Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby .

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Do you want a boy or a girl? Sometimes we may wish but nature has its own way. We may increase the odds of getting what we want by eating certain foods. This could be grandmother’s tales or folklore but it is worth a try as you don’t lose anything.

What a mother eats maybe the key to the sex of the baby. More research maybe needed in this area.

Red meat and salty snacks are said to lead to boys while chocolate is thought to help to produce girls. A diet rich in sugar may produce more females.

Sex is determined by a chromosome contained in the sperm – X for a girl and Y for a boy. Women have two X chromosomes. Does that mean also that men have to eat certain foods to produce more or X or Y chromosomes?

A woman’s body may be acidic or alkaline during certain periods of the month. She could make her body more acidic or alkaline by consuming those acidic or alkaline foods. The Y-chromosomes thrive better in an acidic environment.

Acidic and alkaline food chart.

The X- chromosomes are better swimmers and are marathon runners while the Y- chromosomes are sprinters. That is why you get more girls..LOL!

To have a better success rate for a boy, you need to help the Y-chromosomes by dumping them as far in as possible. The Y-chromosomes can get lost on the way and they don’t ask for directions.

For those who can afford it , IVF can be the answer.

IVF success story in Malaysia.

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