Small Boobs Or Big Boobs ?

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Big or small, they will always attract unwanted attentions. The males are always fixated on the female mamalia and it turns them on. It is a joy and delight for the men to enjoy and watch, ogled ,fondled , groped and suckled.

It is the most outstanding and conspicuous part of the female human torso which cannot escape from the other preying human eyes. Even some of the females would feel less feminine if they have small boobs. it would affect their self esteemed and confidence.

Girls may say that they prefer small and perky boobs but inwardly many hope to have a bigger boob .Many are not satisfied with what they have and some have gone for breast augmentations to make them bigger and well endowed and to be more noticeable.

The media only shows a preference for one kind of boobs, big and busty as it looks more sexier and more appealing to the general male’s eyes. There are perfect boobs which can only be faked through surgery while the natural boobs are somewhat a let down due to the onslaught of those media blitz.

Not all guys go for big boobs. It depends on the guys preferences. Women should not worry too much or be obsessive about the size of their boobs as the men would accept them whatever shape they come in . If they love you because of your boobs ,it is only the shallow gutter kind of love.

Big or small , they have their advantages and disadvantageous. Big boobs may look good under a bra or T-shirt but when you removed those supports , it will sag or droop because of it’s weight and size. The weight may kill your back and it is like carrying a pair of dumbbells on your chest wherever you go. When you grow old, those boobs will lengthened and maybe you can tie them up in a nice and pretty ribbon. LOL!

Small and perky and they last longer into old age. Most women with small boobs are compensated with other beautiful body parts, like a very sweet and beautiful face or complexions, sexy , slender and slim legs or cute butts.

As long as your boobs are proportionate and decent with your body size, you have a perfect body. There are the wonder bra’s and those great tapes which can give you great cleavage or accentuate your curves even if you have small to medium boobs.

Think of those great models who have small boobs and it is not about boobs but your personality and your confidence that get you far in life.

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11 Responses to “Small Boobs Or Big Boobs ?”

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Dan is a friggin pervert who needs a smack in th head

I’m writing a blog about living with small breasts (like, really small, AAA-cup). If you want to share your story or read some of my thoughts, visit “Miss Sweet’s Boob Blog”!

I personally love small boobs. My wife has medium sized boobs and I would not want them to be any larger. My 13 year old daughter has small boobs and I adore them. I love to look down her shirt. I watch her shower and masturbate to them.

I have DD boobs, and they actually make me more unhappy than most of my friends with B or C cups. Having big boobs isn’t all its put out to be, I sometimes wish I had a C cup again!

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input! It is good to hear from your perspective.

whatever the size of the boobs,boys will enjoy that.
girls only feel guilty.right?

No offense, female mamalia is just a lump of fat.

Laura1318:- That is true but men are obsess with it …no?

Thank you for the post!!
I am also in the business to spread the word that small boobs are just fine! I
Here is my husband and some other guys opinion, if you don’t mind:
P.S. Jess, you are a B cup!! That is a Perfect size outside of the US. So really, enjoy life and love your boobs :)!

Laura1318:- Thanks for your input.You have a fabulous site dedicating to this issue. Women with small boobs should not put themselves down. Life is not just about boobs only.

Thanks very much for this post, and the website link at the bottom. It actually made me cry (with happiness/relief) to read it, just because i am feeling low about my small B-cup boobs right now. It’s made me feel a lot better about them and i hope its gonna lead me further towards my goal of actually liking my boobs ! lol

Laura1318:- We should learn to love and appreciate our body.Love is beautiful and he will not see your faults. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone is the same. Be confident and just enjoy life!

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