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Wealthy men give women more orgasms !

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Is it their wealth or the men that gives them more orgasms?

The mere thought of what they can satisfy their material desires is enough to give them multiple orgasms.

Who does not know that sleeping with a wealthy man even if he is ugly is much better than sleeping with a poor but handsome men ?

Some women are hardwired to use their sex as a weapon in the sex war and use it as a reward or as a punishment . Women gives sex in exchange for love or for the love of material things and these women are known as gold diggers.

Women need to feel protected and safe and when he is wealthy, she feels secure , not knowing that his riches can be gone as nothing is guaranteed in this life.

A woman’s mind is like the devil’s workshop. She cannot be free and will worry about anything and everything. How can she enjoy sex when she has to worry about those bills and installments.

When their emotional and material needs are satisfied , they will find it sweet surrender to offer the men the only thing they have.

Wealthy men are powerful , charismatic and successful and these three qualities are much sought after by most women.

When you can enjoy the good things in life provided by his wealth , you would naturally have less worries and is more relax and hence have more orgasms or great sex.

Having more orgasms does not equate with happiness.Life is not without problems even when you are rich. The rich will have more problems and more stress than the average or the poor men.

Money cannot give you happiness and we know that many rich people committed suicide from stress or emotional problems.

It is not easy marrying a wealthy man.Life can be difficult as they tend to stray and find some other younger and sexier chick and leave you imprisoned in your own home and be at his beck and call. You will lose your personal freedom and you will become another of his conquest, trophy or properties.

You may have everything in life, a castle, maids, money and holidays but you will find that his love, his body and his time is beyond your control.

What we know today is that woman’s sexual pleasure is directly linked to their partner’s wealth. If you cannot make her orgasms, it is not because you have not tried but because woman’s mind are hardwired that way.

We need to be realistic, love can die one day but the love for money endures. Whether wealthy men make good lovers or not, it will depend on that particular individual. Not all wealthy men are the same.

For some women , shopping is better than sex and gives her more orgasms..LOL!

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It’s better to have loved and lost then not loved at all.

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What is the purpose of life if you do not know what is love or are scared of falling in love ?

Will you live all your life and not venture there like that 107 years old Chinese woman ? When she is that old and realized her follies ,that she wants to find love and be taken care off.

When she could take care of herself , she shied away from love and marriage because of what she saw in other couples which turned her off.

Would it be better to fall in love and lost than never love at all ?

In the end, you will have experienced the ups and downs of life and knows what love is all about and perhaps you may bear those scars or have children who may accompany you till the end of your life.

You won’t be so lonely after all and you have something to look forward to with children or grandchildren in your old age.

It gives you a greater insight and new experiences into the workings of the opposite sex. There are moments when it is like Heaven when you are together blissfully and there are times when you simply hate his guts. The sweet, sour and the bitter is what life is all about.

Most failed relationship is because of unreasonable high expectations from the other. We are all not perfect and we have flaws.

As we go through life , we try to adjust and make the best of the situations. We share those moments of truth, sadness and happiness.

Two people are better than one. When one falls there is another to help him/her to stand up again.

If you marry for the sake of marrying, the relationship will not last. There is no love which binds you together and they will soon drift apart.

If you decide to marry a man, you should not have an unrealistic expectations of him. He is not your passport to everything nor can he grant you all your wishes.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

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Detox diet – Real or fake ?

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Get some famous singer or actress to grace the cover of the product and millions of uninformed consumers would be rushing to buy that product as endorsed by their idols.

The power of those star appeals can sway a lot of those consumers but many of those detox diets are nothing more than just over priced vitamin diets and drinks .

People who are obsessed with their health or life will fall prey to such marketing strategies.They believed that those detox kits will magically removed all those toxins from their body and they are willing to pay the exorbitant price to be beautiful and healthy.

I remembered sometime back , the foot detox was the rage here when many believed that immersing their feet into a basin of liquid which contains some chemicals or substances would detox their bodies of all the toxins.

After sometime, the colour of the liquid changed colour and they were told that it was the toxins which caused that. People are just gullible and believed what was advertised.

When it was exposed as a scam , the promotions stopped and maybe will resurface in another part of the world where there is no monitoring or a novelty to the inhabitants there.

The body has a built in and well develop system to detox and it will remove all those toxins. As long as you eat a sensible diet and everything in moderation’s, you will be fine.

In the present world, what we eat, drink or breathe maybe contaminated by pesticides, chemicals or pollutants. We are overloading our detox system and many are sick with diseases or die from unnatural causes.

The best remedy is not to over indulge in those sinful foods and follow a sensible diet and regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

Fasting is a natural way to detox our body. We can give the system a rest and reinvigorate our organs.

Do not waste your money on those over priced products which are highly touted or advertised but without much scientific proof.

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