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The best way to boost fertility- have daily sex !’

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There are couples who wanted children but no matter how hard they tried, they could not get pregnant.

Some of them went for medical checkups to find the cause of their infertility. Others tried those complicated medical treatments and expensive pills or portions.

The way to boost fertility could be as simple as making love every day. Have plenty of rest, eat the right kind of food and exercise regularly.

The present generation is over worked,over stressed and under exercise and fed a lousy under nourished diet which caused them to feel fatigue and dulled their sexual life.

Her most fertile period is seven days before and after the onset of her first day of period . His sperms can stay in her from three to seven days.

Some women may not have regular periods. Usually ovulation is on day 14 of the menstrual cycle .

The problem is that many women don’t ovulate on day 14 of their cycle. Normal ovulation can occur as early as day 10 and as late as day 20 (or even later, especially if your cycles are irregular).

How can you predict when you will ovulate ? There are many methods available, including using ovulation predictor kits or tracking your basal body temperature.

Trying to find the right timing can be distracting from the purpose of sex. It can become a chore and becoming less about love and connection. This can cause tremendous stress on a relationship.

Research shows daily passion boosts both the quality of a man’s sperm . You should have passions like when you were young.

Making love regularly is said to prevent the build-up of damaged sperm. Freshly produced sperm is better than stored sperms. They may not secrete in large quantities but it only take one sperm to fertilize the egg. Fresh sperms are greater swimmers than old sperms.

Just enjoy the passions in love and leave everything to God. I believe children are a blessings from God.

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Internet Online Matchmaking Cons.

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There are the good, the bad and the ugly in every facets of life. When it comes to love, many people are smitten by it and lose their sense of judgment. Smart, intelligent and professional people can easily fall into those scams which milked them of their money under the guise of love. Love hungry women in particular fall prey to those creeps who are handsome and have the gifts of the gab. They are cheated of their love and money and then dumped unceremoniously.

A German man, Mr. Milan, 57 fell in love with a con artist in China and after parting with SG$ 130K , his fiancé is no where to be seen. This is the hidden danger of internet matchmaking .That you will fall prey to some scheming devil or gold digger.You have only yourself to blame for being a wrong judge of character.

When you have to spend a large amount of money in your love affair should raise some red flags. Before S/he becomes your official partner, you should not part with your money to the other even when they spin some very sad and woeful tales.

You earned your money the hard way and don’t just give them away because of a sob tale, no matter who that person is. If you give them the money, you not only lose your money but a friend too. If you don’t give the money, you may still have a friend and if he does not want to be a friend, so be it. They are not worthy anyway.

If S/he is the right one for you, it will not cost you an arm or a leg. You only have to spend on the basics. Anything more than that should set off your alarm .Don’t use your money to buy love because it will not last and you are just wasting your money on someone who does not think highly of you, nor appreciate what you have done for them.

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Is It Natural For The Modern Women To Marry Late?

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It is not a matter of whether it is natural or not but women who don’t marry earlier are just rationalizing and justifying their unmarried status. They have chosen the career path instead of the marriage career.

They have found success in their careers but at a tremendous personal cost to their marriage prospects. You begin to wonder what is life all about. Do you live to work all your life like a slave or do you enjoy the single life? If you are neither, then it is time to get off the jet plane and drive leisurely.

You may make plenty of money or gained fame but what good are all those things when you cannot find true love, have children or a nice and warmth family. Is living all about making tons of money or an ATM machine?

In the beginning, girls were married off when they were still children below the age of 12. As time progresses, and society evolved, the age began to rise to 15, 16, 17 and 18. Then came the 20’s in the last century and in the present century 35.The magical cut off line for marrying or you will miss the last merry boat to La La Land!

Those women who married early did not elect to go to the university and instead have got a Mrs. Degree. They married some professionals and got instant degrees. LOL! These women who are in their 20’s and in the most fertile period began to breed like rabbits .They became full time mothers and register for the survival course in wife and motherhood degrees in the University of Hard Knocks . This degree has no monetary value but it is very essential that they pass this course or they could end up in the funny farm .

