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The Forgotten War.

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No one pays scant attentions these days to this long forgotten war in the most remotest place on Earth except the country or countries that tries to imposed their democratic ways or their country’s ill founded forays into this part of the world, Afghanistan.

What is there for them to fight for or what was their original objectives?

Many seems to have just a vague recollections and the young and bright men and women are dying over there and all for what purpose?

Their countrymen and those who have relatives in the army does not understand anymore why they are fighting there and why their government has still not recall back their troops and end the useless campaign.If it is God’s will, no army on Earth can fight against God.

The youths who are drafted to fight and die and suffer from those harsh conditions of that land are forgotten by their leaders who stay back at home , enjoying all the comforts of a modern lifestyle.

Can their country afford to bleed and hemorrhage indefinitely with such losses in men, money and equipments ?

What a terrible waste of a country’s resources ! In the end , nothing would have changed or mattered as the people there will continue to live their way of life.

Like the Russians before them , they had to quit after 15 years from trying to impose a political system . There are parallel lessons from the Vietnam debacle too and when you do not have the will , it is only a matter of time , you will have to withdraw your occupation of that land with the tail in between your legs.

You are unwelcome even when you think it is for the good of the inhabitants there. There is no better way than for the people there to settle their own differences among themselves.

There is no way out of this predicament except to withdraw .

You cannot win this war as this is not your land and it is not your will to impose your ideas on others.

Peace only comes when you sit down and talk and not flow out of the barrel of a gun.

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