Why do women fall for those total morons or creeps?

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Women find them more exciting and appealing as compared to those good guys who are predictable , boring and unassertive.

They become a challenge to women ,thinking that they can change them from their wild ways.

Those bad guys are more macho , assertive and they go straight for the kill. They don’t beat about the bush .They openly showed their intentions

They showed their intentions early and give clear signals what they wanted in the relationship.
They do not want to be viewed as a friend but as a boyfriend.

While those good guys take too long and are too timid to move on a higher level.The girls will assume that you are not interested in them and give you up.

In any early relationship , the girls would be able to to tell in a few seconds if the new boy is a ‘friend’s’ category or a ‘boyfriend’s’ category.

Once she has decided, then the boy who is in the friend’s category will find the going tough..

Some women secretly want to be laid so bad but are afraid to be called sluts and their self esteemed is increased when they are desired sexually .It brings out the women in them.

If you are going fishing , you will need to learn the rules of dating. You need to take risk and show that you are interested in her and not just for the friendship or you will be treated like a friend and nothing more.

Bad guys may reach the first base but it is the good guys who will roam home.

A woman is not without her senses .Eventually , she knows which is the one for her .

There are guys who are just for flirts and fun’s only and guys who can provide them a financially and emotionally secure environments.

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Should women take the first step ?

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Despite their great strides in the emancipation of women in this century ,the modern women of today still bulks at taking the first step in the romance game.

They prefer to get laid back and expects the men to make the first step. They want those interesting men to start or initiate the chase.

They are not assertive enough and would rather not take the initiative to start the ball rolling . The concept of them making the first move is associated with some negative connotations. To make the first move would make her feel cheap and desperate.

There is a group of women who are known as the ‘China Dolls’ who are very brazen and would aggressively approach any men who would provide for her in exchange for her services.This further reinforces the negative views of women making the first move.

Not making the first move is a mistake because the men are receptive to the idea of women taking the first step. They are in fact delighted to be spoken to and they did not have those negative perceptions as women thought.

Generally , most men would welcome a woman approaching them and engaging them in conversations unless he is a pervert. They will be flattered by her attentions.The men would want to appear to be friendly , kind and helpful.

Not to talk to an interesting man when she is interested in him is a misconception , while secretly hoping for him to make the first move.

Some men may feel her interest but many men may not be that sensitive .There are those good looking guys who maybe shy or cowards or feel intimidated and will NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!

In this new age, it does not matter who starts the ball rolling . If he is incapable of initiating it , the women should take over the driver’s seat and then allow him to take over when the engine is warmth up.

A woman has to be careful that she is not too aggressive or it will drive away and frighten all those men.

Most men are attracted to beautiful and confident women and if they open the door , he would gladly come inside.

If you are still single , you will need to polish up your men hunting skills. Being a trapper and laying traps for them is not enough. You will need to challenge the traditional gender roles and break through the glass ceilings.

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Why Some Men Do Not Or Cannot Commit ?

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“Will he or won’t he….?

This is a very puzzling question to millions of single women who are dating , engaged or trying to find their Mr. Right . They find their men fully in love with them and yet not able to take that final plunge .

What is holding them back ? They are like cruising on a love boat meandering down the stream and into the ocean of  no where. The men have no inclinations to get off the boat  and grow roots on firmer soil.

The men can afford to wait and enjoy those moments of togetherness but the women do not have the luxury of time as their biological clocks are ticking against them. Women have the innate feelings that it is time to commit and have children.

If she pushed too hard for it , the men may feel trapped and she run the risk of losing him. If those men are ready in the market for marriage, the path to happy matrimony would be easy for her.

There was a time when a man was settled down in his career, he would looked for a wife, got married, have children and live happily ever after in his new family castle in a far ,far away land. This was once a man’s ideal of a loving  fairy tale family life.

But in today’s modern culture, the men can enjoy a married life , living as a couple or cohabiting  without being officially married. He can have the cake and eat it too. There is nothing to stop him from tasting other ‘candies’.

Men as well as women  do wonder if their present partner is the right one for them . Some of them may think a better one will present themselves in the near future and thus, there is always an expectation of someone who would be better than the present one and this  caused them not to commit all out for their present partners.