Those women who are still single and still looking have Japan’s Princess Sayako , the only daughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as their patron . She is still single. She said,’ it is a natural trend in a sense, given women’s way of life is diversifying. She has everything in the world except a husband.

Is it because of modernization and that women prefer to find their own mates instead of the old fashion matchmaking? Many women have resorted to the modern day matchmaking to find their partners. It is their last attempt before they become glazed and adorn those shelves.

It is lucky you are not a Japanese women for their men are married to their jobs and do not have much time for their wives. Many Japanese women are either marrying late or prefer to be singles. The Japanese culture and their work ethics are killing romance and love in the marriage.

It is not natural to marry late for when you are in your 30’s, your fertility drops and it is difficult and more risky to get pregnant. Women are most fertile in the 20’s. If you want to have higher chances of having babies, then marrying in your 20’s would be more ideal and natural. You are more nubile and have the strength to be mothers rather than in your 30’s when your body may groan under the strain of motherhood.

Women marry late not of their intent but because they have a different priority. Some chose careers while others chose marriage.


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Love Marriage Shackled By Traditions.

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Finding a right mate is difficult enough but getting married is another difficult hurdle to overcome .If both of you are orphans, then you will not face much problems. You can just go and register and go for your honeymoon. Congrats! You are now husband and wife.

If you are an Asian, you will be beset with traditions and customs of your race. You can only escape if both of you put your foot down but you may alienate your parents and in laws and may be banned from your community as in some cultures.

If you come from a deeply conservative society like in India, your woes can be insurmountable except through death or run away to another country and never to come back.

The love affair of Konedela Srija, the daughter of a top Indian film star Chiranjeevi, is a case of defiance of conservative parents by children trying to become more independent and assertive – sometimes at a terrible price. They are killed and sometimes it is called ‘honour killings.”

Marrying into another religion can even be more formidable. If you marry a Muslim, you have no choice but to follow the Islamic way if you are in Malaysia. You will have to convert to their religion. This only happens in Malaysia and as far as I know, no other Islamic countries in the world would forced you to convert through marriage to one of their kind.

If you want your parent’s blessings, you will have to follow all those customs and traditions of marriage in your culture. Some of the customs which you have never heard off or your mother does not even know about them.

It can be absurd and exasperating to follow some of those old customary rites. The master of ceremony or the brides chaperone will dictate the events and you just follow like a lamb to the slaughter. LOL!

You may think you are modern and progressive but when it comes to marriages and customs, your parents will have more say than you. If you have a very modern and understanding parent, it is your blessings. They will not stand in your way and will just accept whatever you prefer. Some parents have a very rigid stand and it is impossible not to obey them unless you want them to disown you or break away from them.

The economic progress and growing contact with Western values are causing increasing confrontations with the cultural traditions of our parents. The liberalization and emancipation of woman too contributed to this problem.

You may have found the man of your dreams, but traditions and customs is such a hassle that you would find it better to give him up then to fight on because the price is too high to pay.. Will you be like the Romeo and Juliet love story? That would be tragic and sad.

“A man and a woman fall in love with each other and then celebrate it through a wedding. Household duties and childrearing after marriage are not just a woman’s duties but the couple’s common responsibilities,” Oh says. From Househusband wears the apron, not pants in the family


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To Love A President….

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A former super model turned musician Carla Bruni, Italian born and raised in France   and a French President Nicolas Sarkozy, twice divorced are in the limelight  He and his ex wife Cecelia were just divorced two months ago and now he is dating again.

Carla Bruni Tedeschi was born in Turin, Italy on 23 December 1967. She is a former super model and now a French Italian songwriter and singer

She is the daughter of industrialist and classical composer Alberto Bruni Tadeschi and Marya Borini , Italian concert pianist, and the sister of  Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Sarkozy’s one month long romance with Miss Bruni, 38, became public this week when Italy’s La Stampa newspaper revealed he had asked Bruni to marry him.

