What Is It like Being A Man Or A Woman ?

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If you are given a choice or a wish , who would you want to be , a man or a woman in your next life? Many women may wish to be a man in their next life but it is only a wish as most of them would still prefer to be a woman.

Being a woman is more challenging and interesting as compared to a man.They can wear beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories and they are treated differently from the man. A woman enjoys many privileges because she is the weaker sex.

If she has beauty , she has a certain power over the men who would do anything for her. She can twirl the men around her little fingers and they will do her bidding’s.

Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful women is not a man but another woman , her mother.

A successful woman is one who marries a successful man. She can be an instant millionaire while a rich woman would not want to marry someone who is lower than her. This goes to show that women have more class and taste than men.

Being a man is much easier than being a women.He does not need to worry about what to wear or where to go or what to eat or about his weight or about what others will say .

He can dress anyway he likes and no one would say anything to him.He does not have to worry about PMS and remember important dates.

There are more men becoming women or effeminate than women becoming men. Women are still objects of desires.She can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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4 Responses to “What Is It like Being A Man Or A Woman ?”

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Ur the most biased person ever. Lol ur not getting a man anytime soon bc no1 wants 2 date a woman like u.

Damn, you must be really surrounded by wussies. Yes, the kind of guys that let a woman twist them around, spend their money on her clothing, make-up, buy her flowers and so on just to win her(your) approval.

Oh and yes, the ones you haven’t met yet are the ones you’re all dreaming about.

Not a single day goes by when something, no matter how small, doesn’t make me stop at least once and say “I’m happy to be a man.”

Laura1318; It is great to feel that way. : I am happy I am still alive and well! Thanks God!

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