It is only when they are stuck with each other , and the better one is not appearing , that they are resigned to their fate. This is like the analogy of a taxi driver. The last passenger on his taxi will become his lifelong partner. She loves riding on his taxi even though he is a lousy driver and it could be by fate or circumstances which held her from getting off.

In the past, if they wanted sex, they would  have to get married ,but not in today’s world where sex is everywhere and the women are more liberated and shed off those inhibitions and taboo’s and seek equality in life.

Another major reason is because of the responsibility which marriage entails .The men who are traditionally thinking or conservatives in nature are expected to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of a marriage and be a leader and many men are fearful that they may not live up to this expectations.

They will think that they cannot afford to give her a good life since she brings home a bigger pay cheque  than him . With today’s women being emancipated and liberated earning 5 or 6 figure incomes, she becomes like an expensive high maintenance car or property. It is very intimidating to his ego and in the man’s world they would lose their respect or ‘face.’

All is not lost, for there are still some good men out there who wants to get married and it is up to women to lower their expectations as there is no perfect men and women.

If he cannot commit, then most probably he is not the marrying kind and they probably don’t know the answer either.

Now that you understood a little more about man’s nature and want to make him to commit, you can go to thissite to find out the methods from this author.

Good luck and may you find the love of your life!

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The Hunter-Gatherer Instinct In Men.

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Men simply don’t want the object of their desire to be offered to them on a plate. They want the challenge of the pursuit and capture of elusive and seemingly ‘unwilling’ prey.

From:-The Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1063752/Treat-mean–Big-pants-sex-months-One-mans-fail-safe-tips-winning-man-dreams.html )

How far is this really true ? Do you agree with this statement ?

Generally speaking but with exceptions, many men would run away from a woman if she comes unto him strongly . There are some men who may not mind playing the reverse role and accept the women as the hunter as long as she is rich and able to meet his needs. Women has to lead subtly and make him think that he is in control of the situation.

She maybe a cougar or another name for an older, single and unattached women who may be interested in keeping a toy boy for her amusement.

Some girls do not mind sleeping on their first date in order to enticed him for a second date, if they find the man is interesting as a future prospect. She may think this way but the men may not have a high regard for her as they think she is cheap and easily available. She is too easy and even if he does not say it out, he would in his heart feel that way.

Hence , most men would disappear after the first date and never to be heard again. This is the classic one night stand and the men gained but the women lose and will regret it , feeling cheap , dirty and stupid.

Men are ingrained from small with the thought that it is them that has to do the chasing or the hunting and if she is easily taken , then he will not have a high respect or regards of her.

The most thrilling and fun part of the game is in the chase when you do not know if you can catch her or not. It has to be a hard chase and he will treasure her more . It should not be too hard or he will falter and lose interest and look for another game.

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Should A Girl Confess Her Love To Him?

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If you love him, what is wrong with telling him that? If you wait for him to say,” I love you.” to you, you may have to wait till the moon is blue. If he runs away and hide under his mother’s skirt , then he is too young for you. LOL!

It does not matter who said first . Someone has to start the ball rolling and if you are the first then you will know if he is game or not. Time may not be on your side and you are tired of playing the guessing games. Is he interested or not? He maybe the shy type and in which case, you will have to lead him into your parlour.

In this present age, we are all equal. I don’t believe that it will make the girls feel cheap or desperate. If the men think so, then he is the dinosaur type which should be extinct. LOL!

It is not good to keep those feelings inside of you. The ball is at his feet and if he does not want to play ball, then you don’t have to waste your time with him. He is not ready for the next phase of serious relationship.

If you still love him, then you should allow him more time to think about your relationship. You must be prepared for the worst. If he is not interested, then treat him like a friend and not a prospect.

If he really loves you, then he would response in kind. At this stage, you need to confirm your status and you don’t want to be neither here or there. You had enough of the anxieties and fretfulness of not knowing what is in his mind.

Many a man would welcome such a declaration from her as this would make his chase easier. A lot of men fear rejections and dare not pop that question to the girls. It may frighten her off.