Will she answer  in the affirmative?

A public love affair that is eagerly lapped up by the French press. .Will they tie the knot? He is 52 and 13 years her senior. Both have a colourful history in their life’s.

Can opposites attract? They usually do because they will find something interesting to argue about and can mutually attract each other. She is taller than him by 4 inches. She is usually identified with the more Left-wing views than those espoused by the Right-wing Sarkozy.

She is approaching the magical age of 40 where women are at their peak of their physical beauty. They will look for fame, power, wealth and a high profile lifestyle to suit their new found status. The film stars or famous singers may have wealth and fame but in Sarkozy, he has the power as the most powerful man in France. It is very difficult to turn down this opportunity to be the First lady of France.

Love will overcome all their differences and they will find their own levels and compromise on their ideals  Their love for each other seems perfect .Whether they will last, will be a different matter. I hope he is more lucky the third time. It is not everyday you can marry a President.


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Marrying In The Toilet And Wearing A Toilet Paper Gown.

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People marry in the church or chapel but this pair decided to get hitched at a temporary public toilet. What made them decide to have their marriage at the loo? They must have loved the loo too much or their life evolved around the loo business. LOL! Will their bedroom be like a loo too?

The gorgeous white wedding dress looks very gorgeous and classy indeed! From those pictures, you would not know that it was made from toilet roll glued and taped together. It is the artistic work of designer Hanah Kim, winner of the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, sponsored by

Jennifer Cannon and her fiancée, Doy Nichols from Lexington, Kentucky will marry at Charmin public restroom in Times Square, New York.

People do crazy things and this is one of them. Who could imagine having a marriage in the loo and wearing a toilet paper gown? She will have to be very careful with the dress as she should not sweat or wet her dress. They are made from ultra soft and ultra strong toilet paper and it won’t tear easily.

Some day in the near future, we will all wear affordable and disposal paper clothes and does away with washings. What a thought? There are disposable paper undies for women in the market at present.


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The Fairy Tale Wedding Of The Famous, The Rich & The Beautiful.

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He is very rich, smart and handsome and she is very stunning, beautiful and brainy. What more can you ask for in your partner? It is a perfect match made in Heaven. It is the dream of every girl to marry a man of his stature.

Mr. Larry Page co-founder of Google, and Ms Lucinda Southworth got married on Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Caribbean island, Necker Island. The entire guest were flown there by private jets and then taken to the island by boat and helicopter. The whole island and the hotel were all taken over for the private ceremony.

It is like watching an episode of the T.V series of Fantasy Island. All the famous and who’s who were invited. The prestigious guest list apparently included the Clintons, along with Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonny Depp. Former Vice President Al Gore was also invited, but he was in Stockholm to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is an exclusive island and you cannot find it in Google map. It is a fantasy and dream marriage of the century where money is no problem. The three day nuptials would cost a hefty £500,000 which is peanuts to him. A fantastic marriage in a fantasy island.

The world’s only remaining bachelor Google billionaire, with a fortune estimated at $18.5bn (£9.1bn), has decided to end his bachelor days and break many girls heart. He is 34 , the son of Michigan State University professor and ranked number 5 in Forbes 400 list of billionaires.

She is 27, a doctoral student in biomedical informatics at Stanford and holds a Masters in Science from Oxford.

Mr Page’s marriage comes hot on the heels of his co-founder Sergey Brin, Russian-born classmate, also 34, who wed his girlfriend in May in the Bahamas, with Mr Page as his best man. Brin married Anne Wojcicki in a low-profile ceremony in the Bahamas.

The pair founded the famous Internet search company in 1998 and are now co-presidents of Silicon Valley-based Internet leader Google. Since going public in 2004, Google’s shares have risen sevenfold in value and the company is valued at a quarter of a trillion dollars

With all those billions, what’s next? He is still young at 34 . If you are in his shoe , what would you do?

