Wife Gets Raped over Dowry !

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A 24 year old woman was raped by 7 men at the instigation of her husband because she could not bring along  Rs 2 lakh as dowry .

The system is so slanted towards the male side that there was no case against the husband. The police only went and rescued that woman and end of that case.

This is a sad plight of those Indian women,  for according to their customs, must give dowry’s in kind or cash. It is like giving away their daughters and providing for the husband who would take care of them.

How do we know if the men is only  after the dowry and not about love .

Those who invented this custom cannot be a woman. How can they accept such a practice? This is dehumanizing and treat women like a commodity. In some extreme cases, the bride is burnt alive.Once , she is married to him , divorce is out of question .

The Chinese too have a dowry system but it is just a traditional  custom only and not a compulsion. It is for the men to give the dowry ‘pin kim’ to the women.

The dowry depends on the bridegroom’s economic  status. The richer they are , the more they will give. But actually , the men give on one hand and take back from the other as his wife would be the recipient..LOL! The dowry is used for all those expenses incurred by his soon to be wife.

In the US , it is the women’s side which pays for the weddings and all. For the Chinese , it is the men’s side which foot the bills.

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