Are You A Metrosexual ?

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Think of a metrosexual man, think of the famous former M.U footballer , David Beckham.Others are Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant..etc.They come into your mind, for they represents the new age men as the papers want us to believe in .

Becks is famous for wearing the ‘sarongs’, pink nail polish and panties belonging to his wife. Speaking of women’s panties,they are really a soft and comfy wear.If women can wear pants, I don’t see why men cannot wear the panties..LOL! Maybe, they used another name to describe it as manties to make it more manly.

They know how to groom and use beauty products and drapes in fashionable clothes. They are taking a greater interest in their appearance. They go to hairdressers rather than barbers; avoid using soap but use facial cleansers, scrubs and toners,visit the gym and even have difficulty deciding what to wear.They are spoilt for choice like those women. They have many pairs of shoes and carries men bag.

They constantly look in the mirrors to check their appearances, frequent boutiques for the latest fashion trends.

They are in touched with their feminine side and have a flair for cooking , well versed in communicative skills , especially on women’s topics and a hit with the ladies.

A metrosexual is a sensitive man , chic and much cultured . Others called them feminised men.They are even more knowledgeable than the women on women’s topics.

Will you choose a metrosexual man ? His beauty products will occupy half of your space or more and he maybe a better women than you are…LOL!

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One Response to “Are You A Metrosexual ?”

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