant or boorish and seldom spring surprises. Everyone, especially women, loves surprises once in a while. They need to know how to read the girl’s moods. That is a very tall order. LOL!

Words are very important. If you use the right words at the right time, you can make her feel like in Heaven and she will go all out to please you back. Choose your words carefully for they can mean another thing to a woman. The words you say and don’t say can make a world of a difference to her. Give praises liberally and filter out any criticisms of her.

Make sure that you treat others well in her presence. It will give her a bad impression if you treat others badly. It shows you are a callous person and some day it will be her turn to receive some of your nastiness.

Never argue with women. They will only kill more of your  brain cells and get old faster…LOL! State your points and let go. Don’t force her to accept your views. Arguments can wreck a relationship. It can give a sour taste in your mouth and it can sour all the other areas of your relationship. She may give you the silent treatment or avoid you.

Win or lose does not matter to you as long as she feels she is right at that moment. She will later learn the truth and she will remember your grace and attitude.

Don’t be arrogant or have a big size ego but be accommodating to her ideas and give her credit where credit is due. Everyone women like to be praised. Praise can work wonders.

Women don’t like cheapskates. Initially, you will have to spend and splurge on her to get her approvals if you are courting her. Make her feel special and not make her feel that she is not worthy to be treated like a VIP but only like a tramp.

You will feel the pain in your pocket because most women don’t feel the pain when it is somebody’s money. LOL! If it is their money, it is blood sweat and tears and they will have to deliberate long and hard if they want to get something with their own money.

Finally, don’t judge her or be self righteous. Nobody can be friends with such type of people .Everybody in the world is in the wrong except them. Don’t be judgmental. Everybody is not the same and come from different backgrounds and does not think alike.

Just accept who she is and that she is a unique person.  What or who she is none of your business. You are only friends for the moment and not yet husbands or wives.


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