Don’t Horn At Mat Rempits.

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They are the king of the roads and if you don’t want any untoward incident , just be patient . They know and can see you .They are easily offended and are looking for the slightest provocations to attack you and they are looking for sacrificial goats all the time.Their lives are too boring and they need some actions to make their Adrenalin’s flow.They are inching for fights and to show off their power . When they are a crowd, it is very dangerous. It makes them think they are the law.Don’t be their victims.
Just avoid them if you can or don’t antagonise them by honking or by cutting into their path. Let them overtake you and they will leave you alone.

Mat Rempit = a Malay youth on a souped up small cc bike.

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5 Responses to “Don’t Horn At Mat Rempits.”

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Well, once at night… a group of Mat Rempits zoomed past me after I had a late meeting. And most of them have parang and slingshots with marbles and hit my rear window. LOW LIFE MAT REMPITS SUCKS!

Laura1318;- Hi! Consider yourself lucky that you got off safely. I dread to think of the consequences if they were looking for a victim or they felt slighted by your actions.

I am not able to open the link from here. check it out .

Laura1318;- Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, the link has broken down and there is nothing I can do about it.Maybe, you can go to the main site to search for this article

sometimes we need these necessary activities to reduce the population of the jerkoffs kids with single digit IQ. we can’t be saving all the children, so let some of them die on the road – uglily(is this a right english word)?.

not all kids deserve your love, just give to those that you have time for – while stock lasts.

Bunch of idiots. And our big guys are like endorsing them.

my son was riding his bike slowly while looking for an office and this mat rempit zoomed by and KICKED his bike down!! My son fell and scra[ed his shoulder, his bike handle broke but luckily not seriously.

Laura1318: I am very sorry to hear that. Luckily , he was only slightly injured.

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