Why Men Promise To Call But Won’t ?

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You meet some handsome and charming guy you like and you exchange pleasantries and he promised to call you when he is free. You wait and wait and the call never come. You wonder why he did not call you. Why do men say one thing and do another?

There can only be two possibilities. Either he lost or misplaced your phone number or he is not into you. A lot of guys will say they will call you out of politeness or social etiquette. If a guy is interested in you, he will make that call to hear your voice. Maybe , he is already taken by someone.

At that moment, they may be chasing another target and you are only on their reserve list. You can find out by calling them and if they don’t take up your bait, it is as good as throwing their names into the history bin and move on.

Fate sometimes can play a hand in meeting again. Cupid may shoot arrows and it may find the target this time. If you are interested in him , you could be where he frequents and give him more chances to know you .

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4 Responses to “Why Men Promise To Call But Won’t ?”

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Honestly I lost a good few numbers and never called back and was searching up and down the house looking for it and never found it and girls instead of goin hey heres my number although we love that if were into you instead say you want my number?
guys seys yeh sure ur n guys seys y wud i want your number ur nt,simple

Laurie, unfortunately I know many women who do this because they’re afraid of rejecting someone. They feel it’s rude. I talk to my women friends and they say they feel bad about not giving their numbers even though they have no intention of going any further.


Laura1318; You have a point there.Sometimes , not giving their numbers is about personal safety.

when woman start realising phone bill is expensive, they will know why.

Politeness and social ettiquete – aren’t those the same reasons why women give out their phone number when they have no intention of answering or returning the call?

This is something that both men and women do and it’s for a variety of reasons, a few of which you listed.


Laura1318;A woman would not give her phone numbers if she has no interest in that man.I don’t speak for all women but generally , they only give their numbers to those who they are attracted to.

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