With all those perfect conditions, will their marriage last like those rich and famous marriages. Will money buy happiness?

We wish to send our belated congratulatory messages to them and hope they will live happily ever after.

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Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby .

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Do you want a boy or a girl? Sometimes we may wish but nature has its own way. We may increase the odds of getting what we want by eating certain foods. This could be grandmother’s tales or folklore but it is worth a try as you don’t lose anything.

What a mother eats maybe the key to the sex of the baby. More research maybe needed in this area.

Red meat and salty snacks are said to lead to boys while chocolate is thought to help to produce girls. A diet rich in sugar may produce more females.

Sex is determined by a chromosome contained in the sperm – X for a girl and Y for a boy. Women have two X chromosomes. Does that mean also that men have to eat certain foods to produce more or X or Y chromosomes?

A woman’s body may be acidic or alkaline during certain periods of the month. She could make her body more acidic or alkaline by consuming those acidic or alkaline foods. The Y-chromosomes thrive better in an acidic environment.

Acidic and alkaline food chart.

The X- chromosomes are better swimmers and are marathon runners while the Y- chromosomes are sprinters. That is why you get more girls..LOL!

To have a better success rate for a boy, you need to help the Y-chromosomes by dumping them as far in as possible. The Y-chromosomes can get lost on the way and they don’t ask for directions.

For those who can afford it , IVF can be the answer.

IVF success story in Malaysia.

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Wife Gets Raped over Dowry !

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A 24 year old woman was raped by 7 men at the instigation of her husband because she could not bring along  Rs 2 lakh as dowry .

The system is so slanted towards the male side that there was no case against the husband. The police only went and rescued that woman and end of that case.

This is a sad plight of those Indian women,  for according to their customs, must give dowry’s in kind or cash. It is like giving away their daughters and providing for the husband who would take care of them.

How do we know if the men is only  after the dowry and not about love .

Those who invented this custom cannot be a woman. How can they accept such a practice? This is dehumanizing and treat women like a commodity. In some extreme cases, the bride is burnt alive.Once , she is married to him , divorce is out of question .

The Chinese too have a dowry system but it is just a traditional  custom only and not a compulsion. It is for the men to give the dowry ‘pin kim’ to the women.

The dowry depends on the bridegroom’s economic  status. The richer they are , the more they will give. But actually , the men give on one hand and take back from the other as his wife would be the recipient..LOL! The dowry is used for all those expenses incurred by his soon to be wife.

In the US , it is the women’s side which pays for the weddings and all. For the Chinese , it is the men’s side which foot the bills.

Want to marry an Indian bride?

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To Tell Or Not To Tell Him Who Is His Real Father ?

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Should you tell him who is his real father? After so many years living with the dark secret you have decided whether it is wise or not to come out with the truth .

If your child is physically different , the man may suspect that it is not his child. Today they can go for a DNA test to confirmed the paternity of the child.

Sometimes , the women have numeral sex partners and may not know who is the real father unless she goes for a DNA test.

There are times when the women do know who is the father of her child but because of her own expediency, she cannot revealed it there and then or the man she would intent to  marry would reject her.

If the man  knew about her pregnancy and ready to accept her state and  still intent to marry her , that would be a different case altogether.

It is a burden for her to carry on for so many years and she wants to come clean .If she comes clean , how will her son react upon hearing the truth?It is like opening a can of worms .She will have many unanswered questions or cannot explain satisfactory why she kept that secret for so long or why she did that. It will not be easy for the son to suddenly aware of who is his real biological father.

I think, the secret should be taken to your grave. Whatever has pass, cannot be undone. Asking your son to go back into the past and to forgive your sins would be wrong.He should not be burdened by your guilt’s.

Pray for God’s forgiveness and let the things as they are and let him think  his adopted father is his real biological father , since the adopted father has treated him like a biological son.Even if he know the truth ,  the son would not have any feelings for the real biological father. Just a fact only and nothing more…

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