Women Hyper Ventilate, Men Fix.

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Before marriage you could understand each other very well and sometimes you could anticipate your partner’s thoughts even before they were born.

You were like mind readers and you share the same frequencies, completely in tuned with each other in body and spirit.

After the marriage, some of the magic began to fade and both your frequencies began to wander off. You could not be able to receive each other’s messages loud and clear.

You need to take stock that you have entered a new phase in your marriage life. Your communications with your partner has to be improved and you need to understand the differences between a man and a woman.

You should remember that your partner is a completely different being and they don’t think the same as you do. One of you is now at the South Pole and the other has drifted to the North Pole.

You cannot expect your partner to come to you all the way. If he meets you half way , that is the best you can get out of him . You need to have mutual compromise in your communications.

You may not feel complete satisfaction but that is the best solution because you both share the same boat and you cannot have the boat go in both directions..LOL! You need to work together for your common good.

Being a woman, you would like to share the details of your daily life and sometimes when you have some problems you would like to ventilate it out to get some relief’s and understandings from your mate. It is a form of de stressing for you or otherwise , your brains will be constipated.

The men may not feel the same as they seldom want to talk about their work for fear of boring you to death with the details which they think is not worthy to speak about. Further more , it maybe too technical for you to understand..LOL! Men don’t like to gossip about office affairs. Gossips are all mundane and uninteresting to him..

Many women feel that their husbands don’t talk enough or express their emotions or inner feelings. It is not that men don’t want to talk about their emotions, They are afraid to be misunderstood by their wives.

Women see things differently. A positive thing for him maybe negative to her.. If she is the negative type, everything good or bad about him will be negative to her. That is why , the less said the better and there is less misunderstandings.

God made her the talker and the men the listener. When women vent their frustrations ,it is to want the attentions of their husbands and to fish for sympathies from him. He should really listen before offering to fix her problems.

She is not interested in the solutions. On no accounts should he disagree with her actions even if he knows she is not in the right. Otherwise, he will also be branded an enemy and will face her wrath too..LOL! Later on , she will come to her senses but she will understand and will not be angry with you.

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