Some men have this bad experience of wanting to tell her his feelings but when the girl knows about his intentions, she would avoid him and end their friendships. That is because she has no feelings for him but only as a friend. The men misconstrued her actions. If you are absolutely sure, she loves you then you only tell her your true feelings or you will step on her booby trap.

It may not be easy to tell him of your love. It is rather difficult to say it out in front of him. You can do the little, little things for him to show your love and affections for him .But if he is obtuse or dense, he will not see the love in you.

He needs to be told directly or in writing. Writing letters or in this modern age, emails are a good medium to tell your feelings. Write a few letters first and then you can declare your love to him.

Even when you meet after, only the two of you know .You can better express your feelings in letters than communicating directly. Letters are more influential as they can be read and reread as many times as they want. You can also be more romantic in your letters. Your thoughts will be uninterrupted.

If you want love, you must give love, if he is the one for you, he will not fly away.

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Going Fishing For Men.

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Fishing is a predominantly male activity and few women are interested in fishing or find it an interesting hobby. They are only in it because of the influence of their boyfriends or dads. Otherwise, don’t expect a single woman to take up fishing as a hobby. The mere thought of those wriggly worms is enough to turn them off. LOL!

Women are only interested in one kind of fishing, the fisher of men. In fishing, you need a lot of patience and know where those fish live. You can fish in the ponds, lakes, rivers or the wide open sea and the deep oceans where those big fish live.

If you are a river fish, then you should look for another river fish. You don’t look for the shark or the whale. The Chinese saying,” Bamboo door with bamboo door and iron door with iron door.’ You should find your partner who is on your same wave length, same background and similar financial status. The Chinese are pragmatic people and marriage from the same class will ensure your marriage will last and not beset with too many problems which can cause a breakup.

You can go fishing in the lakes and rivers with a minimal cost, just a fishing rod while if you want to catch those big fish, you would need more capital. Hire or rent a boat for your fishing expedition.

If you are looking for a big fish, you will need to invest more on your beauty regimes and those expensive boutique dresses and accessories. Going to those high class parties or official functions to be noticed or being seen .You cannot be the plain Cinderella and expect the Prince Charming to notice you.

A woman needs to know what kind of men she wants and where to look for them. There are many types of men out there and she has to choose whether she prefers fresh water or salt water fish.

He has to be compatible with her personality or sometimes they are attracted to the complete opposite, the extrovert marrying the introvert and vice versa. When they are in love, it does not matter and after marriage, they will find they have many bones to chew on.

If you are fishing for a man, do not over emphasize on his financial side. As long as he can provide a comfortable life, that is reasonable enough. You will be looking for a man who will love you for who you are, warts and all, someone who can accept you even though you are not perfect. He will make you happy and be there for you when you are blue. He will be understanding, be considerate and will share your intimate thoughts and feelings without any bias and prejudices.

If you are looking for those qualities in a 20 something men, you will be sadly disappointed as most men of that age are like green horns and they need to learn from experience on how to treat a woman or understand a woman. Men are like rough diamonds. They need a woman’s touch to make them shine. That is why married men have more appeals than single and unmarried men.

A man is like an oyster, you need to place a small tiny bit of sand into his shell and he will grow a beautiful pearl for you. The oyster shell is not beautiful, but what is inside of him is like a treasure chest. It needs to be cultivated and incubated like the sand into a beautiful pearl. Your words and your wisdom will make him into a finer man.

By what standards do you judge a man? Will you judge him by the worldly standard or the religious standard?

Don’t expect the men to come in a nice present all wrapped up beautifully with red ribbons. Inside the present you will find only a lump of clay and it is up to you to mould them into a beautiful pot or figurine.

Like the fish you caught , you need to descale him (get rid of his bad habits) dress him up , add some spices, ginger and other ingredients and he would taste yummy. LOL !

If you are going fishing for this kind, you will need a good quality tackle and a strong hook and line ,so that he will not escape .The struggle to reel him in is the  most exciting part of the game. Good luck!If you catch any small fish , just throw them back into the water.

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How To Ask A Girl Out?

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Men are clueless when asking the girl they like to go out on a date.They do not find out if their target is available or what kind of target they are aiming at.

