Acrimonious Divorce And The Effects On The Children

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A learned judge made the decision to grant custody of their 6 year old child  to the mother in a divorce case..

I think that is a very fair and just decision though the losing man’s side may not agree. The law has spoken and it is thus left to both the parents to work out the details and arrangement of bringing up the child.

They should put aside all their differences and compromise for the good of their child. Let the child grow up normally and do not use the child as a proxy war against each other.

It is very sad when a couple divorce ,for the children can be traumatized .We as parents should try to minimize any changes in their life though some changes are inevitable.

We should not deny the children the father or mother’s love.Even though they dont love each other anymore, parents should still be on the friends level and should not shut out their minds or think the other is out to deny them their parental duties.

Try not to impose conditions on each other for it will not do any good for the child if you fight against each other. There should be an end to the fighting and let bygones be bygones.

Grow up and that is what they must do. Your child need both parents  and you can still complement each other. Do and help the other if you are able to. Dont treat your ex like an enemy. Afterall he is the child’s father or  she is the child’s mother and you can never break this bonds.

Divorce is easy but I hope you dont regret somewhere dont the road that you did not try your very best to salvage and repair your marriage.

If you have tried very hard and still failed , it is not your fault as the other person wanted to leave anyway.,4136,146224,00.html

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With work and effort, the effects of the divorce on your child can be minor. However, without controlling the flow of information to your child, it is very easy to see a stressful situation spiral out of control quite quickly. Ensure your child understands that both parents love them and still care, and ensure your child has access to both parents to help relieve the problems of the divorce. This will also help your child adjust as well as possible.

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