They simply enter the dark room and start shooting, hoping to hit a random target. This best describe a man who simply approaches a girl or a new acquaintance and asking her out. The men just want to try their luck, hoping to strike gold on the first attempt or first prize in the lottery.

Some girls may like blind dates but the majority will be cautious and will want to know more about you before they will agree to your invitations. It is simply precautions because she does not want to date a rapist or a felon.

If he is very handsome and charming and looks like Beckham or Brad Pitt and drives a big flashy car, chances are the girls will accept his invitations. But with today’s horror stories of girls being kidnapped and sold as white slaves, many girls are playing it safe.

Before you want to invite her out, you need to let her know you first. Talk to her or communicate with her and she can feel you out if you have any bad intentions on her or not.

This also gives you the chance to know if she is freehold land, attached properties, damaged goods or psycho nut case. You don’t have to waste your bullets when she is not the target .Go look for another target.

You will also have to feel her out if she has any interest in you. If she has no interest and is like an icy goddess, then you can forget about her. You need to find out what is her interest and chances are better if you asked her out .

If you asked her out for an activity which she has no interest ,you will surely fail . If you know her through her friends , then it is easier to ask her out.

Women reject men because of many reasons.

1) She does not know you enough.

2) You are not her type.

3) You are a geek.

4) She just came out of a bad relationship.

5) She is a psycho case.

6) She is already taken.

7) You don’t have the goods.

8) She is not ready for any relationship.

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The Romance Of Prince Harry.

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The young , dashing , charming and most eligible Prince Harry of the UK is facing a tumultuous relationship with his love of his life of three years , Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy.

She moved from Zimbabwe or formerly South Africa to be with her prince.Now, they have split up because she needs some space to herself .The spotlight and limelight on their relationship have taken it’s toll on her.

Chelsy has called a ‘time out’ on their relationship. The prince is devastated and wanted to go to Afghanistan to drown his sorrows.Both are feeling miserable , depressed and crestfallen at the recent turn of events in their life.

They have come to a crossroad in their romance and may need some time to reassess their priorities and will have to decide if they will want to continue walking in the same directions in their journey or one of them will have to sacrifice more for the sake of that relationship.

Many girls dream of dating Prince Harry and would do anything to be his girlfriend and here is Chelsy who became his girlfriend three years ago is calling it quits as she had enough.Hang in there Chelsy.You are made of sterner stuff.

When you love a prince, you will not have a private life as the paparazzi’s will hound you to no ends. It is this lack of privacy which has affected her.She is still young and being famous can have it’s consequences. If they are fated to be together, nothing can break them apart.

Dont shed a tear for me Harry! I can’t take it anymore !

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Romeo’s & Juliet’s In The Office.

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The office is a great place to look for partners if you are single ,as you can observe them everyday and be better acquainted with them and see their full potentials.

It is much better than looking in bars or from blind dates.The office romance is not without it’s perils .If you are thinking of a romance in the office, you must be prepared for the consequences.

No man is an island in the office. You need to find a mentor or allies in the office who may help you in your promotions , growth or further developments in the company.There is a price to be paid for those support. It may not come cheap.

If your boss is single and available , many female employee’s would cozy up to him hoping to land that big fish inside their nets.

In these present days, it does not matter anymore if the boss wears a ring on his fingers.Those manipulative ones would just pry them away from their wives.

It is also a place where dangerous liaisons can sprout up.Office romance can be wonderful, but can also be very painful if things dont work out.

Working in the office with the intermingling of both the sexes  will give rise to relationship and personal issues. Can a man and women be just friends ?There is just a thin red line between them and most of the time , the line is very blurred.

There is no way you can escape from those forces of sexual attractions between the opposite sex.It is mutual attractions.It only takes a small spark to kindle the love in their hearts.

It can start slowly and easily  with tea breaks, lunch ,dinner , parties ,shows and end up in the car, parks or the bedroom.They wont know what they are into until it hit them hard.

If career is more important to you than love, then you should not ever venture into that territory.For there is no MAN worth your career! Stop and evaluate all circumstances around you before taking that step!

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